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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Star Trek: USS Enterprise seen above London

An alert to all you 'Trekkies' out there... Today the USS Enterprise was captured hovering above central London.

A skignz user, managed to use the 'in app capture' to grab these two images...

Although we are not Trekkies, many people are, so it will be interesting to see how many other people see the ship as we are not sure how long it's there... 

Where will it appear next?

If you see it please do share with us on any of our Social media channels or email your pics at

With all the news and razamataz around 'PokemonGo' and people hunting around the world, we are wondering who has taken this idea into their own hands and used the skignz platform to create their own version of a themed/branded version of a scavenger hunt. 

This prompted many internal conversations on who else could do this across the planet? What brands would like a similar activation using their current 'franchises'

Could we soon see Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spiderman or Transformers? How about Dora the Explorer, Lilo & stitch or taking the lead from Pokemon and rejuvenate old & retro characters? 

How about 'Find a Fraggle', Battle of the Planets, TMNT, Wheres Bod?, whatever the brand, the digital assets can be featured in Geo Location based AR games..

We see this going one step further by making them both educational and even more interesting than just looking and finding a specific character.

If you have a brand, a franchise or are an agency looking for ways to expose your characters to a new and existing audiences in a fresh and invigorating way, please get in touch via and lets see what type of brand experience we can create for your audiences?

Also check out other stories on this blog, our website and our usual social media channels for more on what skignz is? can do? and is already doing?

Thursday, 3 December 2015

SVB Christmas Soiree 2015 - The Walkways Atop Tower Bridge, London

Last night we had the privilege of joining our bankers SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) for their Christmas Soiree, held atop the Magnificent and Charming Tower Bridge in Central London.

After having a wonderful evening we would like to share a number of pictures with you. 

Unfortunately none of them capture our very own CMO, Si Brown, 'slipping' on the glass floor (almost breaking it).


Plenty of wine, canapes all across the glass floor and plenty of opportunities to network with the bank's other clients, partners and potential VC's.


A fantastic evening was had by the skignz team before embarking on a trip across London to another event at a Mayfair Club, actually sponsored by one of SVB's other clients we were introduced to on top of the tower.

Again another fantastic location, great company and a fine evening enjoyed by all. Merry Christmas guys and thanks for the invite, same again next year hey ;-)

For Further information on the remarkable facilities at Tower Bridge and how you can hire them yourself, please visit:

For Further information on SVB, please visit:

And as always for further information on skignz then please visit us on the usual Social Media channels or drop us a line

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

WIRED Retail - What's the future of AR in Retail?

skignz were in London this week to start a busy week of events and speak at the prestigious WIRED Retail Conference 2015.

Co-Founder & CMO of skignz, Si Brown was asked to speak about 'What's the future of Augmented Reality in Retail" at the event and gladly accepted.
The Event was attended by all sorts of retail brands, from supermarket chains and Global Tech Agencies to E-Commerce Platforms and Global Retailers, and was held at the beautiful St. Pancras Hotel.

Steeped in History and standing aside the famous Train Station, the hotel was an excellent place for skignz to showcase our technology.
Si gave a rousing speech, talking to attendees about the different uses of skignz, and how it could be integrated into the future of retail.

Attendees furiously made notes as Si went through the capabilities of AR technology, beyond using it as a gimmick or marketing tool with a range of interesting yet practical/useful ways in which AR can have a huge impact on retail, then ending his presentation with a 'Live Demo' to wow the crowd!

“It’s always nice to be asked to speak at events, but the organisation and professionalism of the WIRED Events is well known, so I couldn’t refuse” Said Si.

Si actually got to sit on the stairs made famous probably for many famous people walking up and down them over the years but more recently the 1990's Girls Group, the Spice Girls filmed their debut Music Video for Wannabe on these very stairs... Ziga Ziga Ziga Zig Ahhh

He went on to say: “The Interest in skignz throughout the day was superb, we couldn’t of asked for a better response really.  Also, it’s always really powerful to show people the skignz technology in action, so to get through the live demo without a hitch was great news!” 

Head of DV Partnerships, Jamie Clarke, was also in attendance and supporting the preparation for the speech.
He said “The attendees were encapsulated by Si’s speech, and spent an awful lot of time afterwards, at our event stand, understanding our tech and talking through some ideas.  It was a really productive day for skignz

For Further information on WIRED, please visit: 

And as always for further information on skignz then please visit us on the usual Social Media channels or drop us a line

Monday, 16 November 2015

IGNITE - Nimbus Ninety @Vinopolis, London

A £5 note pulled from a puddle would serve as a good omen that the trip to the IGNITE Event in London would be both enjoyable and super successful. 
I was travelling with skignz Co-Founder & CMO, Si Brown to our second event within a fortnight.  

Another week another Capital City.... After returning from WebSummit in Dublin the week before, we were recharged and ready to take part in an event which has good memories for skignz.  

Only in March had we won 'UK's Most Disruptive Tech Start-up' at the Nimbus Ninety Awards.  

Good Omens all round! 

Excited and ready for the trip, we travelled to London with no delays or issues, checked into our Hotel and placed skignz at the event venue ready for the next day's showcase.

An early start meant that we could get set up at the very stylish and intriguing Vinopolis Event venue, and ensure that skignz were in a prominent position to be seen by the delegates. 

A multitude of professionals from various sectors were in attendance, meaning that no conversation was the same, and the value of skignz was showcased across retail, event production, telecommunications, engineering and safety. 

The niche to skignz is the ability to cut across an awful lot of niches! Providing data as and when the user needs it, looking through their mobile device as opposed to at it.

It never ceases to amaze me, as Head of DV Partnerships, that look on people's faces when we demonstrate skignz in real time, in front of them, and showing them content that is situated around them..... 

It's where the magic happens! 

A number of the delegates at the impressive Nimbus Ninety IGNITE event have already made contact with us as we head north back to HQ, showing the level of interest that is starting to be a recurring theme for us.

So as the omens said at the beginning.... A successful trip to a well organised, enjoyable event, was more than worth it.

A note should be made that the organising team made life extremely easy for us, making sure that we had everything we needed to showcase skignz in the its best light, in beautiful surroundings to a very engaging and interesting audience.

For Further information on Nimbus Ninety and their IGNITE events, then please visit: 

For Further information on Vinopolis Event Space in London, then please visit:

And as always for further information on skignz then please visit us on the usual Social Media channels or drop us a line

Monday, 29 June 2015

Pride in London with Smirnoff

Last weekend we delivered skignz across SoHo and the surrounding areas in London, UK. This was for the PRIDE Parade and festival with over 1 million people attending. 

To say we had a good time is an understatement. On a more serious note though we were there to deliver skignz for Smirnoff. 

We delivered just under 50 different skignz across SoHo and a few at the after party at Vauxhall Park on the Sunday for PRIDE in the Park.

This activity was in association with PRIDE itself and sponsored by Smirnoff, who were wanted to make all the revellers aware of which bars/pubs and restaurants were not only a PRIDE Partner and PRIDE friendly venues but also ‘stocked Smirnoff’ ;-). 

As you can see from our gallery below, all the skignz were co branded as Smirnoff and Pride and in some places they were just PRIDE.

For those who downloaded the skignz app, they were averaging 90 secs using skignz and this averaged about every 35 mins. 

So skignz is delivering what it is intended to do - deliver relevant, interesting yet unobtrusive content as and when the user required.

We almost feel sorry for the those who didn’t get to download skignz for whatever reason.

It seems it significantly enhanced the whole festival experience for those who did!

Comments like:

“That’s mind blowing”

“Can I share my skignz to my twitter or Instagram account? [Yes of course]

“Why has no one done this before”

“Is it free and can I use it after PRIDE?”

“How does it work, because thats just incredible”

“Woah, so can you make each ‘sign’ [skignz] do something? [of course]

“Will skignz work at any festival?” [of course]

“So if I download it and set up an account, ask my friends to do it, we can find each other in the crowd? Thats Amazing and so helpful!”

“Thats genius!’

“Can a skignz be anything you want, like a badge or a picture? [yes of course]

Obviously as the day progressed and the party got in full swing, we focused more on ‘capturing’ the skignz in situ, whilst the festival was ramping up.

Please find below a gallery of images (taken using the skignz in app ‘capture feature’) showing skignz across SoHo and Trafalgar Square.

Our conclusion of the event was that it was simply awesome, skignz worked without a hitch and those that did download it, found it enormously helpful and used it as it was intended to by Smirnoff and PRIDE. 

We think the biggest learning from this is that the more people who are encouraged to use skignz, the better the experience at live events.

If you would like to know anything more about Smirnoff and their other activities across the globe this summer then please take look here:

PRIDE is a non-profit organisation and has different events throughout the year and especially if you want to get involved next year in the festival and even the parade through London, then please visit: 

As always if you want to know more about skignz, please check out our new website and the usual social media channels.

Pride in London with Smirnoff & skignz Gallery:


Monday, 1 June 2015

skignz at the Playoffs - Wembley Stadium London

skignz was founded by two guys, Gary and Si who both hail from Middlesbrough, UK. support their local team Middlesbrough Football Club (Soccer for our readers in the US).

Middlesbrough F.C. had progressed through to the Championship Playoffs against Norwich City F.C. on Monday 25th May 2015, at Wembley Stadium.

The winner would not only win what has been termed the Richest Game on the planet (circa £150m) but also a place in the worlds leading League - Premier League. Both teams aiming to win so they could play the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal etc... every week.

Obviously being local guys, many of their friends, family, ex colleagues and businesses associates would be attending the game. 

In fact 38,000 Middlesbrough fans descended on Wembley, London to watch the game.

Si & Gary thought this a great opportunity to test the skignz platform with some of its new functionality. 

They asked various people to set up their own accounts and 'skignz' themselves and put up 'signage' and 'badges' either above their heads or in places they wanted to meet friends and family.

Below is a gallery of images that we took and others have sent to us since we returned from Wembley.

"BTW Norwich won the game 2-0, so Middlesbrough fans, returned home in a very disappointed and deflated manor with only next season to look forward to!"

if you would like to know more about skignz and how you can use it either as a brand or an individual then please take a look at and complete the 'three simple steps'.

Also you can check out skignz on the usual Social Media channels by entering skignz in the relevant search box.