Sunday, 30 March 2014

It’s all about the Universities!

It really is all about the Universities at the moment. Come this September so many students are going to be starting University, some for their first time which will be a big daunting moment for them! 

Campus's during Freshers in September
When student arrive at their chosen University they are going to have expectation of what they think it is going to be like and what it actually is like.

It is the best time of their lives so what they want is an experience they will feel comfortable in straight away and a experience they will never forget! They will meet a whole load of new friends and people at University and begin the career of their lifetime.

So really when we think about it Universities have a lot of pressure on them to meet their student expectations.

They try to provide a lot when it comes to open days and campus tours, so when the students actually arrive at their chosen University they will have even more expectations to meet to give the best experience they are paying for. 

This September Universities are going to have to induct sessions to the students on their life there and help orientate them around the campus. Now they make think that they do this well but do students really remember that soon? No they don’t because it is so big and they will not get the hang of it for quite a while. I know I didn’t when I went; I was in my second year and still got lost when I got told to go to different buildings and rooms. I don’t think you ever really anyway fully understand every place, building and room on the campus!

Welcome to Freshers
 However that isn’t the only problem when it comes to starting University. If you are coming from a new place or even on your own then you won’t know anyone. Making friends for some people can be a real challenge and they won’t know what to do half of the time. It doesn’t always come naturally, some people may find it hard to approach and talk to others and may be a little bit shyer that others expect.

Do the Universities help with this as you expect? Well yeah they put fresher’s events on but that is only for two weeks, it may take someone a little bit longer but not to worry because it isn’t as hard as some of you may think to make friends. There are a lot of ways out there to do that so don’t make it one of your biggest worries when starting University for the first time.

Finding your away around  your new campus is difficult!
 There are other key issues that become top of the list before starting besides getting to know the campus and making friends.

When you start, you start alone so need to know how to manage your own life. There are your finances to manage yourself, know what to spend and what not to spend.

Then there’s the new environment that you’re going to, you will need to get to know your surroundings. Then it is safety.

You need to make sure that where you are you feel safe and that you know where you’re going at all times so that you don’t get lost. 

Settling in comfortably in a new place may take a while, could take a month or longer it depends on the person you may be and how the University does help you.

skignz postcard!
Who can you rely on to show you round a new & strange place?
So that takes me onto the actual main point. Does the University help you like you expect. Do you they meet your expectations, exceeding them or not coming close?

Well then skignz is for you.

Now Skignz may be new to you and you probably won’t pronounce it correctly as most people don’t (if you wish to then pronounce it like sky-nz).

It is much easier to say it that way when you see it spelt different; however for the companies purpose it is spelt skignz.
Let me just tell you a bit about skignz then I will let you know how it has already helped a University solves their problems of meeting student’s expectations then we will inform you how it can help you.

skignz is a new app designed to help anyone navigate around. It allows you or other to set up skignz, which are ‘signs in the sky’ so that you and others can see where each of you individually wants to be heading. You can view these skignz through your mobile device.

Each person has their own account so that you can personalise it and tailor it to your needs.

You can make friends on it and get to know other by adding them and then having some fun.

It is free to download from iTunes and Google Play, so give it a download and give it a go. We believe skignz is the next big thing – for everything.

We have already opened an office in Las Vegas and have big future plans.

But you can read more on that and what else Skignz has done on our blogger, otherwise I will be talking for ages and distract you from the point I’m getting to!

Have you discovered skignz yet?
Now Skignz has already helped Teesside University solve their problems of meeting their student’s expectation.

When students arrive at Teesside they were in a new place and needed help with finding their way around campus, making new friends, accommodation, location area and safety. 

skignz has set up signs around Teesside campus above each building, food facilities, toilets, car parks, accommodations and more tailoring to students and the University needs.

So that now when student arrive at Teesside University campus, they are able to find their way around without getting lost. Students can also download the skignz app and set up their individual skignz to help other students find them and become friends with each other. Teesside University doesn’t have to worry about not meeting their student needs, as skignz have helped them with this.

So how will it help you as a student and your individual needs. skignz will allow you to interact with other and find out where people are.

If students decide to make their skignz public then they for example could set one up above their student flat saying ‘party here’ or ‘all students welcome for a meet’, then that way it makes it easier for student to make friends.

You also don’t have to worry about not knowing where you need to be on campus. There will always be a skignz set up for you so that you can easily find where you need to be, just follow in the direction of the sign you see through your mobile device. Before arriving at University and deciding where you wish to stay, go and search for accommodation where they skignz are set up at.

You will easily be able to find your way to them and not get lost each time leaving from a lecture or from a night out.

Last of all it provides you with a sense of belonging and safety no matter where you are going. Belonging and safety when coming to University are big needs that you need to feel 100% sure on.

When you arrive at your new place you don’t know your local area or where to go, well you can easily set up a skignz above the place you need to be or above your house so that no matter where you go you always know which direction to head in a reduce the risk of getting lost. It is the same around the campus.
This is the difference when using skignz on campus!

It is not nice getting lost or not feeling safe. Especially if you were alone on a dark night on campus and didn’t know your way back to you apartment, if you use skignz there is always one lit up through your phone for you to know where to be going.

You maye be a student, but even children can use skignz!
Now don’t just think skignz is just about navigation. It has been really useful so far for a lot of people and has a lot of fun within it. It is a new social network for you to be involved with and allow you to meet others.

You can use it if you are going for a night out to find other or to even set up an event that you wish everyone to attend. It is a great use at festivals especially in that massive crowd you don’t want to lose your friends.

Well we have a lot of blog posts on how you can use skignz and have some fun with it. You can just give them a read on our blog using the link above and I will repost one below for you.

Now I hope you can see just how useful skignz is at Universities. Universities are one of the main activities in a student’s life and they won’t always be able to tailor to your need.

They can’t be personal to you and always inform you where you need to go or where you need to be, and if they do it may not always be easy for you to understand.

skignz can solve this with Universities and already has with Teesside University. skignz is personal to you and can help you wherever you are!

Make sure that you download skignz and if you do go to Teesside University then be sure to use it while you are there or if you go to another University of your choice then why not tell them to get on board with skignz.

It is the next big thing for you!

Please check out our Facebook and Twitter page and have a read of our other blog posts. Also be sure to tell others about this and anyone you know!

Progression of Google Glass

Google glass was developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project to produce a mass-market ubiquitous computer. It is a small stamp sized screen attached to a pair of eyeglass frames. When Google Glass first started out, it was not generally a new idea for head-worn augmented reality displays, however now it was backed by Google It had drawn attention from the media to the design that they had created for it.

Let’s take a look at the progression they have made within the previous year. In 2011 it weighed around roughly 8 pounds but now from future creation and amendments it weighs just as light as a pair of regular glasses.

Google Glass or the use of Geo located AR content?
Due to the creation and popularity of the Google Glass and what it can do, advancements have come to what they can do to make it more adjustable for the public and to put their own style to the Glass.

In early 2013 Google were working on models that can be used with prescription lenses. The models were to be available to testers just before the end of 2013. Now earlier this year they created and launched their Titanium collection.

They created and offered 40 different combinations of frames, shades and colours for users to customise their eyewear with. But this was not enough for them.

Providing a wider and more appealing range is key
Google Glass had become so popular and creative within the market that they wanted to do more. From this they created a partnership with Luxottica to help them provide a much wider range of styles to their Glass rather than their current slightly ‘dorky’ form.

Other brands want to be in with Google Glass and become part of its major progression. Luxottica have two major brands that they have made part of the deal; Ray Ban and Oakley. They stated that ‘they believe that a strategic partnership with a leading player like Google is the ideal platform for developing a new way forward in their industry and answering the evolving needs of consumers on a global scale’.

Through creating a deal with Google Glass, brands can get on board with what people may say if the next big shift in technology.

Google Glass Sunglasses
The progression that Google Glass has made is remarkable within the market and they most likely are to keep on progressing as more people will want to get on board with this piece of technology.

It is technology that is creative and provides assistance to the consumers in each need they want that makes their way within the market. Google Glass has met this and now will provide a great service to the market with their light, simple and modular piece of Glass!

Google Glass
We will be sure to keep an eye on how the progression is of Google Glass as we love any innovative technology and enjoy seeing what the future can bring for us all!

Imagine if every 'pin' on a Google Map was turned into a skignz?

We feel the someone along the line, a partnership or amalgamation of Google Glass with the skignz technology, could instanlty 'skignz' the planet, making realtime 'search and social' availible to the massess 'almost overnight' when and where you are! Now that is powerful stuff!

What do you think?

For further information on Google Glass please visit:

The Amazing £8 Million Raised Through No Make-Up Selfies!

It is truly amazing what we have all seen over the past few weeks! The 'No Make-Up, Selfies' that were done by ladies taking pictures of themselves with no make-up on went viral around the world and managed to raise millions for cancer research!

What started out as initially a non-official campaign has now become one of the biggest talks and actions around the world at the minute! With girls and celebrities getting involved it has raised the awareness massively and has spread around so fast that everyone everywhere is taking part.

This is a truly wonderful thing to see be happening and such a simple easy way to raise money for cancer research through taking a simple photo and texting BEAT to Cancer Research UK to donate £3.00.

At just £3.00 a time it makes us realise just how many people have done this and how successful it has been!
It has now raised a massive
£8 million in under 1 week! However this isn’t just all down to the girls!

The boys have now started to get on board with this and create a ‘cock in a sock’ campaign to raise awareness for testicular cancer!

Guys have either been putting make up on their faces and taking selfies to raise awareness or putting their ‘cock in a sock’ and taking Selfies to help others see and notice that they need to be made aware of testicular cancer.

All of this activity has helped tremendously and provided great inspiration to cancer research and awareness to everyone else to make sure that they are checking themselves for breast cancer or testicular cancer.

The campaign is related to now and digital technology through being able to do this but also has a human side to it. Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way so it is a great act for everyone to get together and get involved in a fun activity that is raising money through technology and helping to spread the word.

So if you haven’t already boys and girls then get your 'No Make-Up Selfies' created or your ‘Cock in a Sock’ done and donate that 3 pound to cancer research. It makes all the difference and everyone is getting on board with it so you’re not alone.

No one should be alone when it comes to cancer and you’re not alone in this. Everyone should always have someone there to support them and we are all supporting each other through this amazing activity that we hope can raise more in the future!

Keep Up the good work!

For more details on Cancer Reseacrh UK please visit: 

Friday, 7 March 2014

skignz:// Here's what the students think?

We feel that skignz should be 'user led', so with that in mind we spend a lot of time gaining feedback from our users. 

After launching skignz for Teesside University on their campus, below is feedback from students on various courses, across all parts of the University, from freshers, to post grads, staff to visitors. 

Here is what some of them had to say about skignz:

“Basically, find out anything that you want to find out, whenever and wherever you are”

“It's essentially like a visual google or something of the sort”
“The skignz app could be quite useful for anyone really at Teesside Uni or anywhere at all”
“You could find whatever you’re looking for, you could find whoever you’re looking for”
“First of all, in the usability of this particular app, it’s definitely, definitely working”

“If you think about the fact that a lot of students come here relatively clueless, and you want to know where buildings are, you want to know what exactly is going on”

“To meet and discover, wow, this is being set up right here. It just sort of gave that potential, made it feel real, that certain things can be developed”

“Imagine going to somewhere like London or Tokyo and trying to meet someone or find jobs or anything. 

You could try to find bars, you could try to, well, meet people socially, that kind of thing. 

So, to me, I see the possibilities of this particular app to be, endless. It could be the next big thing, in my opinion”

“I'm not very good at navigating myself around, especially if I don't know the area”

“I find the app a lot more easier, like getting myself around Uni & different places where I actually am at the time”

“Obviously if you're doing team meetings or, like, a social night out! its good for that kind of thing. 

With a group of people as well, especially, just to get the information quickly, instead of, like, a text or, a phone call”

“I think it could be used for a variety of opportunities like just general interaction with friends or maybe on nights out, in and around the pubs/clubs, things like that, where you can't find each other. 

That'd be good and then just general busy areas like shopping centres or, in around the Uni when you can find anyone”

Key points about having skignz on campus:
  • Never get lost on campus again!
  • Find your friends in a crowd!
  • Relevant content to you, when & where you need it!
  • Induction & Orientation in a new place made simple!
  • Linking to your social media opens up a whole new world
  • Helping you help the environment!
  • Real Time Public Information delivered in a focussed & interactive way!
  • Increases the student and visitor experience to a whol enew level!

If you would like skignz to benefit your students, staff and visitors to your University Campus(es) then please contact us as or call +44 (0) 845 058 0519