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Monday, 6 July 2015

Matching facebook with a subtle 'brand refresh'

As some of you will see when either using the skignz App, looking at the website or you have come across us on Social Media - change is afoot.

We are currently refining, refreshing and updating all areas of the skignz brand, from slight refinement to the logo (you may not be able to tell) through to whole new look and feel to the website & App.

Facebook have recently announced in the press a similar type of change to their brand, logo, imagery etc...

On first glimpse there seems to be no change but the subtle changes of font, thickness and weight all add to this evolution of the facebook logo, rather than revolution. 

They have also made similar subtle changes to their 'App/Tile Icon'.

Over the years many brands have changed their logos quite dramatically almost overnight. 

However some of the world's most iconic brands choose evolution of revolution. 

Their subtle changes every few years, alter their brand ever so slightly, so until you see them all against each other you don't quite realise the dramatic change.

So using similar logic as these globally successful brands and bringing all the skignz brand style under one theme, colour pallette and structure; We have evolved the logo, the 'App/Tile Icon' and all the associated imagery.

As you can see the changes are not immediately obvious, but the more you look especially looking at the old and the new side by side you can then see where we have tweaked, changed, tightened and improved all aspects of the brand logo.

The 'App/Tiles Icon' we have actually changed quite drastically, as the original one was not exactly within our brand guidelines and we wanted to bring everything inline.

The 'App/Tile Icon', colour wise is more inline with IOS/Androids style and layout but we felt that we needed the brand name on their and not just an icon at this stage in our development.

We hope you like the changes we have made and the direction skignz is taking, not only as a technology platform but also how we represent this through our brand. 

No doubt we will make further changes in the future as we respond to our users and their needs and wants, however we aim to maintain the same ethics and integrity of our brand through evolution, whilst our product (the skignz technology platform) continues to be revolutionary ;-)

If you haven’t already please take a look at the new skignz website and if you have not either downloaded the app or taken a look for a while please do so. 

We would be very interested to get you feedback if you have 2 mins to email us at

As always you can take a look at aswell as follow us across the usual social media channels.

Monday, 1 June 2015

skignz at the Playoffs - Wembley Stadium London

skignz was founded by two guys, Gary and Si who both hail from Middlesbrough, UK. support their local team Middlesbrough Football Club (Soccer for our readers in the US).

Middlesbrough F.C. had progressed through to the Championship Playoffs against Norwich City F.C. on Monday 25th May 2015, at Wembley Stadium.

The winner would not only win what has been termed the Richest Game on the planet (circa £150m) but also a place in the worlds leading League - Premier League. Both teams aiming to win so they could play the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal etc... every week.

Obviously being local guys, many of their friends, family, ex colleagues and businesses associates would be attending the game. 

In fact 38,000 Middlesbrough fans descended on Wembley, London to watch the game.

Si & Gary thought this a great opportunity to test the skignz platform with some of its new functionality. 

They asked various people to set up their own accounts and 'skignz' themselves and put up 'signage' and 'badges' either above their heads or in places they wanted to meet friends and family.

Below is a gallery of images that we took and others have sent to us since we returned from Wembley.

"BTW Norwich won the game 2-0, so Middlesbrough fans, returned home in a very disappointed and deflated manor with only next season to look forward to!"

if you would like to know more about skignz and how you can use it either as a brand or an individual then please take a look at and complete the 'three simple steps'.

Also you can check out skignz on the usual Social Media channels by entering skignz in the relevant search box.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Most Contagious 2014

To round last year off, skignz had the chance to exhibit at one of the most exclusive gatherings of the year - Most Contagious. 

This was a great opportunity to present and demonstrate our technology to leading agencies & brands companies from all around the world attending Most Contagious.

Most Contagious is an annual, uniquely curated innovation event in London staged by Contagious. 

Most Contagious celebrates the biggest innovations and analyses the most impactful marketing from the year to decipher what influence these will have on the immediate future for brands and advertising.

Contagious helps brands and advertising agencies understand and adapt to shifts in marketing, consumer culture and technology. 

The team at skignz were very grateful that we were allowed and provided with the opportunity to not only present our technology at the event, but to also learn about other great companies who had invested in their own technology alongside a range of other new companies. 

Most of which were featured in their 'Small But Perfectly Formed' section over the previous 12 months.

Besides being given the opportunity to exhibit, skignz also got the chance to listen to some great leaders and speakers at the event and allow them to provide us with some great inspiration. 

Listening to each speaker was great for skignz, however one thing we noticed along the way from many speakers was that the current technology they were explaining to the audience could have been skignz (in a different placed sense). 

See these two images to the right.... essentially skignz tech! These images were used in different presentations by the speakers

However at the event each year is the Small But Perfectly Formed companies whereby Contagious has celebrated seven small companies hoping to change the world. 

skignz got to meet a few of these at the event itself and was great to find out how they were doing with their company and what their future plans looked like. 

skignz hopes that we could featured in Contagious's SBPF throughout the coming year and  become one of those companies chosen in the short list for Most Contagious 2015.

The whole day of the event itself was a truly amazing experience to have. Not only was it Most Contagious 10th Anniversary, it was an exceptional day to meet, discuss and learn about Most Contagious themselves and everyone else there.

Meeting so many worldwide companies and brands was very exciting for us, so we hoped to impress them with the skignz technology. 

Many people who came and learnt about the skignz technology and got to see it demonstrated were very impressed and left some great comments;

- “skignz is the most exciting thing I have seen all day”
- “This could be the Internet in the sky”
- “Seeing the live demonstration has just blew my mind… I need time to think of what great opportunities lie for skignz”
- “The possibilities are endless” 

The above were just a few comments from people attending Most Contagious and took the effort to come and tell us. The feedback that we received was truly inspirational as it gave us so much hope for the future and a lot of exciting opportunities to look forward to with a lot of brands.

Meeting people from Australia, Brazil, Ireland and many other places just goes to show how much of a great event Most Contagious really is and what it offers to all brands and companies around the world.
From this, skignz has begun a lot of relationships with people and we will be working together providing some great work in the future.

The skignz team had a truly awesome time and would like to give a big thank you to the Most Contagious team and directors for allowing us the opportunity to attend this event and meet some truly exceptional people. 


We would also like to thank the people and brands we met that gave us exceptional feedback to put us in a bright light for future developments.

If you would like to have a read of Most Contagious X based on their tenth anniversary then please follow this link to their on line PDF or download it to get your own personal one. 

If you would like to know more about Most Contagious 2014 then a good place to start would be 

If you would like to read Most Contagious X PDF then please visit 

If you would like to know more about skignz then please visit our website at and don't forget to check us out on a range of the popular Social Media Channels.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Apple, Google, Facebook - Reaching out to brands across the world

At skignz we like nothing more than to reach out across the world to brands to let them know of skignz and how we would love to do some awesome work with them! 

We love working with brands locally, however GLOBALLY is where skignz was designed and developed to be used. In everyones local area, regardless of where they are on the planet. 

We have recently been thinking of global brands and how best to introduce them to skignz. We felt that skignz is best 'experienced' so we began by finding a number of specific places where we could skignz up the environment for the local people to experience it for themselves. 

For our inital foray, we have chosen Apple, Google and Facebook to be our 'Guinea Pigs'. We believe that we could demonstrate to them the varying ways in which skignz could help them, especially as most of the people who work at these companies are early adopters and very tech and marketing savy.

Its this approach we hope will provoke thought, questions and ideas of not only how their brands could use skignz but also how skignz could link in with their brands, their technology for the mutual benefit of not only the companies, but also the end consumers, by creating something very different, yet very exciting! 

Initially we have decided to skignz up their HQ's/Main Campuses. We created different skignz personalised to each brand and then placed them around their headquarters! (If any employee from Apple, Google or Facebook is reading this, then please download skignz now and take a look at the interactive digital content we have created and place in the sky above your Headquarters/Campus!). 


The skignz above each of the brands campuses shows just a small amount of the what skignz is capable but hopefully enough to peek interest for people to find out more.

There is a whole lot more that skignz can help with and the possibilities are almost endless, especially when partnering and working with others who have complimenting technology and the same outlook to development as us. There can be general skignz, personalised skignz and now even 3D skignz! They can be placed on map, in situ where you and and even follow objects, people etc... around!

We are working on a range of further developments for increased functionality and hopefully soon users will be able to pull in their Social Media profiles/updates into a skign above their own head! (Sounds impressive?...) That's just a small taster of what skignz has got planned for launch in the near future.

Below you can see an example video that we have created for the Apple brand itself, to show you how we can improve the enhance the experience of staff and visitors alike at thier HQ! 

If you enjoyed watching the video then we would love for you to get in touch with us. skignz's passion is supporting you, so your brand can help improve the lives of others. 

We have already opened an office in Las Vegas, NV, US in the early part of 2014. So our global reach is already well underway! However we would love to expand our partnerships into more global consumer tech brands. 

skignz keeps up to date with technology changes in the market everyday, and right now we have technology that is changing the way people see the way things are and how they could be using skignz.

If you would like to know more on this or what skignz is or how it can help you, then please take a look at our social media sites and our YouTube channel where we have a range of great videos to show you just what is possible with skignz! You hopefully will have more ways in which skignz could be applied or used.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

skignz: Most Contagious 2014

We are delighted to announce, that not only will we be attending the awesome Most Contagious Event in Central London on 10th December 2014, but we will also be exhibiting and demonstrating the skignz technology! 

How cool is that!

The guys at Contagious are the gurus, the wordsmiths and THE authority on Advertising, Marketing digital trends, but we cannot compete with how they present what they do, so for those of you who might not of heard of Most Contagious, here's a quick extract of how Contagious themselves describe the Most Contagious event:

"Most Contagious is an annual, uniquely curated innovation event in London staged by Contagious. Most Contagious celebrates the biggest innovations and analyses the most impactful marketing from the year to decipher what influence these will have on the immediate future for brands and advertising.

The event includes a full day conference programme, with Contagious consultants as well as expert guest speakers, a series of interactive workshops, an awards scheme, and an exhibition to showcase disruptive start-ups, innovative new technologies and the makers behind them."

Contagious the company behind Most Contagious is in its tenth year of publishing their incredible magazine and it has grown its offering since its conception, and so we do not do them a disservice again we will let them describe who they are:

"Contagious helps brands and advertising agencies understand and adapt to shifts in marketing, consumer culture and technology. Our dedicated consultancy division, Contagious Insider, delivers hands-on help to effect change in our clients’ companies.

Contagious Magazine, our hard-copy quarterly publication analyses the world’s most innovative brands, and learns from the people behind them. An online intelligence service, Contagious I/O is Contagious’ collaborative and fully customisable research platform. Contagious events attract delegates from the world’s smartest brands, agencies and businesses."

So hopefully from the above two short descriptions about Contagious and its annual Most Contagious event, you can see why we are so excited to be attending but even more so being able to showcase skignz to this very select audience. We hope that some of the most creative thinkers on the planet who will be attending will 'get skignz' but more importantly 'how skignz could work for their clients or their own brand?'

 skignz is already engaged with a number of the big name brands and organisations who are attending, so hopefully we will have a few more brand champions in the room to promote the gospel of skignz.

skignz intends to showcase a few new areas of development, not previously seen outside of the skignz team and in addition we may have not one but a couple of key announcements to make ...

Obviously we will promote this exciting news through the event, but we feel the best way to understand more about skignz is to be present and being present at this event is something you cannot afford NOT to do! You only realise this once you have attended a Most Contagious event.

The Contagious team put an immense amount of work into the event, from Arianna their head of events through to their on stage delivery by members of their editorial team, right through to the hosting by Cofounder & Editorial Director Paul Kemp-Robertson. The quality of the content delivered is second to none and we have not spoken to a single person that has not thoroughly enjoyed and had real benefit from being in attendance.

If you are in the Advertising, Marketing & Digital space then you really should only be in one place on the 10th December 2014. 

We will be there and so should you! If you do please do come and say hello ...

For more information on Contagious, their Magazine and their awesome services, please visit

For more information on Most Contagious and how you can get involved please visit

For more information on skignz, please visit the skignz website at

Or check us out on our various Social media channels...