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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Wired Retail Conference in London

skignz Co-Founder and CMO will be speaking at the upcoming WIRED Retail Conference in London.

Si was invited to speak after a number of the 'WIRED' events team saw him present and pitch at various events and the articles written about skignz in 'WIRED Magazine' throughout 2015 

Si will be focussing on the future of retail and how this will evolve, change and progress using Augmented Reality. 

skignz already has a few innovative and unique ways in which AR can be incorporated into retail, but instead of looking in store as many other brands have done with AR or activating content through brands publications. 

"What about GeoLocation?" 

"What about lead generation?" 

"How about relating hyperlocal information to drive and increase purchases?"

Some of the areas in which Si feels further exploration are:
 - AR driving sales 
 - AR helping with emotive purchases
 - AR increasing speed of purchases

'WIRED' Retail together with Valtech is on November 23rd at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London, with a view to presenting the future of retail - with those who are building it.

For further information on 'WIRED' Retail 2015 please visit:

We will be updating you through our various social media channels as the event progresses and sharing others comments on Si's talk. If you would like to speak to Si about this event then please email us at 

Friday, 31 January 2014

The Teams Work - Si Brown

Hi I'm Si and I'm one of the Co-Founder’s of skignz but as well as helping come up with the wonderful creation that is skignz, my day to day role is Chief Marketing Officer.

Fat Boy Slim
I'm responsible for the brand positioning and marketing strategy for skignz. Once we established the positioning of skignz (where it fits in the world) and established a marketing strategy and delivery plan, I'm now busy delivering that strategy through a well-structured plan.
Rock in Rio 2014, Preparation

Many of the skignz team feel I have the ‘rockstar role’ at skignz as I seem to be out and about all the time! Meeting with potential clients, giving presentations, travelling across the globe and talking to some of the world’s most famous and well-known brands.

So True...
On the surface it sounds like a dream job and in the most part it is my dream job, I get to visit some awesome places, meet some fantastic and very interesting people whilst showcasing skignz to them.

Most Contagious 2013
However below the surface are the parts that people don’t see, which are the long hours spent, in the car, on a train or plane, waiting in departure lounges or on freezing cold train stations.
Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro
Chasing across London on the Tube like my life depended on it to make appointments. Getting to a location after 3-4 hours of travelling to find that 6 out of 8 scheduled appointments have cancelled and you end up spending most of the time, trying to get to see other people and sitting in Costa or Starbucks for the free Wifi.

However the good does far outweigh the bad and because of this, no day is the same! Even in the office I have a multitude of things to do from my client correspondence to briefing in the audio visual and creative teams for the latest promotional video production or working with our marketing team to develop the content for our blog, website and social media channels.

skignz in action
On top of my ‘day-job’ I work closely with skignz’s other co-founder and CTO Gary Baker on setting the business goals, administrating the company and delivering the dream that is skignz.
Outside of skignz I spend most of my time with my family and friends.

Future M'Bro FC stars
Being a taxi to my 5yr and 7yr old daughters, taking them to dancing, swimming, ice skating, gymnastics, football etc... and enjoying nights out (very occasionally) and nights in (gorging on box set series) with my wife.

Along with a number of my friends and family, I’m a huge football fan and a lifelong follower of Middlesbrough FC. I also enjoy mountain biking, golf, reading and architecture. The latter two I always try to indulge myself with, by taking in as much as possible during my work travels.
Even the most famous have hear about skignz...
UKTi - Great Britain Campaign in Rio

Get your copy of skignz now:

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Never take your smartphone for granted

One of the essential devices in a person’s life now is their mobile phone. Anyone of any age has one, I was surprised when I found out a 9 year old was getting an iPhone! 

At least 90% of people cannot go a day without their phone or leaving the house without it. It has become a main source of communication and it can feel like you have lost a limb if you have left your phone at home or even so lost the phone itself.

One of our Co-Founder had recently just got a brand new iPhone 5. They had it around 3 weeks when it went missing. Someone had stolen it and had not handed it in. They had been without a phone for 9 days now and still could not track where it was on ‘find my phone’,  due to it still not being switched on, as has two other people that I know of that have lost theirs recently too. When you have the phone, most of us do take it for granted; putting it down wherever and leaving it easily accessible for someone to be able to take it or watch what you do with it.

Having been without a phone for almost 5 weeks now, a new handset still has not been replaced. It has felt for them like they have lost a big part of their world. When telling me they explained how they were not even be able to do simple things that they usually do such as; being able to receive texts from their wife to call into the shops or do a small errand when out, no access to emails other than using iPad in a coffee shop, Wi-Fi hot-spots or in clients offices and no access to contacts to call from landlines. The iPad did allow them to set up I message however that precluded them from sending SMS to people not using apple devices. 
These may be general activities but think about the more important ones that affect personal life, feelings and work.  They were not able to do their expenses through their phone, check their personal banking when needed, search the internet or even put the lottery on. Besides that imagine not being able to see the images of his daughters whenever or family to remind him pleasantly during the day. It has many effects on us that we do not realise. No apps available such as weight management and health apps, along with Kindle app to read when alone, having music to be able to listen to whenever and even not being able to check any travel information when travelling for work.

All of these may seem like not much to you right now, but imagine not having them whenever you needed, it would be such a pain!
The hassle that he went through to get a replacement phone took weeks and still is ongoing now. Having to speak to insurance companies and go through the hassle of sorting cover, and not telling them in time creates a bigger problem, but do people even tell their insurance they have a new hand set within three weeks?  They should tell you how long you have to inform your insurance company of that you have a new device to insure. Passing on that the replacement phone has still not arrived, what does he use in the meantime? An old handset, a new handset or get a new sim? All of these cost extra money on top of getting a new phone and sorting insurance out.

It has taken so long and nothing is still resolved. His phone still has not been found or shown up on find my phone. This makes us think; does this really work, or have people now found a way around it and know how to make the phone not show up.

All of this just shouts out that we need a new way to be able to find our phones. Let me introduce skignz to you as the new way to track and find your device. Skignz is an app that you can download to your device. It allows you to place skignz wherever you wish through using google maps. You can then load up skignz on your device and there will be a skign shown on your phone whereby you can see the skignz you previously set up and all the information that it contains.

Well you can also do this for your device. You can place and set up a skignz on your phone. Through doing this and making it public for anyone to see, if you lost your phone you would be able to load skignz up either on an iPad or another device and track to see where your phone is. It is a new way and a new piece of technology that brings an advancement to stop the need of google maps and change to skignz. It does exactly the same and better, and saves you the hassle from having to try read maps and allows you to plan ahead for journeys and much more.

Instead of having to go for a while and have the feeling knowing that something is missing from you, your mobile phone which you are used to having on you at all times is quite disconcerting. It is like your lifeline to the world and your media centre all in one!
If you wish to find out more about Skignz then please use the links below to our website and social media pages including our blog posts to see how else you can use Skignz.

If you got a new mobile device for Christmas this year then make sure it is apriority that you download and see how it affects and changes your life in a more positive and stress-free way.