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Saturday, 1 November 2014

From Captain Cook to skignz

Are you a little inquisitive by the title? Well…

Captain Cook was an 18th Century explorer and navigator whose achievements in mapping the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia; radically changed western perceptions of world geography. From Middlesbrough, UK. Captain James Cook wanted to explore the world mainly the south pacific. 

During the Seven Years War, Cook became quite the craftiest and the master himself in map making. After getting noticed by those high up in the navy, Cook had been set his main first objective to observe the planet Venus as it passed between the Earth and the Sun. 

Cook could always sail his way directly to a location he wanted to go. 

The method he was using to find longitude was the method of lunar distances or lunars. To facilitate the use of this method Cook had with him on his ship the Endeavour Nautical Almanacs, newly published by the Astronomer Royal Nevil Maskelyne. These almanacs listed the angular distance of bright stars from the edge of the Moon at various times at Greenwich.

Cook and subsequent navigators using this method measured the angular distance between a star and the Moon with a sextant together with the elevation of the star and the Moon above the horizon. What made the technique difficult to use was that calculation had to be used to make the measured distance comparable with the tabulated distances.

First the navigator had to make the obvious corrections for the distance between the edge of the Moon and its centre and for the zero or index error of the sextant. 

Then came the tedious business of ‘clearing the distance’, which was applying corrections for parallax, that is working out what the measured lunar distance would have been if made from the centre of the Earth and correcting for refraction, the shifts in the positions of the Moon and the star due to the bending of their light by the Earth’s atmosphere.

So how did we go from Capt. Cook to skignz…?

'skignz is the new way for you to navigate around. It helps you to find your way through following skignz you can view through your mobile device located in the sky. Your signs in the SKY!'

skignz (like captain cook) eliminates the need for maps and allows you to find where you’re going or where you wish to be through following skignz in the sky you can visualise through your mobile device.

The skignz do need to be pre-placed by yourself before you go to any journey, however it saves you the trouble of struggling to find where you’re heading and make your journey a whole load simpler and easier.

skignz do not only allow you to find where you need to be, they allow you also to find your friends if you lose them. With a simple skign pre-placed above your own head or a friends then the task of finding each other in a busy environment is simplified.

You yourself could travel the world, meet new people, learn new things and discover new places all through using skignz to direct you there. You will never get lost yourself, lose your friends and always know the places you need to be. 

So why don’t you be just like Captain Cook himself, follow in his footsteps and his passion for life. You can do all of this through skignz!

It is free to download and very simple to use. Once you become a expert at skignz you will see it is the best technology to use! 

For further information on Captain Cook's 1st voyage then you can find this out at

If you would like to know more about Captain Cook himself then a good place to start would the Wikipedia entry for him at:

If you would like to know more about skignz then please visit our website at and don't forget to check us out on a range of the popular Social Media Channels.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Have you ever got lost at a festival or concert?

The summer is rapidly approaching, the clocks have 'jumped forward' and we are now officially into 'British Summer Time' 2014.

The Famous Glastonbury Festival during the summer of 2013
You will hear the songs that define this year specifically for you, in your future memories. Years to come from now, you will hear a song/tune that will take you back to a specific time and place during the summer of 2014!

Many of you will get these memories from attending Festivals, Concerts, Live Events....

Let us set the scene....

You go to a festival this year and you have arrived after what for most is a long journey in a packed up the car/camper. You are shepherded into a farmers field to park your vehicle amongst the tens of thousands of others. 

Parking in farmers fields

Then comes the carrying of all of your kit, to where you pitch your tent or if your lucky enough a Yurt!

Or a Yurt? They all look the same!
Sea of tents! Which one is mine?
Skipping forward past putting up the tent and getting yourself settled in you grab a drink and go for a look around, find out what's going on and where?

You find a a stage with a artist playing you like and you settle in, relax with a drink to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the music.

Sound perfect? This to most is the usual journey each of the millions of people will make this summer to attend the wonderful festivals on offer.

Now you have sat and enjoyed this artist for a while and you fancy another drink or how about something to eat? 

Enjoying the music, the surroundings and the ambience!
Where are the refreshment stands? In fact where are the toilets as you don't fancy making two trips! As with the majority of people, finding the refreshments and toilets is one thing! But finding your way back to where your friends are! Now thats a whole new level of stress and hassle!

Going through your mind is no doubt a few or all of the following:

- How will you get back to where you where? 

- How do you find your friend(s)? The proverbial 'needle in a haystack'! 

Unless your friends are 9ft tall and everybody else is under 5ft tall, you are going to struggle! Add in the feeling you get after a couple of drinks and your orienteering skills are not the sharpest they have ever been!

Is there a solution? Other than carrying around a massive sign or a flag saying 'I am here!' 

What happens if everybody does the same thing, you are all right back to where you started, looking for a 'Needle in a Haystack' springs to mind.

The solutions has arrived and does not require you to carry anything more than what you walk around with in your pocket everyday - a smartphone or tablet.

Lets go back to the point where you're stood looking for the refreshments stand and toilets. Now open up your smartphone/tablet and click on the skignz App! 

Now 'Pan' your phone around as if you were videoing the crowd!

skignz: Increasing & Enghancing the Environment around you!
As you do this and as if by magic, little 'virtual signs' will appear above the toilets and the refreshment stand. Pan further to see who's coming on stage next? Use the pinch on your phone to Zoom in and out on each skign, press the skign on your screen, a short press activates some relevant content, a longer press reveals how far away that actual skign is located!

How about downloading a discounted album of the artist on stage right in that moment, press the 'album cover skign' above the stage and in one or two quick clicks and its delivered to your device - there and then!

So back to your little mission to get a drink and something to eat, visit the toilet while you are there. 

You have used skignz to find each of these locations. 

This type of skignz can been provided by the festivals producers or their sponsors to help you find your way around the festival and make your life easier, while enhancing the whole experience.

Where are my friends? Its like trying to find a 'Needle in a Haystack!'.
Now you have been to the toilet, bought your food and drink and you want to find your friends? 

This is where skignz really becomes your best buddy! 

Hold up the phone again and pan across the crowd and you will see 'skignz' above each of your friends heads! You will only see theres because like with other social media channels you are only linked to people you know or want linked to you!

Now if they have a great big skignz above their head - is that not the easiest way to find them EVER? Theirs and your personal skignz will have a picture of you, your name and a little comment - like a 'Tweet' or 'Facebook status update' on their skignz!

Not only can I find my friends, but also each one is personalised to them!

We at skignz though want to make finding ANYTHING! Easier...! 

So we have included in the free to download App, the ability to 'drop a skignz or arrow' over your car (remember the thing you arrived in and parked in a sea of cars in a farmers field a few hours earlier - you will need that to get home!).

Also your FREE account will let you drop another one over your tent/yurt etc... (remember a few hours ago, after parking the car and carrying your backpack and tent, the thing you then spent an hour trying to build that only has 3 poles and a few pieces of canvas, but its your 'home' for the next few days!).

So now, not only do you know where you parked (ready for quick exit to beat the traffic), where your tent is? (so you can find it, in the middle of the night amongst the ocean of other temporary canvas structures) where the toilets showers and whose playing on what stage and at what time... download their music at offer price, right to you handset, even where the charging points are so your phone does not go dead! 

How much of an improved festival experience is that?

Festivals, Concerts and Live events are the easiest place in the world to get lost & lose your friends!
You dont have to worry about getting lost, finding anywhere specific, losing your friends? skignz is not only helpful, insightful and interactive, is also great as a safety device. 

Getting lost is a horrible feeling, losing your friends and wandering around aimlessly for hours is no fun, after all you came with your mates to have a good time - mostly together, because an experience shared, is so much more than one you experience on your own!

So why not download the skignz app if you are going to a festival, concert or other live event? Even if the venue has not heard about skignz or got their event environment skignzed up! 

Why only see this?
Get your copy of skignz now:

You can do it yourselves between you and your friends! even if you only use it to find each other when you get lost, find your tent or car! 

Surely thats gotta be worth 10 secs of your time download a simple little app that could be the coolest thing on your phone this summer! It certainly will be for those people when they get lost and they will!

Enjoy this summer, enjoy the festivals, concerts and other live events, but enjoy it more, knowing you have a little app on your phone that can help you navigate around a strange place, find your friends and find your transport home, cos if you don't find that, you won't get to go to anymore events this summer!
When you can see & experience this...!

Bring on the summer of 2014 - When you hear the new Calvin Harris song 'Summer' and you and your friends have all downloaded skignz to see what its like?

We are sure from now on you will remember the summer of 2014 as the 1st year that you used skignz!

Get your copy of skignz now:

Sunday, 30 March 2014

It’s all about the Universities!

It really is all about the Universities at the moment. Come this September so many students are going to be starting University, some for their first time which will be a big daunting moment for them! 

Campus's during Freshers in September
When student arrive at their chosen University they are going to have expectation of what they think it is going to be like and what it actually is like.

It is the best time of their lives so what they want is an experience they will feel comfortable in straight away and a experience they will never forget! They will meet a whole load of new friends and people at University and begin the career of their lifetime.

So really when we think about it Universities have a lot of pressure on them to meet their student expectations.

They try to provide a lot when it comes to open days and campus tours, so when the students actually arrive at their chosen University they will have even more expectations to meet to give the best experience they are paying for. 

This September Universities are going to have to induct sessions to the students on their life there and help orientate them around the campus. Now they make think that they do this well but do students really remember that soon? No they don’t because it is so big and they will not get the hang of it for quite a while. I know I didn’t when I went; I was in my second year and still got lost when I got told to go to different buildings and rooms. I don’t think you ever really anyway fully understand every place, building and room on the campus!

Welcome to Freshers
 However that isn’t the only problem when it comes to starting University. If you are coming from a new place or even on your own then you won’t know anyone. Making friends for some people can be a real challenge and they won’t know what to do half of the time. It doesn’t always come naturally, some people may find it hard to approach and talk to others and may be a little bit shyer that others expect.

Do the Universities help with this as you expect? Well yeah they put fresher’s events on but that is only for two weeks, it may take someone a little bit longer but not to worry because it isn’t as hard as some of you may think to make friends. There are a lot of ways out there to do that so don’t make it one of your biggest worries when starting University for the first time.

Finding your away around  your new campus is difficult!
 There are other key issues that become top of the list before starting besides getting to know the campus and making friends.

When you start, you start alone so need to know how to manage your own life. There are your finances to manage yourself, know what to spend and what not to spend.

Then there’s the new environment that you’re going to, you will need to get to know your surroundings. Then it is safety.

You need to make sure that where you are you feel safe and that you know where you’re going at all times so that you don’t get lost. 

Settling in comfortably in a new place may take a while, could take a month or longer it depends on the person you may be and how the University does help you.

skignz postcard!
Who can you rely on to show you round a new & strange place?
So that takes me onto the actual main point. Does the University help you like you expect. Do you they meet your expectations, exceeding them or not coming close?

Well then skignz is for you.

Now Skignz may be new to you and you probably won’t pronounce it correctly as most people don’t (if you wish to then pronounce it like sky-nz).

It is much easier to say it that way when you see it spelt different; however for the companies purpose it is spelt skignz.
Let me just tell you a bit about skignz then I will let you know how it has already helped a University solves their problems of meeting student’s expectations then we will inform you how it can help you.

skignz is a new app designed to help anyone navigate around. It allows you or other to set up skignz, which are ‘signs in the sky’ so that you and others can see where each of you individually wants to be heading. You can view these skignz through your mobile device.

Each person has their own account so that you can personalise it and tailor it to your needs.

You can make friends on it and get to know other by adding them and then having some fun.

It is free to download from iTunes and Google Play, so give it a download and give it a go. We believe skignz is the next big thing – for everything.

We have already opened an office in Las Vegas and have big future plans.

But you can read more on that and what else Skignz has done on our blogger, otherwise I will be talking for ages and distract you from the point I’m getting to!

Have you discovered skignz yet?
Now Skignz has already helped Teesside University solve their problems of meeting their student’s expectation.

When students arrive at Teesside they were in a new place and needed help with finding their way around campus, making new friends, accommodation, location area and safety. 

skignz has set up signs around Teesside campus above each building, food facilities, toilets, car parks, accommodations and more tailoring to students and the University needs.

So that now when student arrive at Teesside University campus, they are able to find their way around without getting lost. Students can also download the skignz app and set up their individual skignz to help other students find them and become friends with each other. Teesside University doesn’t have to worry about not meeting their student needs, as skignz have helped them with this.

So how will it help you as a student and your individual needs. skignz will allow you to interact with other and find out where people are.

If students decide to make their skignz public then they for example could set one up above their student flat saying ‘party here’ or ‘all students welcome for a meet’, then that way it makes it easier for student to make friends.

You also don’t have to worry about not knowing where you need to be on campus. There will always be a skignz set up for you so that you can easily find where you need to be, just follow in the direction of the sign you see through your mobile device. Before arriving at University and deciding where you wish to stay, go and search for accommodation where they skignz are set up at.

You will easily be able to find your way to them and not get lost each time leaving from a lecture or from a night out.

Last of all it provides you with a sense of belonging and safety no matter where you are going. Belonging and safety when coming to University are big needs that you need to feel 100% sure on.

When you arrive at your new place you don’t know your local area or where to go, well you can easily set up a skignz above the place you need to be or above your house so that no matter where you go you always know which direction to head in a reduce the risk of getting lost. It is the same around the campus.
This is the difference when using skignz on campus!

It is not nice getting lost or not feeling safe. Especially if you were alone on a dark night on campus and didn’t know your way back to you apartment, if you use skignz there is always one lit up through your phone for you to know where to be going.

You maye be a student, but even children can use skignz!
Now don’t just think skignz is just about navigation. It has been really useful so far for a lot of people and has a lot of fun within it. It is a new social network for you to be involved with and allow you to meet others.

You can use it if you are going for a night out to find other or to even set up an event that you wish everyone to attend. It is a great use at festivals especially in that massive crowd you don’t want to lose your friends.

Well we have a lot of blog posts on how you can use skignz and have some fun with it. You can just give them a read on our blog using the link above and I will repost one below for you.

Now I hope you can see just how useful skignz is at Universities. Universities are one of the main activities in a student’s life and they won’t always be able to tailor to your need.

They can’t be personal to you and always inform you where you need to go or where you need to be, and if they do it may not always be easy for you to understand.

skignz can solve this with Universities and already has with Teesside University. skignz is personal to you and can help you wherever you are!

Make sure that you download skignz and if you do go to Teesside University then be sure to use it while you are there or if you go to another University of your choice then why not tell them to get on board with skignz.

It is the next big thing for you!

Please check out our Facebook and Twitter page and have a read of our other blog posts. Also be sure to tell others about this and anyone you know!

Friday, 28 February 2014

skignz are changing University Campuses forever!

University campuses are changing every day. With the constant updates in technology it is essential that Universities make sure they adapt to that change to meet every need of their students and provide them with the best experience and education available. 

skignz can help speed up that change, as it can provide all services that a student needs for when they are at University and even beyond the campus. I will explain how skignz can help in more detail below.

Teesside University Main Campus
Let me just start off with informing you about the work that skignz has currently provided for Teesside University by working with them to adapt to the changing needs of the University campus and students themselves. skignz is a new way for students to navigate around campus. It is a free app that everyone can download to their mobile devices. 

skignz provides students with a lot less worry for when they arrive at Teesside University. Prior to coming they will download the app and ensure that everything is set up for when they arrive. To find where they need to be on campus they can simply navigate through loading up skignz on their phone and scanning the campus environment to see where the building is they need to locate. 

Teesside University Enhanced by skignz
It simply is a sign in the sky. Teesside University were the first to use skignz and have ensured that it is a huge benefit for everyone to the University; staff, students and visitors, providing them with the simplicity of being reassured when on the campus. 

No need to try and understand them maps anymore! Students can download the app as soon as they get the offer letter from their university.

Checkout this short video for you to see how skignz works:
Don't just take our word for it, here a few students tell us what they think about skignz being on the Teesside University Campus:

Abigail Allick - 2nd Year Degree Student
“I’m not very good at navigating myself around, especially if I don’t know the area”

“I find the app a lot more easier, like getting myself around Uni and different places where I actually am”
Timi Odeyemi – MA Student

“If you think about the fact that a lot of students come here relatively clueless, and you want to know where buildings are, you want to know what exactly is going on”
“To meet and discover, wow, this is being set up right here. It just sort of gave that potential, made it feel real, that certain things can be developed”

“It’s essentially like a visual google or something of the sort”
As you can see from above, students who have experienced skignz already on campus have said how much it really helps for people attending University.

“It’s essentially like a visual google or something of the sort”

Freshers at Teesside University
skignz has provided a new exciting, interesting and essential service to current and new students, including everyone at Teesside University. It is new technology developed and Teesside University have jumped right on board of taking advantage to be the first to use this, and they have done right to do so! The difference it has already made is fantastic.
So what are the benefits of skignz?
skignz has many benefits to what it provides. I could talk about them all and go into much detail; the possibilities of where it could go and what it could do are vast.

skignz provides a new way for 'EVERYONE' to navigate about. It doesn’t just have a certain place it can be used or a certain audience that can use it, it is for everyone. You no longer need to be lost. You no longer need to feel alone. You can now prepare and know where you are at all times. Plus it is not boring like looking and trying to read or understand a map. It is simply straight there on your device. It is always with you wherever you are. No need to go in search of a map or some form of location help.
Whats in it for you? The social side of skignz!
And there's more ... skignz is not just for navigating. It has a whole social side to it beyond University campus. It is the social element of taking skignz into other parts of your life. 

You can use it when you go shopping. Say you fancied going shopping in a new place you hadn’t been before, you can set up skignz before you go and easily locate the shops and where you need to be when you arrive. 

It saves you time from looking around and wasting valuable time what can be used to shop. You can find your car in a very busy car park. Most of us forget from time to time where we have parked, so simply set up a skignz above your car for when you having finished where you need to be and find where you have parked you will be able to see it through skignz on your mobile device. It can also be used when you are at concerts or festivals with your friends. 

Getting lost from your friends or group is very easy: going to the bar or to the toilet - how will you be sure to find them again in that huge crowd? Well, before you go to the festival you and your friends can each download skignz and set it up before you head off to your festival. Therefore when you arrive you will each already have skignz set up, so if you go to the bar and lose your friends, just load up skignz on your mobile, scan the crowd and there you will see a little sign just above your friend's head informing you of where they are.

Just like Timi Odeyemi – MA Student stated:
“Imagine going to somewhere like London or Tokyo and trying to meet someone or find jobs or anything. You could try to find bars, you could try to, well, meet people socially, that kind of thing. So, to me, I see the possibilities of this particular app to be, like, endless. It could be the next big thing, in my opinion”

skignz really is the next big thing. It has a lot of benefits for people who use it and can be used in any way you wish.
So what does skignz mean to student experience?

It provides new students who are coming to University a way to feel comforted and reassured that they are going to know where they are going when they arrive on campus. Everything will already be set up for them putting them at ease and giving them time to get used to the app. It is also available for them to download before they come to University prior to them receiving the offer letter.
TU Freshers understanding skignz!
They can also find it to find new friends. Such as students who may not be very good at making new friends, they can use it in a social way to talk to new people. They could set up a skignz for themselves to inform people that they are new, what course they are on or if anyone else is doing the same, going to the same lesson as them and so on. 

It provides a new way for them to interact with other students if they do not feel they are best at doing that.
It can help foreign students also who have mentioned to us that when they arrive on campus they are generally alone. This way they will be able to find each other and a new way to make friends who they feel comfortable with. It is not always easy for foreign students to make new friends as they have said before to the university.

Professor Eileen Martin (Deputy Vice Chancellor)
“It’s a really important tool when students first arrive on campus because it’s an easy navigation, as they are used to using mobile technologies. This is a really good addition”

As you can see above, Professor Eileen Martin of Teesside University stated that it is an important tool for when students first arrive on University campus, providing them with easy navigation to where they need to be.

Party Time with skignz at TU Students Union
skignz also provides students with excitement when they come to University. They can use skignz not only to find new friends but for nights out or if they wanted to interact with others to have some fun. 

It provides value in their learning ability as it will put them at ease to find other students who they can relate to and also to have some friends and fun for the nights out in the Student Union and around town. 

For example: if they were having a house party for new students then they could place a skignz above their house to let people know that’s where the party is or even to try a few places with new friends. If they were to go for food and a few drinks they could each set up skignz on their phone, plan out where they wish to go and then each find where they need to be.

Understanding skignz on Campus
It is a new town for some students arriving. They need to feel at home where they are and that they are well looked after by the University.
Professor Eileen Martin (Deputy Vice Chancellor)

“I guess it adds a USP (unique selling proposition/point). It brings some fun and excitement into the student experience as well”

“I think it’s a really exciting and also very innovative and creative development. And I think we’re only just starting to understand the potential and the very different ways in which we can use it, both across the social world of the student but also actually in terms of their learning as well”

skignz really is the new best piece of technology that University campuses can take on. It will provide a whole new outlook to students on University campus and improve their life in social and learning aspects. It will give the University a huge boost in providing good technology and keeping up to date in all the advancements. skignz can be used in any way anyone wishes. To sum it all up below is a short video for you to see.

skignz in a Nutshell -

Like Timi Odeyemi – MA Student says: It can be or will be…                “…the next big thing”

To find out more information on skignz then please see our websites and social media sites.


Friday, 7 February 2014

Navigation / Orientation / Induction: Scary 1st day!

For anyone the 1st day of a new job or starting a University course can be daunting. What if you are doing this in a new town or city, this goes from daunting to scary. How about coming from a different country? Speak a different language?

A whole new culture and experience awaits you! Your senses are 'through the roof', your usual creature comforts and habits don't apply here! This for all intents and purposes, may as well be the Moon or Mars that you have landed on?

Atmosphere, landscape, colours, smells everything is different and it's that way until you settle in! Big question is, how long will that take? What parts of your life, health and peace of mind will be effected in the meantime?

Today (7th February 2014) was induction day at Teesside University Business School for some of their courses. Most of the students who started University today instead of the usual September/October intake is because they are 'top-up' students who are continuing their education from their previous course, from wherever on the planet they previously studied and 'top-up' to gain a degree or to a masters degree at Teesside University.

Kamran Tanveer, is one of those students embarking on the final year of the BA (hons) Applied Accounting & Finance Degree at TUBS (Teesside University Business School). Kamran is from Pakistan and has not previously been to the North East of England let alone Teesside. During a brief discussion with him it's apparent he's keen to learn and get on with his course, but he has not much knowledge about how to find his way around the campus or how to find his way around the surrounding local area. Something he and his new colleagues are clearly daunted by!

Kamran Tanveer:
Induction Day using skignz!
As part of their orientation and induction for new students TUBS engaged with skignz to produce a 'treasure/scavenger hunt' using the skignz technology to take the students on a hunt around the campus and surrounding town centre to help them familiarise themselves with their brand new surroundings.

Each student download skignz onto their smart phone or mobile device, then they were asked to go out onto the campus and use skignz to find the first clue, which when they found it, not only gave them some important information on that specific location, but also gave them the clue to the next location.

To prove they had visited each location the students had to take a 'selfie photo' in front of the venue and pick up something (something physical, menu, what's on leaflet, etc..) from each specific location. Only by accessing each skignz at each location would they know what they had to get from each venue.

Kamran said: "skignz was really easy to use, helpful with information and that you can zoom in and out of clues, even swipe away content to see other skignz behind them. The whole experience really helped me not only find places that I will need to go to such as supermarkets and clothes shops; but also places I would like to go to such as the Cinema, Art Gallery and the Main Library.

skignz is informative, helpful and I will certainly be telling all of my friends about it! Even when I return home to Pakistan, it will be really useful in many ways back there."

Kiersten Avery, Assistant Dean, TUBS said: "We wanted to not only help the students settle in, find their way around campus, but also provide them with a whole new interactive experience. skignz provides us with something that no other University has and we are working with them to utilise the skignz technology in many different ways for the benefit of our students. 

Kiersten Avery: 
Assistant Dean, TUBS
The feedback so far has been incredible and gives us a whole different way in which to interact and communicate with our students. Due to this successful pilot of using the technology in this way, we aim to roll this out for all students for this years September induction and orientation events".

In 2014 many of the largest brands in the world are focusing on how they can improve user/consumer/customer experience rather than just try to advertise at them and push their products on to them.

Teesside University are leading the way by using skignz technology to improve the whole student experience on campus in a way that is helpful, insightful, interesting and provides the students with something they can take out into the real world and use, alongside their studies and learning.

skignz was co-founded by two local Middlesbrough guys Gary Baker and Si Brown, the latter an Alumni of Teesside, who gained both his undergraduate and postgraduate Master Degree at Teesside University. 

As part of the induction, Teesside are showing real life examples of how students have completed their course and apply that experiences and knowledge in the real world, this demonstrates to students about how important employability and gaining work experience is, alongside their studies and gaining a formal qualification at the University.

If you would like to learn about the courses on offer at TUBS please follow this link: Teesside University Business School

If you would like to learn a little more about how skignz can work on your University Campus(es) please take a look at this short film. 

This film was actually developed and produced by varying members of the skignz team, ALL of which are ex-graduates of Teesside University, having completed an internship or placement with the company. They are now in graduate positions working on projects for some of the worlds most popular brands.

If you are interested in how skignz can help your University please either email us on or call us on +44 (0) 845 058 0519.

Friday, 18 October 2013


Do you like to view different sceneries, different places or travel the world? If you do then skignz is definitely for you!

There are many amazing sights to see in the world in many different destinations. Some are easy to find as they are very popular and not located too far away. But what about those that are not located near, and are situated in a place that you have never been to before? 
You don’t really want to spend all your time looking for sights to see and missing out on other stuff you could be doing.
I go back a few years, when I was in college, I got the chance to go to Disneyland Paris. It was an exciting time as I had never been there before. I had never really travelled before so this was my first big place to travel to. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived there let alone know what I was going to be doing in a place as big as Disneyland.

When I arrived I didn’t know my way around. I had to go by signs and use a map to see where each part of it was and where I wanted to be without getting lost. Maps are a mess on half the time, I barely understand them now let alone back then. 
Eventually I would find my way to each part of Disneyland that I wanted to reach but it was not easy for me. I wished they’d had a different way that would have enabled me to find my way around without taking ages and causing me mass confusion.

What they needed was skignz. skignz replaces maps and can help you prepare before you set off on your travels, therefore you can plan what you want to see, where it is and how you are going to get there when you arrive. You simply find your destination on a map through skignz; place a skign above where you want to be, then plan your directions of how you’re going to get there when you arrive. 

You can then view this through your mobile or tablet device and only you or whoever else you wish can see this skign.

It will save you a lot of time when you arrive and you will be able to easily find where you want to be without a mess on. No more wasting time; you will be able to see many other sights and have a look around whilst you are there.


skignz can be used for anywhere that you wish to travel too. It is free to download and whilst using it you will also have a lot of fun along the way.

So, now make sure before you set off on your travels, whether it may be a short or long distance, you plan ahead using skignz and save yourself time, hassle and confusion!

Available to download from Google Play and ITunes.

Get your copy of skignz now: