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Friday, 4 September 2015

sC: Join the Conversation

In July we revealed a number of upgrades, enhancements, new functionality etc. to the skignz App.

This month we felt that we would focus not only attracting people to using skignz, but focus on our existing users and try to understand what they want from skignz by way of functionality, design, aesthetics etc.

All of the previous few months upgrades and changes were done with the user in mind.

So with that we have decided to enhance the 'user group' by creating the 'skignz Community', where only people who have downloaded the app and created an account will have access to this information and more importantly can contribute to/help shape the future of skignz.

So what is the skignz Community? What will it do/be?

skignz Community ('sC') will provide registered account users with access to News, Information and Insights before they are available to the general public. 

Not only will you receive and email update from time to time, but sC will evolve within the app to provide you with an instant update of where there is interesting skignz content. Such as brands who are using skignz to give you new experiences, provide you with exclusive offers and so much more.

Like we said earlier we don't only want to 'tell/inform' you of what we are doing, we want you to get involved, so we have created a 'chat' element where you will be able to 'loiter, learn, suggest and share ...'

All of this you can access now, that's if you have not already tried it out. sC chat resides in your menu bar within the App.

When sC Chat is selected you are presented with a chat box with a few options. We have purposely not overloaded the functionality of sC Chat because we would like you, the sC to help us develop it further into something that's useful, helpful and relevant. 

We feel this will come from the content and what you guys want to talk to us about, for us that's where the value will come from, the open dialogue between users and developers, designers, technologists, programmers etc...

If you have not already taken a look please do! Let us know what you think of skignz, the app, What's good? Whats bad? Whats ugly?

We feel too many apps and technologies these days are built for the benefit of the developer (the team who builds it), they look for efficiencies, ease of build, or it can be through a lack of knowledge or skills.

The skignz approach is ALWAYS develop for the users benefit, not our own. The reason why skignz is so quick to download to your mobile device and the file size is so small (other popular apps like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc... are around a file size of 13mB, in some cases even bigger!)

skignz is currently less than 1mB - yes you read that right ONE mB.) 

Your mobile device only has limited storage space and with a recent trend of 'operating system updates' eating into that memory, we want to reduce the impact we have on the photos and videos you want to take.

Unless it's needed to make skignz perform properly in each area of its functionality, then its doesn't go in the code, simple as that! We are constantly revisiting, revising and recoding areas of the skignz technology platform in order to improve its speed, quality, look, feel and ease of use for you - the sC!

We have not solved everything yet and we don't think anyone would expect us to, however with your input and feedback we can promise that we will constantly be evolving and improving. 

Which is the mantra for sC 'Constantly Evolving & Improving'.

Please take a look at our website and social media channels for more information about us, but if you really want to discover skignz and what it can do for you, download the app, have a play, test, try and try again, then let us know what you think? 

That's the real value of the sC... Please join the Chat! ;-)

Monday, 22 December 2014

Interactive Christmas Cards!

We all receive a lot of interactive Christmas Cards when it comes to this time of the year! 

We all can admit that we do love to receive them. skignz has received a lot of these recently and we enjoy watching all of them so we thought that we would share with everyone what we have received so that you can enjoy them too!

Although what do you prefer? Do you like to receive the traditional hand in hand Christmas card? Or do you prefer to receive an E-card? To see if you can decide which you prefer have a read of this blog post ... 





Global Infusion Group


Everyone will soon be receiving skignz Christmas interactive card so keep a look out for when it arrives in your inbox!

If you would like to know more about skignz then please visit our website at and don't forget to check us out on a range of the popular Social Media Channels.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

IEIC 2015 - Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry

FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation, FICCI is the voice of India's business and industry. FICCI draws its membership from the corporate sector, both private and public, including SMEs and MNCs; and enjoys an indirect membership of over 250,000 companies from various regional chambers of commerce.

From the 14th – 15th January, the India Skills and Education Conference is taking place in London. The India EIC conference will be bringing together the technology, skills and education communities within the UK, India and other countries to allow open discussion of the possibilities and challenges for collaboration. 

The conference will be exploring a wide range of points such as:

how innovations in technology, curriculum and financing could help improve educational outcomes
how partnerships can be built between employers and educators
assisting Indian and international education businesses looking to expand and grow; and
how innovative financing and international education partnerships could address global education challenges

The best part of this was that skignz found out that we have been invited to speak and exhibit at the Microsoft sponsored IEIC EduTech conference 2015.
This was great for us to find out and be provided with the great opportunity of demonstrating our technology to all who attend and being a part of the whole EduTech conference event.  

After being invited to speak at the event, skignz managed to negotiate a reduced price of only £240 per delegate to attend the event. If you want to exhibit then we believe there is a very small number of spaces left.

At the two day event, there will be around 300 top end prominent delegates relating to Technology and Education within India. If you are from the Digital City Community who have an EduTech focus, then we believe that it would be a great opportunity for individuals/companies from the community to attend. 

It will provide you with an ideal networking opportunity, and allow you the chance to experience wisdom and enhance your own thoughts from each speaker at the event and all delegates, while getting to know about new technology and improvements along the way. 

If you would like to know more about FICCI then a good place to start would be http://

If you would like to know more about the EIC2015 event then please visit  

If you would like to know more about skignz then please visit our website at and don't forget to check us out on a range of the popular Social Media Channels.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Which global tech companies could partner with skignz?

At skignz we always think of how we can assist others and how we can create new developments through skignz. Well by having a think we decided that we could work with a lot of technology partners.  

Creating a joint venture between two firms can have a lot of benefits to both sides. It can double the amount of engagement with customers and audience and create more attention to the new joint business venture created.

A few benefits of creating a joint venture are: 

- It can allow your business to grow further and faster
- It can increase productivity whilst generating greater profits for each
- It allows open access to new markets
- It allows greater access to resources such as staff, technology and finance.

There are a lot more benefits to creating joint ventures however let us now give you a few examples of companies we have been considering who skignz could create a joint venture with and show the benefits as to how it could benefit them through partnering with skignz

1. Googleskignz has had some great ideas about how we could work with Google Maps. Every pin on a Google map could be turned into a skign. It wouldn't just be something more attractive to look at it would mean that there is more for people to interact with through augmented reality. We could augment the planet overnight.

2. Apple – The past 10 – 15 years Apple under Steve Jobs have revolutionised many different markets with new ideas they have always brought about. However what could their next big idea be? We think that the next one could be ‘navigation without maps’. Brought to every Apple device people could navigate through skignz via Apple. 
Have you also read out blog post article on Apple post Steve Jobs?

3. Facebook – Think of your Facebook profile but in a skign above your head … like the sound of that? However only your friends can still see it who you allow just as your profile is online. You can interact in a different way no matter where you are. You can use it to find your friends at a concert or festival, allow you to let them know where a party is at and help them find where you are. 

4. Twitter – How great would it be to pull your tweets into a skignz above your head that only your followers can see? You can use the skign to interact with all live conversations going on around you. 

5. LinkedIn – Similar to Facebook you could pull your LinkedIn profile into a skign above your head. However this could be used using your professional/work based networking profile that only your own personal network could see – just as they see your profile online. You can use it to engage with different people at business networking events or even so companies could use it to help guests attending corporate events. 

6. – Do you find online dating a task or a bit of a long process? Well skignz could make it that little bit easier for you. Have you ever tried talking to someone but you can tell that they clearly are not a match for you? If skignz were to partner with it could allow users to pull their dating profile into a skign above their heads. Now how would this help you … well when you are close to others who are a match – say around 85% or above then skignz will provide you with an alert. This way you cannot only know there is a potential match close by to you, you can know who it is exactly and if they press accept then you can go straight over and introduce yourself. Speed up the long wait of online dating and get to know that person sooner rather than later. 

7. Microsoft – Through working on their cloud platform and Founder Bill Gates having a big passion for helping those less fortunate, skignz could team up with big data and charities to help manage and monitor all of their assets across their world countries or those that require disaster relief. As skignz is Carbon neutral and does not affect the environment, it can be used to help many good causes.

8. Military & Governments - Again as it is Microsoft, this is a secure way to track assets, reduces chances of friendly fire, monitor targets and more but all in a visual way. Take existing data and visually tag what you want to see, when and anywhere you wish on the planet.

9. Ciscoskignz creating a joint venture with Cisco would open up a lot of opportunities to themselves. skignz could help to visually tag their equipment when installed into large infrastructure projects. It would allow a platform to be created allowing technology to provide a pre hand viewing process before any agreed projects. 

10. Garmin/TOM TOMskignz would take TOM TOM into the new age through using augmented reality. What better way to update the navigation system than through skignz allowing users to view a more attractive and easier straight head on mapping system through their satellite navigation systems and mobile devices (if integrated). Through using the skignz platform satellite navigation would be overlaid on real landscape rather than a computer generated one. It would bring real life navigation to you through your satellite navigation system.  

11. Amazon – Through joining together Amazon and skignz, we could bring a whole new tracking system to amazon themselves. skignz would be able to track Amazon’s drones and keep track of their customer orders, knowing where they are and when to then being able to keep the customer updated accurately. Its beneficial for Amazon themselves to be able to track their drones through an easier augmented reality system and beneficial to the customers themselves proving improved customer service to Amazon’s loyal people! 

12. Zoopla/Rightmove – Working with Zoopla/Rightmove skignz could help them to create a new way of promoting and advertising their available properties in a more easy, fun and convenient way. Through augmented reality, people in search of a house can go onto the skignz/Zoopla/Rightmove app and scan across houses in an area to see easily through their mobile device which are available and how much for. It allows a simpler and quicker form of contact between the company and the customer and speeds up the process of house hunting.

There are a lot more technology partners that skignz could create a joint venture with however we did want to give you just a few examples of how good the technology could become for skignz and other companies to work together to help create the next generation of technology!

What do you think of our ideas? Please feel free to leave you comments below. 

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Retro Gaming - Past, Present to the Future

It is amazing just how much technology is advancing each day and what new investments we are informed of each day.

However it is even better when games that were played 20-30 years ago and even now ones we have to play in arcades, are being brought to us for free through the comfort of our own homes through our very own computers or on our mobile devices.

Do you remember playing some of these games years ago?

- Pac Man
-       Jet Set Willy

- Super Rider
-       Manic Miner

- Space Attack
-       Mario Brothers
- Survival 
- Space Cruiser
-       Daley Thompson's Decathlon
-       Outrun

That’s just a few of the many we used to have a lot of enjoyable moments and memories on. The loading screens of games, turning tapes over or inserting multiple discs just to be able to play the game! Waiting time of 20-30 mins just to play Jet Set Willy or Manic Miner.

Although the graphics are on a different plain these days, the nostalgia surrounding playing the games of your youth still make them engaging and quite addictive. That said not having to plug in your Quickshot II into your Spectrum 48k (with rubber keys) through a Kempston Interface and your old tape player so you can play Daley Thompsons Decathlon does have its advantages.

But will the Iphone/Android handsets break as quickly as your Quickshot II even on rapid fire or will you wear the screen out like you did during the hurdles by pressing  'N & M keys' with 'Symbol shift' to hurdle.

But we wonder now, when these games were out we had to buy the game to be able to play it, nothing was made free and available to us that easy. As those games drone out new ones become about.

Now with the advancement we have different gaming technology devices we use to play games on, although these don’t come free either. There is now a lot of different devices such as Xbox, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, and Nintendo DS and so on. 

Not mentioning the thousands of games made available to purchase (usually at a costly price) to play on these devices. 

Although now we look at how these retro games have been made available to us for free to be able to play through our computer, is this now an industry within its own right? 

With the technology now available to us, to be able to play these 'old skool' games on our mobile devices and smart phones. it begs the question if these games are being made available for free, games recently launched which you have to purchase to play, will it take 20-30 years for these games to be made available for free?

Will all games be free in different formats for people to use?

It makes us think what the future of gaming will be like? It is always evolving, changing and constantly exceed what went before. 

Will all gaming platforms become as one or will it be kept separate with the advancements of gaming being developed to where they can be charged at a significantly lower price. 

Or will gaming become so popular that it will always be free to download and use, but the revenues are created through in game purchases and real time virtual advertising like in 2nd Life!

skignz hopes to introduce something fresh new to the Games industry in 2015, suffice to say we hope it will open up a whole new area for games developers to explore... We will let you know more in due course!

What do you think the future will be like for the gaming industry? 

For further information on retro gaming then please visit this website: 

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Apple: Post Steve Jobs...

It's now been just 3 short years since the enigmatic Steve Jobs sadly passed away aged 56. With Apple launching a range of new products and their next operating system. We came across a couple of documentaries on Netflix focussing on different parts of his life. 

After watching these it made us think. How is Apple doing post Steve Jobs and will they have the same success without him involved?

The two documentaries - one by BBC - Steve Jobs: The Millionaire Hippy and  Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview (from 1995). 

The latter was especially fascinating and certainly took the skignz founders Gary and Si back to different parts of their lives. 

Gary was involved in software at the same time as the Apple v Microsoft battle was being established and the use of Punch cards.

Si however (being 20 years younger than Gary) remembers the early years for whole different reasons, using personal computers at home, being introduced to them at school then finally beginning or using a Mac at Art College. 

So both have very different memories of this time however back to our focus on Apple.

Both documentaries showcase Jobs's influence on Apple, before he was ousted and when he returned, but now he is no longer with us and without a 'figure head' the public at large can identify with, have Apple become another faceless corporation like IBM, Coca Cola, etc. ? 

We wondered how much influence Jobs had on peoples decision to buy Apple's products, there was a mystery and certain amount of magic around the guy that endeared him to millions across the globe.

Maybe like Pop/Rockstars who have died young, will his legacy and reputation actually increase - probably! But how do the people at Apple who are left post Steve Jobs deal with this?

During his tenure not only was he one of the pioneers of home computing, changing the user interface and the quality of design and product in the computer world. 

They also revolutionised the music industry with iTunes, with iPods, then the communications world with the iPhone even moving partly back into the computer with the introduction of the iPad.

Which now seems to have taken over from Laptops. Now we have the 'Phablet' iPhone 6+ Niche products in niches that didn't exist prior to Apple exploiting them. We are not saying they were first to market with iTunes - remember Napster, or the iPhone, remember Nokia? Or the iPod, remember other brands had MP3 players.

Apple simply took them to another level completely in quality, design & functionality. But as you can see with all of these innovations they realigned different industries and markets through their innovation. 

But and there is a but ... can Apple do this again? And if so in what sector, industry or market place.

They recently purchased Beats, much has already been written about this acquisition and it remains to be seen how this will affect how beats and apple come together for the benefit of the customer. Both awesome brands with quality products but will the Beats brand remain? But this does not obviously show an intent to transform a certain market place or existing industry, nor does it point to creating a new niche or market place.

So where will Apple go from here? Will they simply just keep evolving their existing range of products, tweaking enhance the design, functionality, shape size and form? Will iPads disappear and the phablet become the device of choice or will phablets not catch on due to their size and revert back to Phones & iPads? 

Will iPods continue? If so, in what format? This begs the question how will mobile devices evolve? Wearables, wrist or glasses based or a combination of both? Certainly with the expansion of Augmented Reality this could be a clear indication of where the market is heading in the near future. But how long will this take?

It's been 13 years since Apple launched the iPod, look at what has come since and how that has evolved? But all of that was with Jobs at the helm. What now for Apple, without him? Who is the visionary now at Apple? 

Surely if they just evolve with what they have others WILL come into the marketplace. Some of these companies won't even exist yet their future owners may still be in nappies or not even born. However there will be some still in their college/uni dorm who although are not planning to be bigger and better than apple, could end up that way.
But there begs another question. Would Apple let them get that big? Is it not easier for them just to acquire them at a very early stage and either use the technology themselves or shelve it so others can't. Certainly this is a possibility due to the ever increasing cash balance that Apple has. 

But not only Apple, what about FaceBook, Google, Microsoft etc. All of these big players can buy just about any start up or established business by throwing the right amount of money at it! Make them an offer they can't refuse so they can either use that hardware/software for their own gain or simply to stop one of the other big players mentioned above from having it.

You may think we have digressed quite a bit from the original question, but all the above leads us back to how will Apple proceed in the post Steve Jobs era? Even a big personality who comes in, from either internally or from the outside will ALWAYS be compared to Jobs, they cannot escape from that!

So surely therefore that would mean that Apple become seen more as a huge corporation eventually leading them to becoming the villain at some point in the future, rather than a uber cool 'tech movement or religion' as most of their customers perceive them at the moment.

You may think why we are writing this or how it may relate to skignz? When we started writing this blogpost we were not sure where it would end up? That may sound strange but we wanted it to develop through normal organic thought processes based upon what we know so far. 

We hope that it's actually provided more questions than answers as you will have your own interpretation on this! 

How do you think Apple will progress? Evolve what they have? Or Introduce disruptive innovation?

What we have done during our discussion whilst writing this post is understand how it can be related to skignz and we see the following key areas for where it does:

 - could skignz become the new way to navigate by replacing Apples Maps on their devices?

 - skignz is a tech company with next generation technology that could certainly improve Apples offering especially with potentially 8 patents pending.

 - skignz's technology would also be attractive to the other key players in the market, Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc.

 - due to the nature of the skignz technology, it has the ability to revolutionise a range of different markets, navigation being a massive one but also as a browser, even a whole new marketing channel for brands through to being an extension or new way for people using social networks to communicate.

One further question we have thought of is at what point of skignz development does it become of interest, exciting or even a threat to the above companies, depending on how they see skignz its benefit to themselves or to their competitors surely would vary between them.

I don't suppose we will know until the first of them engages with skignz in some way? This may have already happened but without us knowing, either way we will update you if or when any progress is made on this!

But back to our original question! In summary we believe that the way Apple will progress post Jobs is by aquiring new technology that is disruptive and delivering it through its channels or add to its own tech.

For further information on Apple please visit their website at

If you would like to know more about Steve Jobs then a good place to start would the wikipedia entry for him at:

If you would like to know more about skignz then please visit our website at and don't forget to check us out on a range of the popular Social Media Channels.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Twenty Products and Services that fundamentally change our lives

As you have probably read our last blog post about losing your mobile phone and how much it affects your life, it has got me thinking as to what products and services we have that fundamentally do change our lives.

Part of our daily routine has many gadgets and services that we use and do probably not realise just how much these have changed what we do and how we act. They will have gone from being a luxury that we either will have bought as a one off or present given to us and then most likely bragged about this to try and show it off. 

As everyone does with something new, you know you do it I do too! There’s nothing wrong with doing it, why not show off a brand new present that you have got keeping up with the cool trends in the market, it makes you look cool to have that product too. The majority of people will have experienced getting something new and cool in the market and felt like the best person around, but that was a while ago now. 

These products and services have become so predominantly present in our lives that we basically live by them now. Without them we would feel like we could not do something or would not be able to function feeling like a important part of your world has disappeared.

Previous on the last blog, you will have seen and understood just how it feels to lose your phone, it’s like losing a limb. No connection, no friends, no nothing. So why don’t we have a look and see how each of these products and services have come so predominant in our lives that we live by them, they are no longer a big of a luxury as they used to be.

1. The Mobile Smart Phone

The mobile smart phone has no longer become just a phone. Years ago, a phone was a phone. It allowed you to call people and text, a way of keeping in touch and communicating with other people when not together. However now, so many smart phones have been brought out, such as the iPhone, iPhone 4, ,4s, 5, 5c, 5s, HTC and so on. With the technology constantly changing and improving, it now allows us to do whatever we need on a mobile than how we used to in person.
Take for instance what we can do on a smart phone now; It becomes our bank – online banking can be done through the phone so no need for a computer, and now Barclaycard you can pay for anything with your phone – just one swipe away! How crazy does that sound, imagine doing that years ago. Not to mention all the apps, navigation tools, social media sites, fitness, music and so on. I could literally talk about how everything we do in our life can now be done through our smart phone, it actually is mad when you think about it in detail!

2. Tablets

Tablets now in the market have become a number 1 device to own. Why would most people want to use a desk top computer or a laptop still when they can do all that on one screen? All brands are now bringing out tablets, from Samsung, Apple, Microsoft to even Tesco’s own. Tablets have provided people with a on the go service, to be able to do what they want or search for what they need wherever they may be and whenever they wish too. It has brought about a whole new concept, that wherever you go you can take your tablet. You don’t need to search about for a computer when you have that handy thing right there with you. Who would have thought that years ago from a desktop computer to a laptop, would come about a tablet device, which allows you to do whatever you do on a computer or laptop, to now on one little screen wherever you are. It is just incredible.

3. Microwave

Remember how you used to cook your food years ago? (The oldies will know of this, only joking!). Think of how the transformation has gone from conventional cooking to a microwave. A electric square box that you can shove food into, switch it on and few minutes later there you go, you have a ready cooked meal that would have took only a fraction of the time as to what it would have used to with conventional cooking. It has provided a handy service for everyone, an especially student which makes them living alone for university much easier when it comes to cooking and feeding for themselves. It can save them a lot of time when in a rush to do University work, as it will with most people and is a main priority that everyone needs in their life at some point. If you don’t already have one which would be a surprise, I am sure that you will get one soon.

4.  Trolley Suitcases

Trolley suitcases are the more simple services that we never did used to require. Imagine now having to carry around your heavy luggage when travelling or moving or going away. What a pain that would be!

How grateful are we now for them putting wheels onto our suitcases! It has made our travel experiences much easier. I bet you can’t imagine suitcases or trolleys being without wheels in the past.  The way that we have taken it for granted as a service that we just assume will be there for us is only natural. But think what you would do if you didn’t have wheels on your suitcases. It has provided convenience for families, travellers, kids and even old people when doing their shopping. Trolley suitcases have become a main essential in our lives now.

5. SAT Nav

Now we all know how important a Sat Nav is in our life! Oh god just imagine trying to travel somewhere without having satellite navigation to be able to guide you about. It used to just be a road map or atlas that you would have to study to find your way somewhere prior to the journey. 

Trying to remember all those directions off by heart or reading a map on your own travelling on the road, danger just shouts out to us. How inconvenient were those paper maps and directions to navigate us about. The change in the revolutionary technology of Sat Navs is just amazing. Now Sat Navs are either built into your mobile device, into your car stereo or available to buy to attach in your car on your journeys to help navigate you; and they speak to you! 

So you don’t have to pay too much focus on looking where you need to go, you simply can just hear someone directing you on your way. Now I know that no one now will like to go without a Sat Nav. If you don’t have one in your car handy there ready to use or even so built into your car depending what one you have, it will surely be on your smart phone ready to use when needed. Sat Navs have become a daily part of our routine to help guide us in where we need to go. 

The upgrade from paper maps to Satellite Navigation has become so major in our life’s that we do take it for granted now.

6. Flat Screen TV’s

Flat Screen TV’s have become a big want now in people’s homes. Remember what old TV’s used to look like, big square bulky devices in your house. Now they are an essential item that the majority of people have in their house. 

Imagine having an old TV, would you embarrassed if someone came into your home and seen it? Most of you would, and why is this, this is because Flat Screens TV’s became the new trend and now they are what people need to have in their houses. It will either make them look good, the house look good or even provide a sense of feeling good through having one to show off. 

You may not realise it until you think about it, but Flat Screen TV’s are needed now in your life, whether you don’t have one yet, you secretly or knowingly want one. 




7. Recordable TV

Talking about Flat Screen TVs becoming a need now in people’s life, it brings me on to thinking about how recordable TV is now making its way gradually into everyone homes onto their Flat Screen TVs. 

Recordable TV is now replacing videos and DVD’s. TV now is recordable, depending on what service you have or what television you have, it is now possible to record any film or show that you don’t want to miss. Surely not everyone may have this yet, but everyone knows about it. Plus with guarantee it will make its way onto almost everyone’s TVs in the foreseeable future. Just as Flat Screen TVs have become a major in people’s homes, recordable TV will also end up the same. 

It is a trend that starts off and everyone eventually wants to have. 3D TV is also now making its way around being available on certain Televisions, it isn’t an essential as all the other yet, but in the future will be just as key as Flat Screen and Recordable TV.

8. Electric/Hybrid Cars

Electric and Hybrid cars are now becoming more popular in people’s lives when it comes to choosing a car. The electric and hybrid cards allow carbon emissions to be reduced in vehicles and provide better for the environment. 

Providing better for the environment is an absolute main activity that everyone is getting on board with. Every company, area or place everyone is talking about being green and better for the environment. No doubt that in the future, most cars will become electric or hybrid so that the world will not have as many bad emissions in it as it does now. 

Providing well for the environment is changing our lives, even designing cars now one of our main transportation, to make sure that the environment is looked after better. The majority of cars will most likely change to electric/hybrid in the coming years.

9. Drive thru

Getting food and take away are a nice luxury to a little night in that everyone has that once in a while. However they may be nice to order but paying that delivery price is sometimes just not worth it depending on what you want. That’s when drive-thru came about. 

They were handy for whenever you fancied something to eat you could just pop to a drive-thru wherever you were. You did not have to order or wait ages for a delivery and pay the charges; you can just nip yourself whenever you want and collect food and take it home. A drive-thru also allows you to not have to que in a massive restaurant, you can just order and collect in the comforts of your own car. 

Imagine now not having a drive- thru to be able to collect food whenever you want, you wouldn’t like it! 

That’s how popular it has become now in our lives and changed the way about which we eat and order food.  Restaurants know how popular it is that they in the future will most likely out drive-thru on most of their food places to save the service going elsewhere if waiting time and que is too long.

10. Email

Email is definitely one of the main sources of communication in everyone’s life. Think how it used to be just hand written or a typed letter then just posted to whoever you needed, it took ages and ages for the communication to happen and anything to get sorted. 

Now email has come about. It is so prompt in our life’s that if it got taken away from us, we would have lost a main communication tool to friends, work, family, colleagues or even other businesses. It is the number one communication tool between everyone and it’s literally a vital part of our routines, whether it is at work or not at work, it allows us to speak to whoever we wish and whenever we want, and know that we don’t have to wait ages for that reply.

11. Internet

The internet now is essentially defiantly 100% sure something that everyone in the world has. No matter where you go in the world, the internet will always be there. It is such an important aspect of the world and everyone’s life that they actually could not go without it. It provides any information you wish open to anyone and available to all one way or another.  

The internet in a huge aspect has definitely changed our lives. We rely on it to search for what we wish, to communicate, to have fun, to shop literally to just do anything and whatever we want. Imagine being without it!

12. Google

Google is the top search engine that everyone uses. It has changed how we search for everything. Google is so big in our lives now that we use it for everything. We use it for searching for food, shopping, information, history and even our health! 

That’s how important it has become to us now that we even use to search for symptoms or to help us out when we are ill or feeling unwell. We trust google to come up with an answer for how we are feeling; or even an answer for anything we search for we expect to get it answered. 

Just imagine how it would be and feel to not have google. It has stopped us from looking at encyclopaedias and yellow pages; it now provides us with everything and anything we want. And I know that everyone uses it for a lot, lot of stuff and information needed.

13. Social Media

Social Media these days now is how we live the communication side of our life. It has provided us with a whole new way of communicating and staying in touch with everyone that we now take it for granted. 

Everyone or even most people ranging from young to old have social media. Not only has it become so conspicuous in our lives, that it has become so important with businesses to be able to advertise their company and even celebrities. Facebook and Twitter are the ways that people communicate, have fun, gossip and even advertise. 

Social Media is everywhere and it a way of how we live our lives now. Without it, we would feel empty; how would we search for jobs, get job offers, find friends, communicate, gossip, have fun, be nosy and so on. That’s just how much it has changed our lives!

14. Taking Photos

Taking photos you might not think has changed that much in our lives. Although it has; photos now you do not always need a camera for or an actual photograph device. Photos are taken through our smart phones which can be taken wherever and whenever we are. 

Think of not being able to take a photo on your smart phone when you want, how annoying that would be. That shows just how much taking photos through our camera phones have changed in our lives.



15. The IPod

The iPod being brought about has now changed how we listen to music. Remember we used to have Walkmens and Disc Mans and you would have to actually buy the CD and insert it into the device. Now with the iPod brought out, it has allowed everyone to listen to music by just downloading it for free online and then listening to it whenever you want without any problems. 

The iPod became so popular in our lives that it actually almost probably put business such as HMV into administration. That proves how much people used it daily and stopped buying CD’s.

16. Book Publishing

Just think how book publishing has changed the way we now read and buy. Book publishing is not done how it used to be, it is now all done through self-publishing and kindles. They have become so popular that people will buy as they can download a book whenever they want and have it handy on them whenever they want to read. 

They also can store a selection of their favourite books and reads them when they feel like it. This has changed the way that most of us read, we choose to do it electronically rather than buying books off the shelf.

17. Mass Production

Mass production has enabled the way we make products as fast and efficient as we do today. There is now a large demand for mass produced products created at a  low cost and with a small workforce. Henry Ford brought this about when he decided to introduce and create the Model T Ford car. It was Henry's intention to produce the largest number of cars, to the simplest design, for the lowest possible cost. 

This combination of accuracy, continuity and speed introduced mass production to the world. At Highland Park, Model T production reached record levels, with a complete car leaving the line every 10 seconds of every working day. 


18. Aeroplane

Aeroplanes make the world go round, literally. Anywhere we want to go we can get there through aeroplane. They allow us to travel wherever we wish without no worries of how we are going to get there or any complications along the way. 

Imagine now not being able to go on holiday or where you need to due to not having the available travel access, how awful would that be.

19. Medicine

The improvements now in medicine have revolutionised so much that a lot of illnesses can now be helped or cured. Without the advancement in medicine and no access to it, there would still be a lot of very ill people about. 

Medicine is surely something that people do take for granted now if they have access to it, they just expect to get it when ill. Think yourself lucky others sometime are not lucky enough to be able to have medicine like we do in our lives. Makes you think doesn’t it.

20. Computer Technology

Computer Technology allows us to create any piece of work or anything we wish on the computer. It allows us to search, design, create and do a lot of stuff we never used to. I bet a lot of you think about how it has all changed, and how now the world and people themselves most likely could not go without. 

At least something in their daily lives would be revolved around computer technology whatever that may be.


This list just shows us how we have taken everything for granted and that we do need it in our lives, whether that may be now or in the future at some point each of them point will prove handy.

Skignz will surely add to this list and even could replace one or two items on the list with the pieces of revolutionary technology that has been created. In the future, you could use Skignz in your life.

That is how Skignz could change the future and become a major part of revolutionary technology in your life.

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