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Monday, 22 December 2014

Interactive Christmas Cards!

We all receive a lot of interactive Christmas Cards when it comes to this time of the year! 

We all can admit that we do love to receive them. skignz has received a lot of these recently and we enjoy watching all of them so we thought that we would share with everyone what we have received so that you can enjoy them too!

Although what do you prefer? Do you like to receive the traditional hand in hand Christmas card? Or do you prefer to receive an E-card? To see if you can decide which you prefer have a read of this blog post ... 





Global Infusion Group


Everyone will soon be receiving skignz Christmas interactive card so keep a look out for when it arrives in your inbox!

If you would like to know more about skignz then please visit our website at and don't forget to check us out on a range of the popular Social Media Channels.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Using skignz at Live Motor Sports Events

Summer is virtually here, the bad weather is going and the sun is shining, good times are getting planned and we are now officially into ‘British Summer Time’ 2014.

You will have your favourite hobbies, days out and events planned that you wish to do. Years from now you will have that great memory, maybe a song, and certainly pictures to remind you and take you back to a specific time and place during the summer of 2014.

Many of you will get these memories from attending Live Events, Motor Sports etc...

Let us set the scene...

You along with friends/family will set off for a live motorsport event this summer and you will arrive after (in most cases) a long journey in a car, van or coach. 

Skipping forward past finding a place to park in the middle of a field and getting yourself through the entrance into the event before grabbing a drink and go for a look around, find out what's going on and where?

You finally get your drinks and you then settle in, relax, in order to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the entertainment of the day.

Sound's perfect? This to most is the usual journey each of the millions of people will make this summer to attend the thrilling exciting live motor sport events on offer.

Now you have sat and enjoyed this show for a while and you fancy another drink or how about something to eat?

Where are the refreshment stands? In fact where are the toilets as you don't fancy making two trips! 

As with the majority of people, finding the refreshments and toilets is one thing! 

But finding your way back to where you originally were! Now that’s a whole new level of stress and hassle!

Going through your mind is no doubt a few or all of the following:

- How will you get back to where you where?

- How do you find your friend(s)? The proverbial 'needle in a haystack'!

Unless your friends are 9ft tall and everybody else is under 5ft tall, you are going to struggle! Add in the feeling you get after a couple of drinks and your orienteering skills are not the sharpest they have ever been! You feel a bit disorientated.

Is there a solution? Other than carrying around a massive sign or a flag saying 'I am here!'

What happens if everybody does the same thing, you are all right back to where you started, looking for a 'Needle in a Haystack' springs to mind.

The solution has arrived and does not require you to carry anything more than what you walk around with in your pocket every day - a smartphone or for events like this you may take a tablet with you.

Lets go back to the point where you're stood looking for the refreshments stand and toilets. Now open up your smartphone/tablet and click on the skignz App!

Now 'Pan' your phone around as if you were videoing the crowd!

As you do this and as if by magic, little 'virtual signs' will appear above the toilets and the refreshment stand. Pan further to see what is on next and to allow you to keep track of who you are watching, which car you are keeping an eye on? Use the pinch on your phone to zoom in and out on each skign, press the skign on your screen, a short press activates some relevant content, a longer press reveals how far away that actual skign is located!

How about getting yourself some vouchers or offers to the next live motor sports event, just click the image on the left hand side and you will be taken straight to the site where you can access these from and download them right to your phone.

So back to your little mission to get a drink and something to eat, visit the toilet while you are there.
You have used skignz to find each of these locations.

This type of skignz can been provided by the live motorsport event producers or their sponsors to help you find your way around the event and make your life easier, while enhancing the whole experience.

Now you have been to the toilet, bought your food and drink and you want to find your friends?
This is where skignz really becomes your best buddy!

Hold up the phone again and pan across the crowd and you will see 'skignz' above each of your friends heads! You will only see there’s because like with other social media channels you are only linked to people you know or want linked to you!

Now if they have a great big skignz above their head - is that not the easiest way to find them EVER? Theirs and your personal skignz will have a picture of you, your name and a little comment - like a 'tweet' or 'Facebook status update' on their skignz!

Not only can you find your friends, but also each one is personalised to them!

We at skignz though want to make finding ANYTHING! Easier...!

So we have included in the free to download App, the ability to 'drop a skignz or arrow' over your car or coach you travelled on (remember the thing you arrived in and parked in a sea of cars and coaches earlier - you will need that to get home!).

So now, not only do you know where you parked (ready for quick exit to beat the traffic), where the toilets, food, drinks and who's on next and at what time... download their vouchers/offers at a good price, right to your handset, even where the charging points are so your phone does not go dead!

How much of an improved live motorsport event experience is that?

Motor sport events, live events and even places such as festivals are the easiest place in the world to get lost & lose your friends!

You dont have to worry about getting lost, finding anywhere specific, losing your friends? skignz is not only helpful, insightful and interactive, is also great as a safety device.

Getting lost is a horrible feeling, losing your friends and wandering around aimlessly for hours is no fun, after all you came with your mates to have a good time - mostly together, because an experience shared, is so much more than one you experience on your own!

So why not download the skignz app if you are going to a motorsport event, festival event or any other live event? Even if the venue has not heard about skignz or got their event environment skignzed up!

Get your copy of skignz now:

You can do it yourselves between you and your friends! Even if you only use it to find each other when you get lost, find your original seat or car!

Surely thats gotta be worth 10 seconds of your time download a simple little app that could be the coolest thing on your phone this summer! It certainly will be for those people when they get lost and they will!

Enjoy this summer, enjoy the motorsports and other live events, but enjoy it more, knowing you have a little app on your phone that can help you navigate around a strange place, find your friends and find your transport home, because if you don't find that, you won't get to go to anymore events this summer!

Bring on the summer of 2014 - When you hear the new Calvin Harris song 'Summer' and you and your friends have all downloaded skignz to see what its like?

We are sure from now on you will remember the summer of 2014 as the 1st year that you used skignz!

Get your copy of skignz now:

Please also check out the rest of our blog, YouTube videos and social media sites using the links below.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Festivals and Outdoor Events- From a Brands Perspective!

Now this one is for all of you brands out there. Every brand and company wants themselves to differ from one another in some way. But what can you have before anyone else does and that meets every customer’s needs and wants. 

It is not always about just advertising to customers, you need to engage with them on a different level. Festivals and outdoor events are a massive experience to people every year as thousands and thousands attend festivals and want to experience different kinds of acts and see them live. However they need to have a full great experience no matter what they do while they are there and have an overall fulfilled time rather than just enjoy seeing the acts live that they enjoy.

This could be ANY Festival in full flow - Standard!

Now ANY Festival in full flow - But Informatively Enhanced!
Let me just tell you and give you a short illustration of what a brand would do from their perspective and how they would go about giving people that best experience they can get at a festival or outside event.

"Hi my name is Sam. I am the manager of a large sports company with HQ in London. I am just giving you an example of what I think should be done to enhance a person’s experience at an outdoor event. Now we know ourselves, well I do anyway that when we go to a festival it can be a right pain when you get lost or you don’t know where to go, when you don’t know where your car is or where your tent is, or even the biggest one losing your friends when you leave them to go get a drink or go to the toilet.

Now I know myself that I want to help people improve on this and come to some solution for it. Look at it from your own perspective first, you're at a festival with your friends. Imagine when you need to find your tent when you go back to it, there are thousands of people with their different coloured tents up so it isn't going to be easy to find yours now is it. 

Could you find your friend(s) amongst this mass crowd?
Its the same at nearly EVERY Live Event you will attend!
That's just a small problem. When you get settled into the event and go to see your favourite act on stage, you will need a drink, some food and the toilet. Making more than one journey is just a pain so you will do it all in one time. However where are those toilets at, including the food and even where to get the drinks from; the main part of your festival experience – drinking!

I want my brand to help others at the festival not just advertise to them. Now advertising at a festival is big for a brand as everyone sees it and it increases their awareness of the brand. However that is just advertising to people, it isn't helping them or engaging with them at a personal level creating a relationship to benefit them and benefit the brand also. 

When you think about it should always be a two way street. When brands advertise they need to make sure that whatever they do or how they are doing it is benefiting the customer and person themselves and also benefiting the brand at the same time. Providing a two way street, is the best form of advertising as it creates a great relationship between two parties – the brand and the customer.

Now when I am thinking about it and how I can help people at a festival to not get lost and to find their friends and their tent when it comes to it I need something really spectacular to really expose my brand at the same time as providing help to others.

That’s why I now tell you about skignz. I have come across this great new technology that puts 'virtual signs in the sky' for people to view and use to navigate where they are going. Now you might think, well how is this going to help a person attending a festival or an outdoor event yet also improve a brand's exposure at the same time...?

Well let me tell you. skignz will help a person at a festival or outdoor event as, when they go to the toilet and leave their friends or to even go to get some food, it will be very hard to even find where each place is at this massive event filled with thousands of people. Then when they try to go back and find where they were previously situated, will be even more difficult in the massive crowd. 

Find your friends in a crowd! Simple as that!
Well if that person and their group of friends who they are attending the event with (they can download the skignz app for free, before they attend the event) they can each set up and place a skign above their head (using their phone GPS/Wifi signal  to keep it located above them!)

Now when a person wanders away from the group, they will be able to just scan the crowd with their mobile (through the skignz App) and they will see that personalised 'virtual sign in the sky' above their friends head; now then can easily find their way back to them without no hassle.

That sounds so simple to use and best of all it is free for everyone to download. Other public skignz can also be set up around the event so that whoever does have the app for when they attend the event they will easily be able to find the toilet, food and drinks service sections so that they won't have to waste time searching about and getting lost then missing the act that they most wished to see at the festival. 

These branded/sponsored skignz provide the audience with Real Time Live Information!
Now you know how this will benefit a person at a festival or outdoor event you may think well how will it benefit me by using another company’s technology and enhance the acknowledgement of my brand. 

Well let me tell you how...

The best place to get your brand noticed by a wide range of audience is at these huge events where there are thousands of people who will take notice of your brand there.

Then in the future they will associate the skignz technology or that particular festival / outdoor event with your brand. Now through that brand noticing that a person needs help and how can they go the extra mile to help them shows that customer, that you are taking care of them no matter where they are and seeing to their every needs and wants in that very moment. 

Through getting my brand associated with this new piece of great technology, whenever anyone uses it, they will know that my brand is associated with this and just how much it helped them at that festival/outdoor event. 

Now let's just think of the recognition that has created for my brand! Not just at that event but into the future too. It has also provided that company and piece of technology with wider recognition. Everyone will also be more the wiser about that company and what it offers.

Now through my brand, using the new innovative skignz technology, this doesn't just help the brand at a festival, my brand can use this to create an advantage on any of my competitors who do not use skignz – We will be the only ones! It can always be used to enhance a customer’s experience no matter when, not just at the initial festival.

I read once a customer’s point of view in a statement that said: “A company that takes the time to create a more personal relationship with me instantly gets me attention and my loyalty to that brand, as they are not just advertising to me, they are looking to help me in any way they can and take time to create that personal relationship with me”.

Well that everyone, is what my brand is all about and what skignz is all about. So have a think about it and just how much using skignz can help benefit your brand and help you pass on that benefit to your customer’s, thus creating that more personal relationship which is what we are all looking to achieve"

If you would like to read more on skignz if you are thinking about wanting this great technology within your company and use it to enhance your brand, then please follow the links below and have a read of the company; Even watch a few videos to see just how great and innovative the technology is!