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Monday, 5 January 2015

Apple, Google, Facebook - Reaching out to brands across the world

At skignz we like nothing more than to reach out across the world to brands to let them know of skignz and how we would love to do some awesome work with them! 

We love working with brands locally, however GLOBALLY is where skignz was designed and developed to be used. In everyones local area, regardless of where they are on the planet. 

We have recently been thinking of global brands and how best to introduce them to skignz. We felt that skignz is best 'experienced' so we began by finding a number of specific places where we could skignz up the environment for the local people to experience it for themselves. 

For our inital foray, we have chosen Apple, Google and Facebook to be our 'Guinea Pigs'. We believe that we could demonstrate to them the varying ways in which skignz could help them, especially as most of the people who work at these companies are early adopters and very tech and marketing savy.

Its this approach we hope will provoke thought, questions and ideas of not only how their brands could use skignz but also how skignz could link in with their brands, their technology for the mutual benefit of not only the companies, but also the end consumers, by creating something very different, yet very exciting! 

Initially we have decided to skignz up their HQ's/Main Campuses. We created different skignz personalised to each brand and then placed them around their headquarters! (If any employee from Apple, Google or Facebook is reading this, then please download skignz now and take a look at the interactive digital content we have created and place in the sky above your Headquarters/Campus!). 


The skignz above each of the brands campuses shows just a small amount of the what skignz is capable but hopefully enough to peek interest for people to find out more.

There is a whole lot more that skignz can help with and the possibilities are almost endless, especially when partnering and working with others who have complimenting technology and the same outlook to development as us. There can be general skignz, personalised skignz and now even 3D skignz! They can be placed on map, in situ where you and and even follow objects, people etc... around!

We are working on a range of further developments for increased functionality and hopefully soon users will be able to pull in their Social Media profiles/updates into a skign above their own head! (Sounds impressive?...) That's just a small taster of what skignz has got planned for launch in the near future.

Below you can see an example video that we have created for the Apple brand itself, to show you how we can improve the enhance the experience of staff and visitors alike at thier HQ! 

If you enjoyed watching the video then we would love for you to get in touch with us. skignz's passion is supporting you, so your brand can help improve the lives of others. 

We have already opened an office in Las Vegas, NV, US in the early part of 2014. So our global reach is already well underway! However we would love to expand our partnerships into more global consumer tech brands. 

skignz keeps up to date with technology changes in the market everyday, and right now we have technology that is changing the way people see the way things are and how they could be using skignz.

If you would like to know more on this or what skignz is or how it can help you, then please take a look at our social media sites and our YouTube channel where we have a range of great videos to show you just what is possible with skignz! You hopefully will have more ways in which skignz could be applied or used.