Monday, 22 December 2014

Interactive Christmas Cards!

We all receive a lot of interactive Christmas Cards when it comes to this time of the year! 

We all can admit that we do love to receive them. skignz has received a lot of these recently and we enjoy watching all of them so we thought that we would share with everyone what we have received so that you can enjoy them too!

Although what do you prefer? Do you like to receive the traditional hand in hand Christmas card? Or do you prefer to receive an E-card? To see if you can decide which you prefer have a read of this blog post ... 





Global Infusion Group


Everyone will soon be receiving skignz Christmas interactive card so keep a look out for when it arrives in your inbox!

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

IEIC 2015 - Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry

FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation, FICCI is the voice of India's business and industry. FICCI draws its membership from the corporate sector, both private and public, including SMEs and MNCs; and enjoys an indirect membership of over 250,000 companies from various regional chambers of commerce.

From the 14th – 15th January, the India Skills and Education Conference is taking place in London. The India EIC conference will be bringing together the technology, skills and education communities within the UK, India and other countries to allow open discussion of the possibilities and challenges for collaboration. 

The conference will be exploring a wide range of points such as:

how innovations in technology, curriculum and financing could help improve educational outcomes
how partnerships can be built between employers and educators
assisting Indian and international education businesses looking to expand and grow; and
how innovative financing and international education partnerships could address global education challenges

The best part of this was that skignz found out that we have been invited to speak and exhibit at the Microsoft sponsored IEIC EduTech conference 2015.
This was great for us to find out and be provided with the great opportunity of demonstrating our technology to all who attend and being a part of the whole EduTech conference event.  

After being invited to speak at the event, skignz managed to negotiate a reduced price of only £240 per delegate to attend the event. If you want to exhibit then we believe there is a very small number of spaces left.

At the two day event, there will be around 300 top end prominent delegates relating to Technology and Education within India. If you are from the Digital City Community who have an EduTech focus, then we believe that it would be a great opportunity for individuals/companies from the community to attend. 

It will provide you with an ideal networking opportunity, and allow you the chance to experience wisdom and enhance your own thoughts from each speaker at the event and all delegates, while getting to know about new technology and improvements along the way. 

If you would like to know more about FICCI then a good place to start would be http://

If you would like to know more about the EIC2015 event then please visit  

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Monday, 1 December 2014

skignz: 2014 - What a year!

2014 has been a pretty interesting year for skignz so we thought we would like to have a little look back over our time to remember some of the great moments we had!


January saw skignz providing seminars to Teesside University students about the technology available to them personally and on campus. This was a great opportunity for skignz as we got to inform our target audience just how great the technology is that is available to them. This for skignz went great and we saw our user database rise within a matter of weeks.


In February we started our next stage of development with Teesside University, which was really good for us as we had a lot of great plans that we had discussed to implement!

With starting our next stage of development with Teesside University, we also started to shoot promotion videos for other Universities! We wanted to make the skignz technology available to all universities possible which is still undergoing as we speak!

As skignz had an aim to make the technology available to all universities possible, we though where better to start than China! One of the world’s largest countries for population and universities! So we decided to hire a new Intern Katherine Kui, who was from China originally herself so that she could work on the social media channels for China and to start generating interest over there!

skignz can also proudly say that we got nominated this month for the environmental category at the Best New Business Awards! We came runner up in this however we hope to be the WINNER of the next awards so keep an eye out and wish us luck!

We also this month started to do preparation for the Motor Expo event which we enjoyed creating some great footage and images.


This month skignz got shortlisted for another great awards at the North East Business Awards. We got shortlisted for the innovation category and came runner up again also! This was still great for us but we are still hoping to make it winner again in these awards next year!

skignz also this month had our first meeting of many with Facebook!
March also saw skignz engage with a great online marketing company Get Me Media! Which allowed skignz to be noticed by many others and widen our recognition.  We got invited to exhibition events and hopefully more future opportunities to allow skignz to meet more of the best companies around!


At the beginning of April, we launched our April fools to all of our followers. This got a great response for skignz as it fooled a lot of people! We told them that we had secured a contract with Nasa to which people were phoning us up and contacting us to congratulate us on the best news they heard! What a great April fools!

In April skignz also attended the Silicon Valley Banking networking event down in London. This allowed us to meet some of the best people and liaise with some great companies that we wish to plan future work with!

skignz also spent some time down in London this month again as our CMO was down filming some production shots for the company at some of the great views around!


May was a great but sad time for skignz as it saw our Film and Media Producer Glen College be offered the chance to go and work in the Falklands for a year for FITV! Now we of course ensured him that it was a great opportunity and that he had to go for it and could not turn it down! However we did assure him that he would always have a place at skignz!

During May, we also began to do work with the great Silicon Valley Banking account corporate team! We agreed a partnership deal with them which meant for skignz it was a big push in the right direction!

skignz also this month needed a new Film and Media producer to replace Glen who was off on his new journeys to the great Falkland Islands!


After interviewing a lot of people in May to join skignz, we decided on our finalist for the position! Sarah Spowart was the new member to the skignz team! She was very happy to become the new Film and Media producer and to help skignz along with the future success.  

During June skignz also delivered the first of many pilots to Motor Expo in Canary Warf. We hoped this was the start of something good for us … keep watching this space.

The CMO also attended the Good wood Festival of Speed this month.

Finally a big thing to happen during June was skignz launched ‘make your own image of skignz’. This was very fun and interesting and opened up a lot of future possibilities for skignz as it could now be more personal to anyone working with skignz. The team also had a lot of fun playing about with creating their own skignz as you can see from the images.


The beginning of July allowed skignz to provide a great opportunity for students! skignz got asked to deliver a tutorial of skignz to a group of African students who were visiting for a couple of weeks at Teesside University. Members of the team got to work with the students, provide presentations to them and help guide them around Teesside University and Middlesbrough through using skignz on a small orientation activity. The experience was a great time and the feedback received from the students was the best we heard. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing and had been introduced too!

July also allowed skignz to create new engagements with different school within Teesside University!

During July, skignz also got tested abroad through one of our team members going away to Spain, she used it to help her find where she needed to be and find her friends. 

This was a huge success and shows skignz can be used in any location and just how useful it is!

Towards the end of July skignz got the chance to go and be tested at the Common Wealth Games in Glasgow! This was a great opportunity for skignz as it allowed others to see that it can be used for great causes and events and that the opportunities it can provide at each event is spectacular.


During August, skignz got the chance to have an initial meeting with a Global Bank about race days, sponsorships, appointments and marketing to see how skignz can help assist with any of these. skignz wants to further the business and make it very global and we hope this is just the beginning!

As you noticed earlier in the year we started to work with an on-line marketing/advertising company Get Me Media. Well this month skignz got the chance to go with Get Me Media to the races. Now as fun as this day was out, it meant that skignz got to showcase the technology to some new businesses and also show people just how good it is and impress them just a little…!

August was also a great month for skignz as it allowed us to give our live demo of skignz to the Jockey Club. One of skignz big ambition as you know is to work with all live events around the world, and what better way to do this than to work on all race days around the world. New technology is advancing all the time, so skignz believes it would be a huge benefit to every race day.


September saw a really busy month for skignz. It started off with the launch of our Kickstarter campaign which was a massive important task to skignz this month. We had launched Kickstarter to help raise funds towards the business so that we could further what we do and improve it for all our users. 

However this didn't go as well as we thought so we decided to cancel the campaign and re think it to make it much better with a re-launch next year. We were entirely grateful for all those who had already supported us!

skignz also this month we have written eight different patents for skignz technology ready to go to the next stage of making sure the IP behind skignz remains ours.

skignz was also down London again this month as we have been looking into working with some leading global brands. We have provided Diageo with demonstration through a Pilot Project where branded skignz are placed above over 100 London pubs this month to allow the Diageo team and its partners to understand more about skignz, how it works and how its relevant to them, their particular Diageo brand and the possibilities it creates for engaging customers and providing a unique brand experience.

Also during September, BETA had carried out testing on skignz new 3D models. Yes that’s right, we are in the current process of launching 3D models to which users will be able to interact with if they choose. From launching out 3D models we are now looking at doing some great work with something very interesting …

skignz also got to deliver in the ASI conference in America this year which was really great for us. We got to inform a whole lot of people and businesses about skignz and what it does and how we can help them and their businesses.

As part of skignz mission to work with big brands, this month we went live on Apple, Facebook and Google headquarters campuses! If you would like to see these then you can still, plus you can also read about it here

If you are an employee of Apple, Google or Facebook then do check your headquarters campus now!


October was very exciting for skignz as we managed to agree a deal with CHIME PLC. This means a strategic partnership over the 5 years to deliver the skignz technology in to pretty much every major global sporting event. skignz is very excited to get going and we hope it brings a range of new opportunities for both CHIME and skignz!

skignz also this month had a lot of interest with Scotland, Ireland and a  group of Serbian Universities. This work is still in the early stages so hopefully when we find out more we will be sure to let you know through our social media how everything goes.


During November skignz found out that we had been short-listed for the Best New Business Awards for the Marketing Category. We are very pleased to have been nominated again and hope this time that we managed to win! Cross your fingers for us and wish us luck!

Also this month skignz were confirmed as part of the NE England delegation that is visiting Boston, MA, in the US to meet with a range of tech companies, agencies, VC's and potential tech partners including Microsoft who are hosting part of the event alongside UKTi (UK Trade & Investment), NECC  (North East Chamber of Commerce) and BABCNE (British American Business Council New England.


The 1st week of December will be all about establishing relationships in Boston MA, between skignz and a select number of companies and organisations. The visit will also include meetings with VC's, British Consulate and attending the BABCNE Annual Christmas Luncheon at The Harvard Club

Following immediately after the Boston trip skignz are very privileged to not only attend Most Contagious this year in London but also exhibit and demonstrate the skignz technology to everyone there. 

This quite clearly is still to happen, so when it does we will update you all straight away on how the event goes and hopefully what the great outcomes of it will be through our usual social media channels.

If you enjoyed reading what a great year skignz had then wait till you see what next year brings. 

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Which global tech companies could partner with skignz?

At skignz we always think of how we can assist others and how we can create new developments through skignz. Well by having a think we decided that we could work with a lot of technology partners.  

Creating a joint venture between two firms can have a lot of benefits to both sides. It can double the amount of engagement with customers and audience and create more attention to the new joint business venture created.

A few benefits of creating a joint venture are: 

- It can allow your business to grow further and faster
- It can increase productivity whilst generating greater profits for each
- It allows open access to new markets
- It allows greater access to resources such as staff, technology and finance.

There are a lot more benefits to creating joint ventures however let us now give you a few examples of companies we have been considering who skignz could create a joint venture with and show the benefits as to how it could benefit them through partnering with skignz

1. Googleskignz has had some great ideas about how we could work with Google Maps. Every pin on a Google map could be turned into a skign. It wouldn't just be something more attractive to look at it would mean that there is more for people to interact with through augmented reality. We could augment the planet overnight.

2. Apple – The past 10 – 15 years Apple under Steve Jobs have revolutionised many different markets with new ideas they have always brought about. However what could their next big idea be? We think that the next one could be ‘navigation without maps’. Brought to every Apple device people could navigate through skignz via Apple. 
Have you also read out blog post article on Apple post Steve Jobs?

3. Facebook – Think of your Facebook profile but in a skign above your head … like the sound of that? However only your friends can still see it who you allow just as your profile is online. You can interact in a different way no matter where you are. You can use it to find your friends at a concert or festival, allow you to let them know where a party is at and help them find where you are. 

4. Twitter – How great would it be to pull your tweets into a skignz above your head that only your followers can see? You can use the skign to interact with all live conversations going on around you. 

5. LinkedIn – Similar to Facebook you could pull your LinkedIn profile into a skign above your head. However this could be used using your professional/work based networking profile that only your own personal network could see – just as they see your profile online. You can use it to engage with different people at business networking events or even so companies could use it to help guests attending corporate events. 

6. – Do you find online dating a task or a bit of a long process? Well skignz could make it that little bit easier for you. Have you ever tried talking to someone but you can tell that they clearly are not a match for you? If skignz were to partner with it could allow users to pull their dating profile into a skign above their heads. Now how would this help you … well when you are close to others who are a match – say around 85% or above then skignz will provide you with an alert. This way you cannot only know there is a potential match close by to you, you can know who it is exactly and if they press accept then you can go straight over and introduce yourself. Speed up the long wait of online dating and get to know that person sooner rather than later. 

7. Microsoft – Through working on their cloud platform and Founder Bill Gates having a big passion for helping those less fortunate, skignz could team up with big data and charities to help manage and monitor all of their assets across their world countries or those that require disaster relief. As skignz is Carbon neutral and does not affect the environment, it can be used to help many good causes.

8. Military & Governments - Again as it is Microsoft, this is a secure way to track assets, reduces chances of friendly fire, monitor targets and more but all in a visual way. Take existing data and visually tag what you want to see, when and anywhere you wish on the planet.

9. Ciscoskignz creating a joint venture with Cisco would open up a lot of opportunities to themselves. skignz could help to visually tag their equipment when installed into large infrastructure projects. It would allow a platform to be created allowing technology to provide a pre hand viewing process before any agreed projects. 

10. Garmin/TOM TOMskignz would take TOM TOM into the new age through using augmented reality. What better way to update the navigation system than through skignz allowing users to view a more attractive and easier straight head on mapping system through their satellite navigation systems and mobile devices (if integrated). Through using the skignz platform satellite navigation would be overlaid on real landscape rather than a computer generated one. It would bring real life navigation to you through your satellite navigation system.  

11. Amazon – Through joining together Amazon and skignz, we could bring a whole new tracking system to amazon themselves. skignz would be able to track Amazon’s drones and keep track of their customer orders, knowing where they are and when to then being able to keep the customer updated accurately. Its beneficial for Amazon themselves to be able to track their drones through an easier augmented reality system and beneficial to the customers themselves proving improved customer service to Amazon’s loyal people! 

12. Zoopla/Rightmove – Working with Zoopla/Rightmove skignz could help them to create a new way of promoting and advertising their available properties in a more easy, fun and convenient way. Through augmented reality, people in search of a house can go onto the skignz/Zoopla/Rightmove app and scan across houses in an area to see easily through their mobile device which are available and how much for. It allows a simpler and quicker form of contact between the company and the customer and speeds up the process of house hunting.

There are a lot more technology partners that skignz could create a joint venture with however we did want to give you just a few examples of how good the technology could become for skignz and other companies to work together to help create the next generation of technology!

What do you think of our ideas? Please feel free to leave you comments below. 

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Retro Gaming - Past, Present to the Future

It is amazing just how much technology is advancing each day and what new investments we are informed of each day.

However it is even better when games that were played 20-30 years ago and even now ones we have to play in arcades, are being brought to us for free through the comfort of our own homes through our very own computers or on our mobile devices.

Do you remember playing some of these games years ago?

- Pac Man
-       Jet Set Willy

- Super Rider
-       Manic Miner

- Space Attack
-       Mario Brothers
- Survival 
- Space Cruiser
-       Daley Thompson's Decathlon
-       Outrun

That’s just a few of the many we used to have a lot of enjoyable moments and memories on. The loading screens of games, turning tapes over or inserting multiple discs just to be able to play the game! Waiting time of 20-30 mins just to play Jet Set Willy or Manic Miner.

Although the graphics are on a different plain these days, the nostalgia surrounding playing the games of your youth still make them engaging and quite addictive. That said not having to plug in your Quickshot II into your Spectrum 48k (with rubber keys) through a Kempston Interface and your old tape player so you can play Daley Thompsons Decathlon does have its advantages.

But will the Iphone/Android handsets break as quickly as your Quickshot II even on rapid fire or will you wear the screen out like you did during the hurdles by pressing  'N & M keys' with 'Symbol shift' to hurdle.

But we wonder now, when these games were out we had to buy the game to be able to play it, nothing was made free and available to us that easy. As those games drone out new ones become about.

Now with the advancement we have different gaming technology devices we use to play games on, although these don’t come free either. There is now a lot of different devices such as Xbox, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, and Nintendo DS and so on. 

Not mentioning the thousands of games made available to purchase (usually at a costly price) to play on these devices. 

Although now we look at how these retro games have been made available to us for free to be able to play through our computer, is this now an industry within its own right? 

With the technology now available to us, to be able to play these 'old skool' games on our mobile devices and smart phones. it begs the question if these games are being made available for free, games recently launched which you have to purchase to play, will it take 20-30 years for these games to be made available for free?

Will all games be free in different formats for people to use?

It makes us think what the future of gaming will be like? It is always evolving, changing and constantly exceed what went before. 

Will all gaming platforms become as one or will it be kept separate with the advancements of gaming being developed to where they can be charged at a significantly lower price. 

Or will gaming become so popular that it will always be free to download and use, but the revenues are created through in game purchases and real time virtual advertising like in 2nd Life!

skignz hopes to introduce something fresh new to the Games industry in 2015, suffice to say we hope it will open up a whole new area for games developers to explore... We will let you know more in due course!

What do you think the future will be like for the gaming industry? 

For further information on retro gaming then please visit this website: 

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skignz: In Boston MA, USA

By the time you read this our Co-Founder & CMO will be showcasing skignz to a range of esteemed audiences in Boston Massachusetts, US.

The trip organised through UKTi  and the British American Business Council of New England (BABCNE) is a great opportunity for skignz to demonstrate its technology to a range of audiences.

skignz is looking to establish a number of relationships through this trip that will ultimately help with skignz rapid growth plans. These growth plans have gone into over drive of late due to a number of key projects being finalised. More on this soon.

Back to Boston, some people refer it to as a Mini New York but after many discussions and much reading it seems like an extremely interesting and cultural city. Big enough to be a city but not to big that you can't take in a lot during a short trip.

After doing further research, we came across various ways to describe Boston,

"Boston, first incorporated as a town in 1630, and as a city in 1822, is one of America's oldest cities, with a rich economic and social history. What began as a homesteading community eventually evolved into a center for social and political change. Boston has since become the economic and cultural hub of New England.

As the region's hub, Boston is home to over 617,000 residents, many institutions of higher education, some of the world's finest inpatient hospitals, and numerous cultural and professional sports organizations. 

Boston-based jobs, primarily within the finance, health care, educational, and service areas, numbered nearly 660,000 in 2002. Millions of people visit Boston to take in its historic neighbourhoods, attend cultural or sporting events and conduct business."

We hope to take in some of the history, cultural and sport that Boston has to offer. 

But its the Business where this trip is focussed and with major US & global brands such as Microsoft, Acacia Communications, Hubspot, Wayfair, BAE Systems, Lloyds Bank, Virgin Atlantic, Astra Zenica, British Airways all supporting BABCNE and its efforts to increase and develop trade between the two nations.

skignz is looking forward increased exposure int he North/East of the US after previous successes in Nevada, in Southern America (Brazil) and in Europe & the Middle East. Our Far eastern promise increases as our Kathryn (our born Chinese team member) makes progress with interpreting skignz's activity to the Chinese people.

Hopefully when Simon returns he will be able to update us all on a wonderful trip, the experiences and the wonderful people he has met....with Christmas just around the corner it could be 2015 before you hear those tales.

If you want to find out more about our progress in Boston please check out our social media channels as we will be posting pictures & updates during the trip.