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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

WIRED Retail - What's the future of AR in Retail?

skignz were in London this week to start a busy week of events and speak at the prestigious WIRED Retail Conference 2015.

Co-Founder & CMO of skignz, Si Brown was asked to speak about 'What's the future of Augmented Reality in Retail" at the event and gladly accepted.
The Event was attended by all sorts of retail brands, from supermarket chains and Global Tech Agencies to E-Commerce Platforms and Global Retailers, and was held at the beautiful St. Pancras Hotel.

Steeped in History and standing aside the famous Train Station, the hotel was an excellent place for skignz to showcase our technology.
Si gave a rousing speech, talking to attendees about the different uses of skignz, and how it could be integrated into the future of retail.

Attendees furiously made notes as Si went through the capabilities of AR technology, beyond using it as a gimmick or marketing tool with a range of interesting yet practical/useful ways in which AR can have a huge impact on retail, then ending his presentation with a 'Live Demo' to wow the crowd!

“It’s always nice to be asked to speak at events, but the organisation and professionalism of the WIRED Events is well known, so I couldn’t refuse” Said Si.

Si actually got to sit on the stairs made famous probably for many famous people walking up and down them over the years but more recently the 1990's Girls Group, the Spice Girls filmed their debut Music Video for Wannabe on these very stairs... Ziga Ziga Ziga Zig Ahhh

He went on to say: “The Interest in skignz throughout the day was superb, we couldn’t of asked for a better response really.  Also, it’s always really powerful to show people the skignz technology in action, so to get through the live demo without a hitch was great news!” 

Head of DV Partnerships, Jamie Clarke, was also in attendance and supporting the preparation for the speech.
He said “The attendees were encapsulated by Si’s speech, and spent an awful lot of time afterwards, at our event stand, understanding our tech and talking through some ideas.  It was a really productive day for skignz

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Wired Retail Conference in London

skignz Co-Founder and CMO will be speaking at the upcoming WIRED Retail Conference in London.

Si was invited to speak after a number of the 'WIRED' events team saw him present and pitch at various events and the articles written about skignz in 'WIRED Magazine' throughout 2015 

Si will be focussing on the future of retail and how this will evolve, change and progress using Augmented Reality. 

skignz already has a few innovative and unique ways in which AR can be incorporated into retail, but instead of looking in store as many other brands have done with AR or activating content through brands publications. 

"What about GeoLocation?" 

"What about lead generation?" 

"How about relating hyperlocal information to drive and increase purchases?"

Some of the areas in which Si feels further exploration are:
 - AR driving sales 
 - AR helping with emotive purchases
 - AR increasing speed of purchases

'WIRED' Retail together with Valtech is on November 23rd at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London, with a view to presenting the future of retail - with those who are building it.

For further information on 'WIRED' Retail 2015 please visit:

We will be updating you through our various social media channels as the event progresses and sharing others comments on Si's talk. If you would like to speak to Si about this event then please email us at