Friday, 21 August 2015

Pepsi Max's version of skignz

Today we received links to the following video from an overwhelming amount of people... 

What do you think? Fun yes, Interesting use of drones yes, visual and engaging yes!

Here are a selection of the comments that were sent to us along with the link:

"they've stolen your idea"
"but you can do all that and more with skignz"
"it's not very inclusive as only a few people can use it at once"
"looks very expensive to implement"
"how is skignz different?"
"we hear a lot about drones for Amazon etc."
"where does this leave skignz?"
"how do you feel about this?"
"drones have been around since the 1940's - so what?"
"looks expensive to deliver"
"who actually controls the drones? drone pilots or through the app?"
"imagine if everyone tried to call the drone at once"
"what happens if it crashes in the crowd - ouch, wouldn't want to be underneath it then!"

The following conversations again seemed to raise more questions than answers, but one core element was people wanted to know where this left skignz and what did we think of it?

Well we think it's AWESOME! Way to go Pepsi Max for risking their reputation to create such an experience, linking mobile devices with drones and then applying it to a crowded festival/concert.

It actually proved that there is the need to find your friends, there is a need to find places like the toilets, the bar, exits etc. something skignz has been advocating for the last few years!

So we at skignz are really happy that Pepsi Max have done this and it looks like the 5 million plus people who have viewed the video on YouTube think it's innovative, interesting and the overall concept is very cool.

Where does this leave skignz? 
Exactly where we were before this was launched, however now more than 5 million people have been exposed to the possibilities of this type of experience being created around you at live events such as festivals and concerts.

How does it compare to skignz?
Without knowing the ins and outs of how Pepsi Max provided this installation at this year's 'New Look Wireless 2015', the very glossy/well edited video to promote it and no doubt all delivered and filmed at the one location. 

Also how many different drones they used? Then compare this to the amount of people who attended 'New Look Wireless 2015'skignz can be used by EVERYONE in attendance and is personalised to them, so they only see what they want? When they want it? Where it's relevant to them!

One other key element we feel they got right, was the interaction with varying locations & mobile devices. The big issue we see, is the amount of people who can access this type 'brand experience' at the same time and is it only relevant at that one location.

We thank everyone who took the time to send us the link, comment on it, compared it with skignz and asked what we thought? 

skignz is not just a one time installation, a brand gimmick, a fad to be used in isolation. 

It's considerate of the environment and does not require anything further to access than the mobile device the majority of people carry with them day in day out. Plus it can be used anywhere on the planet, 24/7, 365 days per year!

skignz was developed to be a technology platform that allows the users who download it, to take it everywhere they go, use it when they want and with whom they want, personalise it, shape it to their needs, from finding your tent at a festival, your friends at a concert or even your car in a supermarket carpark, a first time meeting for work or even a date?

In summary we applaud what Pepsi Max has done and the way they did it, however we feel they have only further highlighted a range of needs of current society, put the spotlight on a few core issues people face in certain circumstances like live events and demonstrate that although '5 Million People' are interested in what they did, their solution was not quite what it should be!

After reading this short summary and watching the video, do you think skignz is the right solution?

If you would like to download skignz then please visit or the Apple App Store/GooglePlay.

You can follow us on all the major social media channels, even contribute using the skignz 'capture function' and sharing the pics on your own social media channels. We look forward to see what you are 'skignzing'

Monday, 3 August 2015

Former Premier League Footballer David Murphy joins skignz

We are delighted to say that David Murphy has now joined skignz as our 'Head of Sports Partnerships'.

The former Premier League Professional Footballer with Middlesbrough, Hibernian, Motherwell and England Under 19, recently retired from the professional game through a serious knee injury in 2014. 

Still in his early thirties, David is looking forward to the next stage of his life with his wife and young family after relocating back up to the Teesside area. 

With a number of other business interests outside of football. He is staying involved in the game and working as part of MFC Manager Aitor Karanka's back room team at Middlesbrough, scouting players and providing match analysis. Going full circle in his career and returning to the club where he joined their academy as a schoolboy.

Over the last 6-12 months David has been informally working with the skignz team, helping provide insight into the world of professional sport and where he felt skignz could become involved. This relationship has now been firmed up with David joining us as 'Head of Sports Partnerships'.

Si Brown (skignz Co-Founder & CMO) said:
"In this role David will be engaging with his extensive network of contacts not only in Football but also in the wider world of professional sports to see where 'skignz may fit'. 

Some areas of consideration are obvious especially around the 'supporters experience'. However by going behind the scenes at professional clubs, can the skignz tech help enhance performance, provide data and information that currently is not being captured or even present current information in a more visual way?"

One of the very few players to win silverware in both England and Scotland, David won the league cup in both countries.

David on skignz:

David on Joining skignz:

For more information on David's, professional career, please take a look at this or see below a gallary of images of him during his playing days.

If you work in the world of professional sports. Especially around marketing, brand, advertising, experience, data and analytics, then please feel free to contact David on either +44 (0) 845 058 0519 or email in the first instance to