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Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Over this last bank holiday weekend many revellers have been attending one of a number of festivals across the UK, Creamfields, Notting Hill Carnival, Leeds & Reading Festival.

Our destination was Leeds, where skignz made its debut for the crowds, right across the whole festival site and we are delighted to say skignz managed the full weekend without a single error, hiccup or the ensuing hangover.

The same cannot be said for our founder, Si who decided they would also attend on the Saturday to do a range of 'live testing'. This included the recently launched changes and functionality within the app as well as one or two things the guys feel will further enhance the 'live event' experience.

Rather than sprout on too much about how good a weekend it was, what bands were awesome and who got in the worst drunken states, Si suggested that the old adage 'a picture speaks a thousand words' might be the right approach to outline skignz's activity. 

So as the powers that be have instructed we thought if 'a picture speaks a thousand words', how about a full gallery full of pictures? Now what would that say to our audience? 

We would like you to make up your own mind, please take a look through the below and feel free to let us have your thoughts, opinions, feedback and, dare we say it, a little praise for what we hope you will agree, is a pretty awesome addition to the #leedsfestival

skignz Capture showing skignz Never lose your car in a carpark
Never lose Your Car in the Car Park again, Si marking his, for later...

 Make sure we pick our tickets up and enter through the right gate...

Check out which Camp site we are located in?

Important things: Closest toilets to our Tent ;-)

 Whoaaa a sea of tents, glad we know which Campsite we are in?

We were wondering where the nearest stage was?

 Battery charging.. they never offered that 5 years ago... 
What will there be 5 years from now?

 Looking for the info point, whilst getting involved with #oxfam guys...

Wondering what the cocktail of the hour is? Press the 'skign' to find out

 Need the cash machine? Store some valuables? on more charge?

Finally the Main stage... Mumford & Sons were simply Awesome!

You always need to rehydrate at these events - Find the Aqua points ;-)

 and of course you must eat at some point!

 If for whatever reason you do have an illness etc... Find the Medics!

 Very Important place for everything you've lost or maybe found?

Interested to see what the other stages offer?

How about 'Who's up and coming?'

 or step inside one of the big Marquees for the rising bands...

Wrong campsite...

 Also not our campsite.... this place is HUGE!

Not that way either... try again!

Back to the Music... Thats what we are here for...

We hope our little sample Gallery of a festival through the lens of skignz has 'spoke more than a thousand words' to you... in fact it should have spoke more than 24,000 words....

Public Notice: No staff or directors were harmed in the making of this short gallery, although considerable time was saved finding each other, our tent, our car and everything we needed when we needed it! 

"Wouldn't it be great if we all had skignz?"

Plus the small matter of a hat being purchased to stop sunburn, plenty of liquids to quench thirst and many calories consumed all in the interest of product testing, enhancing the environment and improving the already overall AWESOME #leedsfestival experience.

*All Images were taken with the new skignz 'capture' button, including all posts to social media over the weekend were also using skignz capture and posted direct to our own twitter/Facebook/Instagram channel's - Cool or What?

We will be uploading the complete set of photos to a newly created Facebook Album aptly named #leedsfestival, plus we will be sharing shortly some real time footage shot through the skignz viewer as if you were looking through and interacting with the skignz whilst you were there... 

So instead of looking at our website etc or social media channels why not just click on this link and download the app

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Festival Goers - It's That Time of Year Again

Yes that’s right, the time of year is now coming around again where all festival dates and tickets are released. Oh the excitement!

Just imagining which one you will be going to this year, or how many rather than just the one is a great thought, so let’s hold that for a minute and give yourself a moment to admire the madness you will be attending.

skignz done a bit of research to see what the top 10 festivals are this year that people will be attending. This is what we got:

Download Festival 2015

Wireless Festival 2015

Reading Festival 2015

Leeds Festival 2015

Calling Festival 2015

EDC Festival 2015

Creamfields Festival 2015

Glastonbury Festival 2015

V Festival 2015

Ultra Music Festival 2015

Now are you attending any of these? If you are you know how crazy, packed and fun they will be. 

However through all that fun you will want to make sure that whilst camping out, drinking and partying you will need to make sure that you can find your friends, tent, and stages and drink bars very easily, as losing any of these will defiantly be a drag to the festival experience. 

So how can you make sure that you will not happen to be in any state where you cannot find your friends, tent, and stages and drink bars? The answer is skignz

skignz is a free app that you can download to your mobile device. It uses augmented reality and GPS to allow you to place skignz wherever you are going and then easily direct yourself when you arrive at the location.

Now that probably sounds a bit confusing to you, well here is a little example of what skignz can do. 

‘Once you have downloaded the skignz app, you and your friend’s can all add each other and join together on skignz. Then you can place a ‘virtual’ skignz above your own head. Once you have done this say you are at the festival and you are all dancing away and your friend leaves to go and get a drink, now finding them again in that massive crowd is going to be a struggle. 

Well what you do is open up the skignz app on your phone, scan the crowd and there you should see a little floating skignz above your friends head telling you where they are and how far away so you are easily directed to them. How simple is that?’

With skignz, you can also pre place skignz on your online account through a Google maps interface with the free 3 skignz you get at the beginning of signing up. So say you pre placed a skignz before the festival and you placed one above the stage you want to see your favourite act playing, one above where your tent is going to be and one above where the bars are, you will easily be able to find your way to and back from the bar, to the stage where you want to be and back to the tent at the end of the night when after a few drinks finding your tent will seem to prove a little difficult! 

skignz can help make sure your festival experience is fun and you get the most out of seeing the acts you went to go see and not spent a lot of the time looking for others or getting lost. 

So why not download the app through iTunes or Google Play before you go and have a little play about. You can get used to it and then be ready to use it for the festivals you will be attending this year. The line-up for each festival looks awesome at the moment so you really don’t want to missing the acts and spending time wandering about hopelessly. 

If you would like to download the app through iTunes then please click here.

If you would like to download the app through Google Play then please click here

We hope you have a great time at your chosen festival this year and please if you manage to get any pictures of skignz then don’t hesitate to share them on our social media pages and tag us in them! 

Have fun festival goers 2015! 

If you would like to know more about skignz then please visit our website at and don't forget to check us out on a range of the popular Social Media Channels.