Thursday, 19 January 2017

From Pitch…to Panel

As many of you will know, skignz CEO Si Brown presented to HRH Prince Andrew over 2 years ago as part of the skignz involvement in Pitch@Palace 3.0.

 We have stayed in touch with the office of the Duke of York throughout that time and were delighted to be invited to speak about that experience as part of a panel recently in Sunderland.

The event was part of the Pitch@Palace 7.0 Series, in which several North East Start Ups were involved in pitching their ideas and businesses to the Duke of York himself!

The day was expertly hosted by Billy Webber, COO of Sunderlands own Software City, and gave a warm welcome to newcomers and guests alike.

skignz Head of Operations, Jamie Clarke, attended on behalf of the company and took part in a panel discussion which involved previous winners and participants.  Giving the attendees a flavour of what the series can do for start ups, including greater exposure, links into contacts and increasing the reach of a company network, was a great honour for skignz, something which we are excited about continuing.

Jamie had great things to say about the event, stating  “The whole feel of the day was one of solidarity, of opportunity and of expectancy.  The organisation of the event was second to none, and we were really excited to hear the pitches of some of the new start ups who were only just embarking on their own journey.”

The real value in the day was the huge opportunities to network with likeminded people and people from huge corporations who and trying to remain at the forefront of Technology developments.  

The guys thoroughly enjoyed the day, making some new friends and reacquainting themselves with old ones. Something which is a thread running through the Pitch@Palace events.

As Jamie said, “Part of what we are trying to achieve at skignz is to have a network of people who want to work in partnership, and can create a Win/Win situation for both them and us.  

The Pitch@Palace events are a great place for that to happen and we are really looking forward to our next visit/event in March, which we are so pleased to have been invited to.  

This is a place to gain support, for your business, and that shows in the interactions, the comms and the whole set up”

The guys lasting impression however, was of being summoned back from coffee breaks and lunch by a royal trumpet, something which gave everyone in attendee the sense of Royal Occasion!

For more information about th enext Pitch@Palace and how to enter then please take a look at their website:

If you want to find out more about skignz, then please visit our new recently launched website ( as well as the usual social media channels