Monday, 29 July 2013

How skignz can improve University life

Uni Life

Going to University can be quite a daunting experience so getting lost is the last thing you need. skignz is the new way to find your way around campus. Virtual signage above buildings and places of interest, let’s you know exactly where to go, making finding your way a whole lot easier.

All you need to do is download the skignz app to your smart phone or tablet and away you go. The skignz will appear instantly above halls, campus buildings, parking facilities and refreshment providers. All you need to do is follow the skignz as it guides you.

That’s not all… skignz can also be used as a social tool. Placing a skignz above your head will allow your friends to point you out in a crowd. How much easier will the graduation ball be? How much more fun would nights out be? How much quicker would it be to find that house party?

skignz is your new communication channel. Its possibilities are endless.

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Its a Z'wap

It’s a Z'wrap

Our skignz team members re-visited their youth with a round of Zap lollies. They used the multi-coloured delights as props whist filming promotional footage at Saltburn-by-Sea and Seaton Carew - or so they tell us!

The footage explores the functionality of skignz; placing them above the toilets, refreshment providers, above the life guard station and at the much loved ice-cream van. The video highlights the safety aspect of skignz as well as the practical usage for any user visiting the coast.

The social and fun element of skignz was also investigated using typical beach equipment and skignz technology.

A group of volunteers were eager to get involved, demonstrating how they could use skignz to enhance the fun factor in their regular activities.

The guys used tennis rackets as goal posts with a skignz virtual goal to make the game more interactive and fun for all players. 

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Missing out on the best nights is not something you want to happen!

Missing out on the best nights is not something you want to happen!

Whether it is a random night out, or for a special occasion, no one wants to miss out on the best nights and the place to be! skignz can help you with this allowing you to plan head for your night by placing virtual signage above clubs, concert’s and parties to tell you where you need to be heading.

By simply downloading the skignz app to your smart phone or tablet you are ready to go. Wherever you place the skignz, when you search for them through your mobile device they will appear straight away on your screen telling you where you need to be.

You can then enjoy your night out knowing you’re not missing out on having the best time! If you wish to find out more on skignz then head to and see how skignz can help you even more!

Ever get lost at a Festival?

Ever get lost at a Festival?

Well make this something of the past with skignz.
We all at one time get lost wherever we are especially at a festival in those large crowds, particularly after a drink or two not to mention how irritating it is not being able to find the toilets or the bar!

Let’s be realistic, we've all been there. One minute you're pushing your way through a crowd with your group of friends - the next thing you're stood confused and totally alone.

Even Fall Out Boy has experienced this: "I had a friend who was so out of it and he got lost at a festival. He was one of those guys who could get super sad about things like that, and he did. When we found him, he was so upset that all we could do was to wrap him tight in blankets. He was having a super bad time." If only Fall Out Boy discovered skignz he could have found his friend a lot faster saving him getting super sad.

All you and your friends have to do is download the skignz app then you would be able to visualise through your smart phone or tablets a virtual sign placed directly above your friends head to see where they are, or even the toilets or the bar, making it a lot easier and saving time so there’s no need to miss too much of your favourite acts!

If you wish to find out more and have your say then head to #Discover Skignz and see how much it improves your festival experience!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sky-nz, Skignz or Skins?

Sky-nz, Skignz or Skins?

We all have a little difficulty pronouncing words from time to time.
Tomato; tom-A-to, potato; po-TA-to are commonly pronounced in the wrong mannerism. The famous Primark; PrEmark debate is just one example of where pronunciation of a brand name throws people off. How much does this matter?

We’ve done our research and found that popular footwear retailer ‘Schu’ also faced pronunciation difficulties in the introductory stages. However overcame these as the brand became more established with its' customers.

Regardless of the way a company is pronounced we feel a strong brand speaks for itself. We all know we can grab a bargain at any Primark store - some even calling the high street retailer Primarni; to reflect its great quality goods with an affordable price tag.

We at skignz feel, alike to Primark, the quality of the technology and capability of our app will speak for itself. However for all the intrigued users out there the correct way to pronounce skignz is [sky-nz]. The clues in our strap line: Skignz - Your signs in the sky.

Here is a example of how skignz will be seen in the dictionary:

noun, plural skignz’ es (especially collectively) skignz for 1.

1. An abbreviation of the words signs in the sky.

2. A company that is set to revolutionise the world.

3. An application that put viral signs in the sky via a mobile device.

4. A new cost effective marketing channel.

Should you wish to talk to skignz to find out how skignz can help you with your companies/organisations communications please email us on