Friday, 19 January 2018


skignz were invited to take part in the #GreatShowcase in Los Angeles at the Consulate Generals personal residence.

The GREAT Showcase was formulated by one of the US directors in the DiT a few years ago, to showcase everything that is great about Great Britain and doing business with the UK, to an invited VIP audience.

The GREAT campaign is spread across the whole world and is the UK’s brand for encouraging the rest of the world to engage and trade with the UK, this year's showcase included skignz and other brands such as Aston Martin, Jo Malone London, Mill Channel and many more.

skignz role in the #GREATshowcase came during the DiT Directors speech (immediately after the opening address by the new British Consular General for Los Angeles) as the director introduced the evenings events and spoke about current affairs.

Dan preceded this by wishing to highlight who in the room were part of his team so if anyone would like to speak to them, they would know who they are … usually this would be done by a request for the said team members to raise their hands wherever they were in the room, however we Brits like to do things a little differently, cue skignz!

The skignz Founder & CEO Si Brown, was present at the event and on cue, he passed the Director Dan Rutstein, his iPhone X, which was immediate mirrored to the large screen behind them both, on which appeared the view Dan had using the iPhone … this presented a range of ‘skignz’ above each member of the DiT team in the room, leading to gasps and awe from the guests. 

Although a very small gesture and moment in the context of the whole evening, it certainly created a stir and quite a number of comments and interest during the rest of the evening and beyond we are delighted to say.

Please take a look below at some of the photos taken during the #GREATshowcase event.

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You can see the #GREATshowcase twitter feed for fun videos and photos here

Friday, 12 January 2018

skignz @ CES 2018, Las Vegas, US

This year's Consumer Electronics Show CES2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, was the first visit in 10 years for our CEO Simon Brown, and a first for most of the skignz team.

Was it any different to the last visit (pre skignz)? OMG yes! 

If nothing else just the sheer scale of the event is literally on another planet compared to a decade ago! 

One aspect, was the multiple locations across Las Vegas for various parts of the show. 

The hosted Brand VIP parties, have got way way way bigger, one we attended was in the biggest club in Las Vegas and had a free bar till 11pm - 2,500 thousand people packed into the X Club and danced and partied away to loud music by top Dj’s, food was provided and again, a free bar.

If your asking yourself, why was skignz there? 

It's quite simple ... Many of the people we do business with, clients, partners, prospective clients etc … were there, if not exhibiting or presenting, they were looking to catch up with us and others in one location. This actually proves very cost effective if you have a global client base and real time, in person interaction is scarce.

Furthermore many companies announce new products/technology etc. at CES, so it's a great opportunity to see it first hand. For skignz, it's a way to understand more about who, what and why the people attending/exhibiting are interested in AR. 

In gaps between meetings, many miles were walked to interact and understand what competitors (indirect and direct) are doing, speaking with brands who are not currently utilising AR and what are the reasons behind that?

Many conversations happen at CES, most of them were in the bars, restaurants and clubs after the official show was finished. Much of the skignz time was spent speaking to various audiences in these places. 
Jokingly, it was said, that we felt we had been sat in the lobby bar at The Aria, for 2 days without moving… looking back at our expenses that is borne out.

Suffice to say although it was a great experience to be back at CES, however the sheer size of the show is now one of its major issues!

Too much going on, difficult standing out in the crowd unless what you have is very novel, or you have such a large budget, attendees can't fail to see what you are doing, i.e. BMW with their 'M versions' of all models being drifted and spun around a hotel car park all day, every day! 

A great advertisement for tyre durability, surely there is a tentative link to tech or consumer electronics in there somewhere.

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