Wednesday, 16 November 2016

London Sport 2.0: Encouraging London to become more active

London Sport 2.0 is on a mission to make London a happier, healthier and stronger place through Sport. 

This was definitely a passion project for us, with our own former Pro/Semi-Pro footballers in Si Brown, Jamie Clarke & Alan Clayton, we were excited to join two of our life passions, technology and sport, together.

London Sport 2.0 are involved in numerous projects, activities and events to bring awareness to Londoners, in hope of encouraging 1,000,000 Londoners to be more active by 2020. It seems their first year is proving promising and they are definitely on track to achieving this result.

At skignz we love a new innovative project, that not only includes sports and technology, but pushes boundaries and encourages a change in people and society. 

So we were more than thrilled to work with Sport tech 2.0 in London on 15th November 2017. The digital revolution continues, at the IMAX in London, what a modern / fitting venue.

Si Brown, skignz Founder & CEO, was a guest speaker, amongst great speakers such as London & Partners, the Open Data Institute and Loughborough University

It was also exciting times for skignz as we were included in the Hub, an area which is designated to tech companies that are making waves in the sector and disrupting the norm. So this was an amazing opportunity for us to be part of something encouragingly progressive.

What a fabulous day with some terrific speakers and cracking companies. 
You can see the video here - LINK TO VIDEO HERE