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Thursday, 26 November 2015

RISE Manchester - Barclays/MMU AR Day

skignz were invited to speak at a recently held event in the Rise building on Deansgate in Manchester.  

The event was organised by Barclays and MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) to showcase the progress being made in Augmented Reality Technology, what sectors its being applied in and how?

The speakers ranged from University Professors & Doctors about their research, through to a few commercial applications and the leaders of those projects. 

skignz was one of the few totally 'commercial application' however it seemed skignz could cover just about ALL the areas the other speakers had, as well as proving and solving a few problems/issues that were raised prior to Si presenting.

skignz had been invited to speak, and Co-Founder & CMO Si Brown was excited about the opportunity. 

The presentation went really well, with gasps of approval from the audience as Si went through the possibilities of AR technology and more specifically our own skignz technology.

Throughout the day, the opportunities to showcase skignz on a one to one level were fulsome, and Si explained 
“It’s really important for skignz to be represented at these types of events.  Although smaller in their size than some of the others, they are just as important and worthwhile to the team here at skignz.

Especially as it gives those involved in Augmented Reality from Commercial, Educational and Research areas, the opportunity to meet up discuss progress, current issues and future potential all for the mutual benefit."

Later Si was invited to take part in a 'panel discussion' accompanied by a representative from the tech team from Barclays and two Academics from MMU. 

It proved to be a lively debate with many questions being posed by the audience, bringing conflicting opinions in part mainly around the difference between the commercial sector and the world of academia. 

However there was quite a unified opinion on the immediate and long term futures of AR. All agreed it would be more beneficial working together, but the mechanics of how that would work would need to be overcome.

The real issue, being around whether the Universities and Academics could respond and work at the pace that the commercial/private companies required in order to maintain momentum and stay at the forefront of AR technology marketplace.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015


The long trip from London to Manchester seemed to be longer than usual, with the weather affecting train services.  

Being greeted by the rain in Manchester is becoming commonplace, but skignz were there to attend the TECHSTARS Northern Finals Awards evening.
Si Brown (Co-Founder & CMO of skignz) was ‘pitching’ at the event.  

A 3 minute slot in which to deliver a presentation to a panel of judges isn’t a long time, but enough to showcase our technology.

As we have come to expect, Si was relaxed and articulate throughout his 3 minutes, giving a great account of the skignz technology and answering questions at the end from the panel of 4 Judges.

The evening was a great event, with time for networking and making some really positive contacts.  

In the end though, skignz were not chosen as one of the winners. 

“You can’t win them all, and the standard of participants this year was extremely high, so congratulations to each and every one of them” said an upbeat Si as the evening drew to a close.

The awards evening was held at the awesome and funky offices of UK Fast. Fantastic location hosted by a great group of people. Big thanks to them for hosting us.
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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

WIRED Retail - What's the future of AR in Retail?

skignz were in London this week to start a busy week of events and speak at the prestigious WIRED Retail Conference 2015.

Co-Founder & CMO of skignz, Si Brown was asked to speak about 'What's the future of Augmented Reality in Retail" at the event and gladly accepted.
The Event was attended by all sorts of retail brands, from supermarket chains and Global Tech Agencies to E-Commerce Platforms and Global Retailers, and was held at the beautiful St. Pancras Hotel.

Steeped in History and standing aside the famous Train Station, the hotel was an excellent place for skignz to showcase our technology.
Si gave a rousing speech, talking to attendees about the different uses of skignz, and how it could be integrated into the future of retail.

Attendees furiously made notes as Si went through the capabilities of AR technology, beyond using it as a gimmick or marketing tool with a range of interesting yet practical/useful ways in which AR can have a huge impact on retail, then ending his presentation with a 'Live Demo' to wow the crowd!

“It’s always nice to be asked to speak at events, but the organisation and professionalism of the WIRED Events is well known, so I couldn’t refuse” Said Si.

Si actually got to sit on the stairs made famous probably for many famous people walking up and down them over the years but more recently the 1990's Girls Group, the Spice Girls filmed their debut Music Video for Wannabe on these very stairs... Ziga Ziga Ziga Zig Ahhh

He went on to say: “The Interest in skignz throughout the day was superb, we couldn’t of asked for a better response really.  Also, it’s always really powerful to show people the skignz technology in action, so to get through the live demo without a hitch was great news!” 

Head of DV Partnerships, Jamie Clarke, was also in attendance and supporting the preparation for the speech.
He said “The attendees were encapsulated by Si’s speech, and spent an awful lot of time afterwards, at our event stand, understanding our tech and talking through some ideas.  It was a really productive day for skignz

For Further information on WIRED, please visit: 

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Friday, 27 March 2015

skignz: Pitch@Palace 3.0

skignz won through to this years final of pitch@palace where we were given the opportunity to present to a very esteemed audience of 500+ dignitaries 

This marvellous opportunity came about when the fantastic Ken Valliday at Tech2brand and AdTech_London nominated skignz for Pitch@Palace 3.0 (P@P)

skignz was shortlisted from the original 150 applicants to attend a bootcamp of 42 tech companies presenting for the opportunity to Pitch@Palace.


The bootcamp was held at WAYRA, Telefonica's Accelerator based in Fitzrovia London on Thursday 12th March 2015.

The environment that WAYRA is providing to help start up companies is an awesome eclectic space where people can come together, work privately but also have a central London address that showcases them in the best light.

Boot Camp Video: -

Each of the 45 teams were given 3 mins to pitch with only 1 slide on the screen behind them to support their presentation. With mentors on hand and various presentations from previous winners such as Squirrel and Industry leaders like Jess Butcher, CMO & Co-Founder of Blippar through to engaging exercises with Nottingham University's Business School.

skignz 1 min Video: -

The day and we suppose the whole opportunity of P@P is not complete without HRH The Duke of York, who spoke very candidly on why he created P@P? 

What he wanted it to achieve and that the key was not in winning (which we all now is the aim of all competitions); but the key was getting the opportunity to present your brand and what you do to a very high level audience at St James Palace on Monday 23rd March 2015.

With the pitching companies split up into groups for Arts & Design, AdTech (skignz's category), EdTech, EntTech and Retail Tech. Each group was assigned a range of mentors who they could talk to prior to the actual pitching after lunch.

All of the participants, mentors and other guests were given the opportunity to vote and feedback on each of the pitches.

All this prior to the judges lead by HRH deliberating on who they felt was the top 14/15 companies to proceed to the final of P@P.

When the results were read out (in no particular order) skignz was No.13 of the 14 names read out that had been successful.

skignz was through to the Palace!


This was held at the very beautiful and regal St James Palace, London on Monday 23rd March 2015.

The format was the same with the 14 companies only allowed 3 mins and one slide for their pitch. There was a number of wonderful prizes on offer for the overall winner and two runners up.

In addition a 'Peoples Choice' award ran right up till 5pm on the day of the final and all 45 boot camp companies were included in this, with votes being requested through social media.

As you can imagine the surroundings were very impressive, the whole ceremonial and regal feel was everywhere, bit 

We are sure a lot of people who pitched and attended felt the value of the whole event came from the People 'in the room'

HRH has clearly has one of the most amazing 'roleadex of contacts' in the business world.

With these type of connections, even making a couple of introductions is incredible for any business but to put on an event, showcasing a range of companies is beyond comprehension to 'probably' all of the companies who entered.

With an audience that included, Princes's & Sheiks from Saudi Arabia & The Emirates, to some of the most senior people in Facebook and Vodafone; right through to a range of VC's and Tech Investors. 

The opportunities to network were second to none and provided all who attended the platform to be able to speak to people who you could spend a lifetime trying to get in front of and they are coming up to to you and asking more about what you do. 

A very humbling and rewarding experience certainly for us.

skignz was delighted to meet a lot of people and especially some of the other companies who were pitching alongside us. 

It was especially awesome to meet Jessica & Lara (Immerse Learning -, Sean & Leona (PlotBox - and Georgina (truRating -

As well as all the wonderful people we met, skignz also had our Deb McGargle (Particular - who leads our awesome legal team. 

Deb in her 'particular' style worked the room and provided skignz with a range of additional people we can speak to through her networking prowess! 
Thanks again Deb xx

The worthy winners of Pitch@Palace 3.0 were

 - Jukebox - Overall Winner
 - Grabble - Runner Up
 - OpenDesk - Runner Up
 - Team Turquoise - Peoples Choice Award

So although skignz did not win, the benefits of the exposure of skignz not to the audience in the room, the other contestants but also over social media and beyond is immeasurable.

skignz are delighted to say that we have already engaged with a range of the the companies who pitched alongside us to see if we can work with them as well as a range of VC's, Investors and Global Brands. 

We will update you on our progress as and when it happens...

Finally we would just like to the thank HRH The Duke of York and his wonderful team for everything they have done surrounding this event, at the event and boot camp. 

Also HRH, for missing his daughter Princess Eugene's birthday although the audience did surprise her with a cool video link up over Face Time.

We really hope going forward we can provide them with success stories born out of this event. if not then we can at least acknowledge the part they have played in skignz progress and we do hope will continue to stay engaged with us as we seek global domination with skignz.

If you would like to know more about Pitch@Palace then please visit their website:

As always if you wish to find out more about skignz, then please either visit our website or check us out on our various social media channels.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

skignz presents at ValleyWood

Earlier this month skignz was given the opportunity to present to a range of brands from across the world at ValleyWood in London, UK

ValleyWood is a 3 day event bringing together the various clients and partners of SMG (Starcom MediaVest Group). Staged in London at The Trampery, Old Street, Shoreditch.
Pace + Purpose Image

Valleywood 2015 was held between 18th-20th March 2015. 

Speakers from brands such as SKY, Acxiom, Starcom Mediavest, Cineworld, Facebook, LinkedIn, Freemantle Media, Universal Pictures, YouTube, Novartis, Yahoo, Bauer Media and a range of other brands... including skignz! Yea!

Many other global brands were present in the audience picking up tips, ideas and knowledge from the awesome array of speakers.

skignz provided a presentation based around our technology platform and how it can help brands, regardless of their chosen audiences. 

We demonstrated that regardless of their sector, skignz can enhance who they communicate with customers in a way that's fresh new and innovative.

The Trampery, Old St - Drugstore Photo of Main Entrance
              Trampery Brand Logo

The fully customisable skignz Technology Platform allows brands from any level of Car Maker, through to Cosmetics Companies, across to Airlines and Soft Drink companies.

SMG skignz image
There was a lively discussion afterwards in the Q&A session with many brands asking for more specific examples of the flexibility skignz provides, the Eco-Credentials, Multi Lingual options and the global & brand scalability benefits.

A few brands asked how skignz could be used in marketing and communication campaigns either as a marketing channel or as a whole campaign centred around the skignz tech. Yet one or two brands were looking into how skignz could help them deliver services in a whole new way.

Further conversations after our presentations suggested that one or two of the global brands present saw the skignz technology itself becoming a fundamental offering in their current repertoire of options for their customers. 

One key thing for them was being able to access digital content in an innovative way that is both mobile and scalable yet can be integrated at many different levels of their brand, product and/or service.

Inside the Trampery Photo

All in all and exciting day with no less than 5 follow u meetings with brands about specific projects.

We would like to thank SMG for the opportunity and look forward to working with more of their brands on some really interesting briefs.

Inside the Trampery - Seating Area Photo

For more information on Valleywood 2015 take a look at the event website

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