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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

skignz: Increased Functionality for Users...

skignz has been actively functioning now for over a year so we thought that we would give you a small insight as to how the functionality of the business has increased and how we are working now compared to how we were when we first developed skignz.

skignz has achieved a lot in the previous year and has got many more exciting opportunities to look forward to, so we thought we would share with you just how much we have progressed.

When skignz was first developed we were a start-up company, so everything was basic including the interface and technology behind skignz. A skign that you see now was just very plain, had no design, style or even much added to it. 


The skignz came in a variety of colours, with just a simple box style and two spaces to insert your heading and write a small amount of text. There was not much to a skignz when we first began, so we saw an opportunity for progression to the next stage.
The next part we wanted to focus on was making more room for users to be able to insert more text into their skign. We also were working with Teesside University and other possible brands and needed to create a skignz design for all students on University campuses to use.


Since creating and developing the team skignz managed to come up with a wide variety of ideas and ways in which we could change the way that skignz appeared to all users. We wanted to create a simple and fun theme that we could demonstrate to users as ‘your signs in the sky’ – skignz.

Improving the interface of skignz and the way that it looked was a vast step for us, now we could appeal to more, increasing our user and businesses data. We then saw an opportunity to focus on ways to try and reach a wider audience as we wanted skignz to be globally; not just locally.   

Working on our social media to the highest extent we could, we decided to create a video blog post that we could upload to all our social media sites and see how much of a wider audience this would reach. Luckily for us this managed to go very globally reaching people in Las Vegas which lead us to doing business arrangements and now having the success of opening our very own office in Las Vegas and having Nick Vilardell run it from the US. That was one of skignz first MASSIVE step which were a great time for us.

We then gathered that we needed to add more to our skignz platform and create ways in which it would attract more business interest and users. For that we directed ourselves to the brainchild behind the technology of skignz - Gary Baker.

We first considered creating different accounts so that if anyone managed to become a premium user of skignz they could have unlimited amount of skignz to place around wherever they wished to. From this we thought that with having a premium account where any user can place as many skignz as they wished, they would then like the opportunity to be able to create their own skignz, so they wouldn’t just have to use the already pre placed ones and be able to personally design them however they wish, and that is exactly what we did.

Now any user can manage their own skignz on their account and upload whatever one they would like, whether that was to be an original design taken from the internet or creating and design their own. 

The team at skignz have had a lot of fun with creating their own skignz, from placing doughnuts above houses, roasted chickens in cars to even creating themselves as a skignz and casually chilling outside their own home. 

There is a lot of fun to be had with skignz which is what we are all about; we would like users to have a lot of fun whilst finding it practical and useful at the same time, skignz is not just for one practical use, it is practical for anything. Users can even also use skignz to leave greeting messages for someone if it was the birthday or a special occasion was upon arrival, - if two people are newlyweds then someone could leave a great big congratulations skign right outside their house or their wedding venue at the time; what a groovy wedding gift that would be!
skignz has increased its functionality a lot over the past year, from changing the way that skignz works and appears to future deals we have made and companies we have been in discussion with all ready for some great work in the future.

There is a lot more going on which currently is not available, however soon we do wish to be looking at being able to pull in your Facebook profile to your skignz and being able to run your social media that way whilst discovering new people. 

Also how great would it be to be able to have your 'dating profiles' above your head in a skign, so that you could see who is the perfect match for you and just whereabouts your lucky other half is located.

We are looking to take the initial development we have currently done to the next level, through launching a Kick-starter campaign later this September which you can read about here.

Please keep in touch with skignz and have a read of our current blogs. If you would like to know more then please contact us through our website or through social media using the links below. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Look up! Not down!

Social media and technology now compared to the past is an important part of almost everyone’s lives. 

No matter how young or old you are you will have some form of social media in your life. The majority of this is all done through your mobile device. 

Now we all know that it is important almost essential to have a mobile device for calls and texts and to get in touch with everyone now and then but we don't need it all the time for everything. 

We have become that attached to it that it feels like we have literally lost a limb when we lose our phone. We feel like we cannot do anything or get in touch with anyone. That’s how much it has made an impact on our lives.

But think of how much you are missing out on in the world when you have your head down constantly on your mobile keeping yourself to yourself and not interacting socially. Thought about it?

What did people do years ago? There was no mobile phones and technology like there is today. People had to communicate and find out information in different ways. 

They had to either write letters to each other, telecommunicate even pigeon letters at some point (although that’s going back quite a while now). However my point is that even though we have all of this amazing new technology we don't have to miss out on the world. 

Technology is developed and getting developed currently now that allows you to see the world and not miss out on opportunities and being personally social while using your mobile device. 

Consider just how many important things happen in your life daily, monthly and yearly. Yet half of those you will miss the opportunity of experiencing them fully because you relied on your mobile device to assist you and social media. 

That isn't what you want. You may think at the time you are experiencing everything fully however you are not, your mobile is. Such as going for jobs. You will be searching for them ‘looking down’ on your mobile device a lot of the time, when really an opportunity could be straight in front of your eyes if you only just 'looked up'

You may walk past that job advert sign or that person that could be looking for someone currently as you relied on your mobile phone to help you find a job.

Think about when you are travelling. A lot of people travel each year, over 1 Billion. When you go travelling you want to have fun and experience the place while you are there. 

You like to take interest in what you do and what you see. 

So what do you do? 

You take a photo or video on your mobile phone. Then what… you upload it to some form of social media site. You're not really enjoying the full experience for yourself. Yes it is nice to take a photo and upload it to social media for others to see, but not all the time and not just the point of going travelling. It is your interest, so make it your interest, don’t just do it for likes and to be seen as popular.

So what can you do to make sure you are always looking up and not down?

You need some form of technology that allows you to do all of the above and keep a look out on the world in-front of you.

We have one word. skignz.

At this instant you may be thinking what is skignz or yes I know about skignz but how does this help me.

Well that is what skignz is all about. We want to open up the world and every opportunity to you so you don't need to miss a thing again. 

How do we do this? 

We do this by having created outstanding technology that is free for you to use and will improve your experience of whatever you do.

skignz is a free app that you can download. It places a virtual sign in the sky so that you can see it through your mobile device. 

You do this by pre loading your skignz account using google maps so that when you arrive where you were going, you can load up skignz on your mobile device and there will be a sign in the sky (skignz) where you previously placed it.

There is a lot of information you can read on this on our social media sites, our blog, our YouTube channel and also our website.

So how does this help? Well you want to see the world and be more sociable whilst on your phone, trying to find where you are going or trying to meet some friend’s etc... 

We help you with this. With skignz you look through your screen onto the world outside, you're not blocking it out you are still seeing out onto the world while doing what you are doing on your mobile device.

Now skignz isn't just about trying to help you navigate, although it is one of the best to use for this, it is a great social tool for you and your friends. You can communicate with them, arrange to meet them and still find out what they are up to as you can see each other profiles through skignz

You will be doing all of this while looking up and not looking down.

Just have a really good think about it. You know yourself that you are missing out on a lot when you keep your head cascaded down into your mobile phone, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities that could change your life, even if it is just a small change, it still makes a difference.

All I would like you to do after reading this is sit down, have a look at your phone and think to yourself – do I keep my head down a lot? How much do I actually miss out on? Am I too busy being nosy in everyone else life to notice my own as much? 

I need to download skignz now for free?

All of them questions will help you realise that you don't want to spend the rest of your time looking down and not up, so much happens in your life and in the world, so don't go missing out on anymore. 

Change your life now and make a change for yourself. We can guarantee that skignz will make that small change for you that you look for.

If you would like to find out anymore information on skignz then please use the links below to check out our social media sites and websites. If you have any queries at all, then please don't hesitate to ask any one of us.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Twenty Products and Services that fundamentally change our lives

As you have probably read our last blog post about losing your mobile phone and how much it affects your life, it has got me thinking as to what products and services we have that fundamentally do change our lives.

Part of our daily routine has many gadgets and services that we use and do probably not realise just how much these have changed what we do and how we act. They will have gone from being a luxury that we either will have bought as a one off or present given to us and then most likely bragged about this to try and show it off. 

As everyone does with something new, you know you do it I do too! There’s nothing wrong with doing it, why not show off a brand new present that you have got keeping up with the cool trends in the market, it makes you look cool to have that product too. The majority of people will have experienced getting something new and cool in the market and felt like the best person around, but that was a while ago now. 

These products and services have become so predominantly present in our lives that we basically live by them now. Without them we would feel like we could not do something or would not be able to function feeling like a important part of your world has disappeared.

Previous on the last blog, you will have seen and understood just how it feels to lose your phone, it’s like losing a limb. No connection, no friends, no nothing. So why don’t we have a look and see how each of these products and services have come so predominant in our lives that we live by them, they are no longer a big of a luxury as they used to be.

1. The Mobile Smart Phone

The mobile smart phone has no longer become just a phone. Years ago, a phone was a phone. It allowed you to call people and text, a way of keeping in touch and communicating with other people when not together. However now, so many smart phones have been brought out, such as the iPhone, iPhone 4, ,4s, 5, 5c, 5s, HTC and so on. With the technology constantly changing and improving, it now allows us to do whatever we need on a mobile than how we used to in person.
Take for instance what we can do on a smart phone now; It becomes our bank – online banking can be done through the phone so no need for a computer, and now Barclaycard you can pay for anything with your phone – just one swipe away! How crazy does that sound, imagine doing that years ago. Not to mention all the apps, navigation tools, social media sites, fitness, music and so on. I could literally talk about how everything we do in our life can now be done through our smart phone, it actually is mad when you think about it in detail!

2. Tablets

Tablets now in the market have become a number 1 device to own. Why would most people want to use a desk top computer or a laptop still when they can do all that on one screen? All brands are now bringing out tablets, from Samsung, Apple, Microsoft to even Tesco’s own. Tablets have provided people with a on the go service, to be able to do what they want or search for what they need wherever they may be and whenever they wish too. It has brought about a whole new concept, that wherever you go you can take your tablet. You don’t need to search about for a computer when you have that handy thing right there with you. Who would have thought that years ago from a desktop computer to a laptop, would come about a tablet device, which allows you to do whatever you do on a computer or laptop, to now on one little screen wherever you are. It is just incredible.

3. Microwave

Remember how you used to cook your food years ago? (The oldies will know of this, only joking!). Think of how the transformation has gone from conventional cooking to a microwave. A electric square box that you can shove food into, switch it on and few minutes later there you go, you have a ready cooked meal that would have took only a fraction of the time as to what it would have used to with conventional cooking. It has provided a handy service for everyone, an especially student which makes them living alone for university much easier when it comes to cooking and feeding for themselves. It can save them a lot of time when in a rush to do University work, as it will with most people and is a main priority that everyone needs in their life at some point. If you don’t already have one which would be a surprise, I am sure that you will get one soon.

4.  Trolley Suitcases

Trolley suitcases are the more simple services that we never did used to require. Imagine now having to carry around your heavy luggage when travelling or moving or going away. What a pain that would be!

How grateful are we now for them putting wheels onto our suitcases! It has made our travel experiences much easier. I bet you can’t imagine suitcases or trolleys being without wheels in the past.  The way that we have taken it for granted as a service that we just assume will be there for us is only natural. But think what you would do if you didn’t have wheels on your suitcases. It has provided convenience for families, travellers, kids and even old people when doing their shopping. Trolley suitcases have become a main essential in our lives now.

5. SAT Nav

Now we all know how important a Sat Nav is in our life! Oh god just imagine trying to travel somewhere without having satellite navigation to be able to guide you about. It used to just be a road map or atlas that you would have to study to find your way somewhere prior to the journey. 

Trying to remember all those directions off by heart or reading a map on your own travelling on the road, danger just shouts out to us. How inconvenient were those paper maps and directions to navigate us about. The change in the revolutionary technology of Sat Navs is just amazing. Now Sat Navs are either built into your mobile device, into your car stereo or available to buy to attach in your car on your journeys to help navigate you; and they speak to you! 

So you don’t have to pay too much focus on looking where you need to go, you simply can just hear someone directing you on your way. Now I know that no one now will like to go without a Sat Nav. If you don’t have one in your car handy there ready to use or even so built into your car depending what one you have, it will surely be on your smart phone ready to use when needed. Sat Navs have become a daily part of our routine to help guide us in where we need to go. 

The upgrade from paper maps to Satellite Navigation has become so major in our life’s that we do take it for granted now.

6. Flat Screen TV’s

Flat Screen TV’s have become a big want now in people’s homes. Remember what old TV’s used to look like, big square bulky devices in your house. Now they are an essential item that the majority of people have in their house. 

Imagine having an old TV, would you embarrassed if someone came into your home and seen it? Most of you would, and why is this, this is because Flat Screens TV’s became the new trend and now they are what people need to have in their houses. It will either make them look good, the house look good or even provide a sense of feeling good through having one to show off. 

You may not realise it until you think about it, but Flat Screen TV’s are needed now in your life, whether you don’t have one yet, you secretly or knowingly want one. 




7. Recordable TV

Talking about Flat Screen TVs becoming a need now in people’s life, it brings me on to thinking about how recordable TV is now making its way gradually into everyone homes onto their Flat Screen TVs. 

Recordable TV is now replacing videos and DVD’s. TV now is recordable, depending on what service you have or what television you have, it is now possible to record any film or show that you don’t want to miss. Surely not everyone may have this yet, but everyone knows about it. Plus with guarantee it will make its way onto almost everyone’s TVs in the foreseeable future. Just as Flat Screen TVs have become a major in people’s homes, recordable TV will also end up the same. 

It is a trend that starts off and everyone eventually wants to have. 3D TV is also now making its way around being available on certain Televisions, it isn’t an essential as all the other yet, but in the future will be just as key as Flat Screen and Recordable TV.

8. Electric/Hybrid Cars

Electric and Hybrid cars are now becoming more popular in people’s lives when it comes to choosing a car. The electric and hybrid cards allow carbon emissions to be reduced in vehicles and provide better for the environment. 

Providing better for the environment is an absolute main activity that everyone is getting on board with. Every company, area or place everyone is talking about being green and better for the environment. No doubt that in the future, most cars will become electric or hybrid so that the world will not have as many bad emissions in it as it does now. 

Providing well for the environment is changing our lives, even designing cars now one of our main transportation, to make sure that the environment is looked after better. The majority of cars will most likely change to electric/hybrid in the coming years.

9. Drive thru

Getting food and take away are a nice luxury to a little night in that everyone has that once in a while. However they may be nice to order but paying that delivery price is sometimes just not worth it depending on what you want. That’s when drive-thru came about. 

They were handy for whenever you fancied something to eat you could just pop to a drive-thru wherever you were. You did not have to order or wait ages for a delivery and pay the charges; you can just nip yourself whenever you want and collect food and take it home. A drive-thru also allows you to not have to que in a massive restaurant, you can just order and collect in the comforts of your own car. 

Imagine now not having a drive- thru to be able to collect food whenever you want, you wouldn’t like it! 

That’s how popular it has become now in our lives and changed the way about which we eat and order food.  Restaurants know how popular it is that they in the future will most likely out drive-thru on most of their food places to save the service going elsewhere if waiting time and que is too long.

10. Email

Email is definitely one of the main sources of communication in everyone’s life. Think how it used to be just hand written or a typed letter then just posted to whoever you needed, it took ages and ages for the communication to happen and anything to get sorted. 

Now email has come about. It is so prompt in our life’s that if it got taken away from us, we would have lost a main communication tool to friends, work, family, colleagues or even other businesses. It is the number one communication tool between everyone and it’s literally a vital part of our routines, whether it is at work or not at work, it allows us to speak to whoever we wish and whenever we want, and know that we don’t have to wait ages for that reply.

11. Internet

The internet now is essentially defiantly 100% sure something that everyone in the world has. No matter where you go in the world, the internet will always be there. It is such an important aspect of the world and everyone’s life that they actually could not go without it. It provides any information you wish open to anyone and available to all one way or another.  

The internet in a huge aspect has definitely changed our lives. We rely on it to search for what we wish, to communicate, to have fun, to shop literally to just do anything and whatever we want. Imagine being without it!

12. Google

Google is the top search engine that everyone uses. It has changed how we search for everything. Google is so big in our lives now that we use it for everything. We use it for searching for food, shopping, information, history and even our health! 

That’s how important it has become to us now that we even use to search for symptoms or to help us out when we are ill or feeling unwell. We trust google to come up with an answer for how we are feeling; or even an answer for anything we search for we expect to get it answered. 

Just imagine how it would be and feel to not have google. It has stopped us from looking at encyclopaedias and yellow pages; it now provides us with everything and anything we want. And I know that everyone uses it for a lot, lot of stuff and information needed.

13. Social Media

Social Media these days now is how we live the communication side of our life. It has provided us with a whole new way of communicating and staying in touch with everyone that we now take it for granted. 

Everyone or even most people ranging from young to old have social media. Not only has it become so conspicuous in our lives, that it has become so important with businesses to be able to advertise their company and even celebrities. Facebook and Twitter are the ways that people communicate, have fun, gossip and even advertise. 

Social Media is everywhere and it a way of how we live our lives now. Without it, we would feel empty; how would we search for jobs, get job offers, find friends, communicate, gossip, have fun, be nosy and so on. That’s just how much it has changed our lives!

14. Taking Photos

Taking photos you might not think has changed that much in our lives. Although it has; photos now you do not always need a camera for or an actual photograph device. Photos are taken through our smart phones which can be taken wherever and whenever we are. 

Think of not being able to take a photo on your smart phone when you want, how annoying that would be. That shows just how much taking photos through our camera phones have changed in our lives.



15. The IPod

The iPod being brought about has now changed how we listen to music. Remember we used to have Walkmens and Disc Mans and you would have to actually buy the CD and insert it into the device. Now with the iPod brought out, it has allowed everyone to listen to music by just downloading it for free online and then listening to it whenever you want without any problems. 

The iPod became so popular in our lives that it actually almost probably put business such as HMV into administration. That proves how much people used it daily and stopped buying CD’s.

16. Book Publishing

Just think how book publishing has changed the way we now read and buy. Book publishing is not done how it used to be, it is now all done through self-publishing and kindles. They have become so popular that people will buy as they can download a book whenever they want and have it handy on them whenever they want to read. 

They also can store a selection of their favourite books and reads them when they feel like it. This has changed the way that most of us read, we choose to do it electronically rather than buying books off the shelf.

17. Mass Production

Mass production has enabled the way we make products as fast and efficient as we do today. There is now a large demand for mass produced products created at a  low cost and with a small workforce. Henry Ford brought this about when he decided to introduce and create the Model T Ford car. It was Henry's intention to produce the largest number of cars, to the simplest design, for the lowest possible cost. 

This combination of accuracy, continuity and speed introduced mass production to the world. At Highland Park, Model T production reached record levels, with a complete car leaving the line every 10 seconds of every working day. 


18. Aeroplane

Aeroplanes make the world go round, literally. Anywhere we want to go we can get there through aeroplane. They allow us to travel wherever we wish without no worries of how we are going to get there or any complications along the way. 

Imagine now not being able to go on holiday or where you need to due to not having the available travel access, how awful would that be.

19. Medicine

The improvements now in medicine have revolutionised so much that a lot of illnesses can now be helped or cured. Without the advancement in medicine and no access to it, there would still be a lot of very ill people about. 

Medicine is surely something that people do take for granted now if they have access to it, they just expect to get it when ill. Think yourself lucky others sometime are not lucky enough to be able to have medicine like we do in our lives. Makes you think doesn’t it.

20. Computer Technology

Computer Technology allows us to create any piece of work or anything we wish on the computer. It allows us to search, design, create and do a lot of stuff we never used to. I bet a lot of you think about how it has all changed, and how now the world and people themselves most likely could not go without. 

At least something in their daily lives would be revolved around computer technology whatever that may be.


This list just shows us how we have taken everything for granted and that we do need it in our lives, whether that may be now or in the future at some point each of them point will prove handy.

Skignz will surely add to this list and even could replace one or two items on the list with the pieces of revolutionary technology that has been created. In the future, you could use Skignz in your life.

That is how Skignz could change the future and become a major part of revolutionary technology in your life.

Download the app for free and see what you think of Skignz.