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Friday, 9 October 2015

Web Summit 2015 - skignz is Alpha Class

skignz is delight to be chosen as one of the 'Alpha Companies' for the up coming Web Summit in Dublin.

The Summit has grown from 400 attendees to over 30,000 from 110 different countries in 4 years and is seen as the premier events for the global tech industry.

Especially for Start-up's as the world's leading VC's (Venture Capitalists) come from all corners of the planet to check out the latest talent and look for the next 'big thing' or as they say in the tech industry the next big 'unicorn'.

skignz will take their place as one of the select Alpha companies. Last year Alpha companies raised over $1billion in investment capital within 9 months. 

uber raise over $24m in a pub in Temple Bar 4 years ago! So we are sure you will agree; this seems to be the right place for companies like skignz to showcase our technology to a very specific audience, representing the most successful VC's, tech companies and brands from across the world. 

As an Alpha company this allows skignz the opportunity to showcase their tech to the whole audience with a dedicated 'skignz stand T158' on the Tuesday 3rd November 2015.

skignz is looking to meet with interested parties around partnerships, Joint Ventures and future investment with a number of meetings already in place for each of these key focus areas.

The skignz team will include both founders, our new 'Strategic Board Advisor' and the recently appointed Head of Sports and Head of DV (Data Visualisation) Partnerships. The team have been preparing for over 2 months and are really looking forward to going.

We will be updating all of our social media channels on a regular basis as we have decided to use all the key locations (relating to Web Summit) across Dublin as the 'live demo' of skignz for all 30,000+ attendees.

Anyone attending should download the FREE skignz app on either IOS or Android so you don't miss out.

We will be announcing closer to the Web Summit a competition that will certainly capture people's imagination and engage everyone in a new and unique way, ultimately enhancing their overall visit to the Web Summit.

We have already been featured on the Web Summit blog, here are the links to the articles:

If you would like to visit us on Stand T158 at Web Summit, even set up an appointment, then please get in touch

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

skignz: Investment Secured

skignz are delighted to confirm that they we confirmed investment into the company in order to expedite our growth.

We have been working with Northstar Ventures, over the last few months to agree a package of investment that will allow skignz to increase its team, relocate to new premises and increase our activity with a range of clients who we are looking at considerably larger projects with.

Northstar Ventures Image

skignz is now embarking on a recruitment drive to secure a number of key members for their growing team, as well as investing significantly in its User Journey, UX Design, New Website, API and Agency Support Platform.

skignz logo image

The investment was welcomed by Co-Founder & CMO Si Brown said: 

"With this influx of investment it allows us to establish a firm foundation for growth, secure the Patents and rights to the skignz technology platform. Working with Northstar Ventures has also allowed us to measure our progress to date and establish firm goals for the Short, Medium and Long Term futures..."

skignz have been supported and advised by the Particular team and would like to thank them for their continued help and support, Awesome guys who have been invaluable not only through this process but over the last few years.

Particular Legal Logo Image

Further announcements on skignz growth will be made in due course.

If you would like to follow skignz's progress then please see our website at, read this blog, even sign up for our regular Newsletter. Also we are on most Social Media platforms.

if you are looking for investment at varying stages of your business growth then check out Northstar Ventures at

If you are a Start-up or small tech Company and are looking for proper support in both Business and legal advice then check our Particular at they have offices in both Newcastle and London, UK.