Thursday, 19 September 2013

Summer Placement at skignz

I am currently a BA (hons) Business Management Marketing stream student returning to Teesside University to complete my third year. I’ve recently completed one year’s industrial placement followed by a summer placement with Skignz. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in both establishments and feel I have grown both professionally and personally from the opportunities and experience I have obtained.

Skignz has allowed me to utilize and expand my knowledge of social media management, market analysis, product development and events management. My role required me to be creative in the ways in which we target a segmented market. I have tailored social media platforms to appeal to both corporate and social users i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Flicker, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Stumble Upon Pinterest and Pearl Tree. Establishing a brand identity and driving user figures were the two main areas of focus when using social media.

I have contributed in creating the brand guidelines for skignz and worked on various promotional materials including an article to be published in Contagious. Attending strategic meetings with the managing directors allowed me to participate in the development of the company by providing valuable input as to how the product will be perceived and what was needed to meet consumer expectation. Liaising with clients such as Teesside University has allowed me to gain experience of client relationships and rapport building. I have carried out various events management tasks by organising and delivering events to correspond with skignz promotional activity. 

As my time with skignz draws to a close, I am grateful for the opportunities I have had and will apply the skills I have gained to both my educational and professional career. I am now excited to return to University as a placement ambassador. I hope to share my industrial experience and express the importance of gaining working experience to differentiate yourself from your peers. I feel strongly that placements put students in great stead when joining the employment ladder.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Freshers is just a stone throw away! Eeeeeeeek!

We all know how exciting it is to get back to University – I for one cannot wait!

Back to sports teams, back to banter with your uni mates, back to freedom from your mam n dad nagging 24/7! Not forgetting sharing summer stories and hitting freshers weeks big time!

For new students there really is nothing to be nervous about! Get out and meet new people. Freshers weeks are the best ways to get involved with sports clubs and societies. Make friends and enjoy the best 2 weeks of uni. I say the best - there’s still massive events like festive fling and final fling to look forward too, not forgetting club nights throughout the year!

skignz is soooooo excited for freshers; for you Teesside University students to discover the app we’re crazy about! We can’t wait to see skignz on nights out, above house parties, guiding your way around uni and used socially with your mates.

Find out what all the hype is about… Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages: #discoverskignz #skignz

Monday, 2 September 2013

Nervous about meeting new people? Don’t worry.

Coming to University and meeting new people is a huge daunting experience, especially if you are a shy person.

There are massive worries such as who will I get along with, will anyone talk to me, and are they nice? There are hundreds of questions you can ask yourself but the massive worry is if they will get answered.

There is many different ways at University as to how you can meet new people and make new friends.
Firstly there is accommodation. You cant always plan who your going to live with when it comes to student housing, but just think your not alone everyone else is in the same boat as you. You will always meet new people and chances are you will adapt to them straightaway with them being people who you are living with, you will soon feel comfier than what you expected.

Your course that you choose to do is also a massive help in you making new friends. During every different course your on there will always be a session to meet new people. You wont expect it, but even the person you may sit next to will become your friends. Eventually most people get to recognise one another, but you will make new friends from team building activities or working in a group with people. Soon you will create you own group of friends within your course.

When I started University I was dreading going in, but I did and on my first class activity we got put into small groups to do a task, from that I made my group of friends who three years later I am still close to now and will continue to be for many years.
I literally sat next to one girl, got talking to another in a group and then we got talking to two people behind us then later in another class got talking to another girl. Its weird how it happens but it just does and everyone just clicks. It will be one the best experiences you do in meeting new people and learning about them and where they are from.

Don’t let the worry about making new friends be a massive stress when coming to university. Just be yourself, you don’t even have to talk much just gradually become comfier slowly whatever is easy for you.

You will soon come to realise that you will have many groups of friends, even if you live at home, you will have your course friends, your friends you live with and even friends from any social or sport club societies you may join.

Everything will soon be easy and you will think back after a few year laughing at yourself when you first started. Hopefully you will make the best of friends and have an amazing time at University! 

Survive Fresher’s Weeks

We all know that fresher week’s is just non-stop partying for two weeks, can you cope?

Yes you can! Fresher will always be the best time of your life at University even when you’re going back into your second and third year. There will be so many different events on you will want to go to and attend with your new course friends or housemates, so you can do some drink bonding and get to know each other well, maybe a bit too much by the end of it but we all know that’s what drink does to you!

So that you can make sure you enjoy these two weeks with no worries, you need to make sure that you have planned ahead well and worked out all your finances so you don’t run short of cash for these crazy nights out.

Before you arrive to university you get confirmation of your student loans or what money your going to have to use throughout your first year at university.
Work out your bills first of all, what you’re going to need to pay and what food you’re going to need to survive. Once you have done all this you can put aside your money for fresher’s week!

After that you’re good, once you have enjoyed the best two weeks you can just see how you go afterwards. Maybe have a look around and get a job somewhere, there will be plenty going around the pubs and bars for students to keep you going extra money as well as what you have already got.

Fresher’s week has always got an event planned for every night of the two weeks. It is fun and exciting and is going to guarantee you many hangovers but surely you will be able to cope with this with being fresher’s, that’s what it is all about!

We at skignz hope you have the best time and make sure your getting way too drunk!