Monday, 26 September 2016

New skignz website: Acting on user feedback!

Over the summer we have been working on developing our website in light of the feedback we have received over the last twelve months or so.
We are delighted to say that it is now live and we hope you like it.

We simply wanted to help people understand a bit more about skignz; what it is, who can use it and who we are working with.

Our new website proudly shows the awards we have won, where we have featured in the Press/Media, our blog that will keep you informed of our latest skignz news and our contact information if you have any skignz queries. 

We feel our new updated website is another step forward in our progress. 

We would like to thank the Calm Digital team for their help and support over recent months in providing this fabulous website for us. At times we knew it was an arduous task, but they have not only delivered what we asked for, but exceeded our expectations.

This summers activities did not only stop at the website, we have also been working on the development of the app, at the backend, and we have published an updated Android version in the Google Play Store due to recent issues earlier in the year.

Now the focus shifts to the UX element of the skignz App for both IOS and Android. For a while we have known that in areas it appears 'clunky' and not as intuitive as we would like. 

With recent changes in direction of the technical development of the skignz platform, we aim to be bringing a fresh new design layout, an easier way to register and login. 

We are working on a simpler way for you to introduce skignz to your friends, favourite social media channels and provide the opportunity for you to place skignz on your SmartPhone and we hope to bringing all these news developments to you very soon.
As we always aim to develop skignz with the User at the forefront of everything we do, please do feedback not only issues you come across but also ideas for improvement.
What would you like to see within the skignz App?

So please keep an eye out for the updates and changes either through this blog, our regular Newsletters or any of our Social Media channels. 

If you would also like to know more about the awesome brand/digital agency then please take a look here