Monday, 29 June 2015

Pride in London with Smirnoff

Last weekend we delivered skignz across SoHo and the surrounding areas in London, UK. This was for the PRIDE Parade and festival with over 1 million people attending. 

To say we had a good time is an understatement. On a more serious note though we were there to deliver skignz for Smirnoff. 

We delivered just under 50 different skignz across SoHo and a few at the after party at Vauxhall Park on the Sunday for PRIDE in the Park.

This activity was in association with PRIDE itself and sponsored by Smirnoff, who were wanted to make all the revellers aware of which bars/pubs and restaurants were not only a PRIDE Partner and PRIDE friendly venues but also ‘stocked Smirnoff’ ;-). 

As you can see from our gallery below, all the skignz were co branded as Smirnoff and Pride and in some places they were just PRIDE.

For those who downloaded the skignz app, they were averaging 90 secs using skignz and this averaged about every 35 mins. 

So skignz is delivering what it is intended to do - deliver relevant, interesting yet unobtrusive content as and when the user required.

We almost feel sorry for the those who didn’t get to download skignz for whatever reason.

It seems it significantly enhanced the whole festival experience for those who did!

Comments like:

“That’s mind blowing”

“Can I share my skignz to my twitter or Instagram account? [Yes of course]

“Why has no one done this before”

“Is it free and can I use it after PRIDE?”

“How does it work, because thats just incredible”

“Woah, so can you make each ‘sign’ [skignz] do something? [of course]

“Will skignz work at any festival?” [of course]

“So if I download it and set up an account, ask my friends to do it, we can find each other in the crowd? Thats Amazing and so helpful!”

“Thats genius!’

“Can a skignz be anything you want, like a badge or a picture? [yes of course]

Obviously as the day progressed and the party got in full swing, we focused more on ‘capturing’ the skignz in situ, whilst the festival was ramping up.

Please find below a gallery of images (taken using the skignz in app ‘capture feature’) showing skignz across SoHo and Trafalgar Square.

Our conclusion of the event was that it was simply awesome, skignz worked without a hitch and those that did download it, found it enormously helpful and used it as it was intended to by Smirnoff and PRIDE. 

We think the biggest learning from this is that the more people who are encouraged to use skignz, the better the experience at live events.

If you would like to know anything more about Smirnoff and their other activities across the globe this summer then please take look here:

PRIDE is a non-profit organisation and has different events throughout the year and especially if you want to get involved next year in the festival and even the parade through London, then please visit: 

As always if you want to know more about skignz, please check out our new website and the usual social media channels.

Pride in London with Smirnoff & skignz Gallery:


Monday, 1 June 2015

skignz at the Playoffs - Wembley Stadium London

skignz was founded by two guys, Gary and Si who both hail from Middlesbrough, UK. support their local team Middlesbrough Football Club (Soccer for our readers in the US).

Middlesbrough F.C. had progressed through to the Championship Playoffs against Norwich City F.C. on Monday 25th May 2015, at Wembley Stadium.

The winner would not only win what has been termed the Richest Game on the planet (circa £150m) but also a place in the worlds leading League - Premier League. Both teams aiming to win so they could play the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal etc... every week.

Obviously being local guys, many of their friends, family, ex colleagues and businesses associates would be attending the game. 

In fact 38,000 Middlesbrough fans descended on Wembley, London to watch the game.

Si & Gary thought this a great opportunity to test the skignz platform with some of its new functionality. 

They asked various people to set up their own accounts and 'skignz' themselves and put up 'signage' and 'badges' either above their heads or in places they wanted to meet friends and family.

Below is a gallery of images that we took and others have sent to us since we returned from Wembley.

"BTW Norwich won the game 2-0, so Middlesbrough fans, returned home in a very disappointed and deflated manor with only next season to look forward to!"

if you would like to know more about skignz and how you can use it either as a brand or an individual then please take a look at and complete the 'three simple steps'.

Also you can check out skignz on the usual Social Media channels by entering skignz in the relevant search box.