Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween has come around again and the excitement of finding a scary outfit or planning what you are going to be doing for it is all happening! Have you got anything planned for Halloween already? 

There is always something going on and if not or if you have even, why not use skignz to help you have the best Halloween night of 2013. 

I bet your wondering well how could I use skignz for my Halloween this year… don’t worry there is plenty of ways in which skignz can assist you in having fun on the night. 

If you have children or younger family members that you want to take trick or treating on the night why not set up a skignz activity for them and pre choose which houses you are going to go trick or treating too. You could plan in advance, find those houses or places that are decorated up or that you know will be good for you to take your younger ones too. You could set up a trail and then let them have some fun in trying to find the house themselves through using skignz. It will be some fun for you and also for your family members or friends. 

Also this Halloween MyPlace Middlesbrough is holding an event for children ages 8-13 throughout the daytime between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm for you to take your child too during half term. There is a lot going on and if they do not want to go out during the night time if it may be too scary for them, then they are sure to have fun at MyPlace. The play scheme includes a free breakfast for the child including the whole week each day and fun filled activities such as trips out, swimming, drama, arts and crafts, Halloween disco and much more!

If you are from the Teesside area then try 

MyPlace is an activity centre for children aged 9-19 up to 25 with special needs who provide amazing facilities and opportunities and activities for everyone all year round. 

If you already have something planned for the night such as a house party at your student house, why not make it the best night and the house to be at. Just place a skignz above your house as to where the party is then let people know about it. If they want too they can then decide to search on the night as to where the best place to go is and yours will stand out with a large skignz above it.


There are a lot of ideas as to how you could use skignz this Halloween, so why not give skignz a download for free and see how you can let yourself and others have the best Halloween of 2013. Unlucky 13, make it a scary but good one this year! 


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Friday, 18 October 2013


Do you like to view different sceneries, different places or travel the world? If you do then skignz is definitely for you!

There are many amazing sights to see in the world in many different destinations. Some are easy to find as they are very popular and not located too far away. But what about those that are not located near, and are situated in a place that you have never been to before? 
You don’t really want to spend all your time looking for sights to see and missing out on other stuff you could be doing.
I go back a few years, when I was in college, I got the chance to go to Disneyland Paris. It was an exciting time as I had never been there before. I had never really travelled before so this was my first big place to travel to. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived there let alone know what I was going to be doing in a place as big as Disneyland.

When I arrived I didn’t know my way around. I had to go by signs and use a map to see where each part of it was and where I wanted to be without getting lost. Maps are a mess on half the time, I barely understand them now let alone back then. 
Eventually I would find my way to each part of Disneyland that I wanted to reach but it was not easy for me. I wished they’d had a different way that would have enabled me to find my way around without taking ages and causing me mass confusion.

What they needed was skignz. skignz replaces maps and can help you prepare before you set off on your travels, therefore you can plan what you want to see, where it is and how you are going to get there when you arrive. You simply find your destination on a map through skignz; place a skign above where you want to be, then plan your directions of how you’re going to get there when you arrive. 

You can then view this through your mobile or tablet device and only you or whoever else you wish can see this skign.

It will save you a lot of time when you arrive and you will be able to easily find where you want to be without a mess on. No more wasting time; you will be able to see many other sights and have a look around whilst you are there.


skignz can be used for anywhere that you wish to travel too. It is free to download and whilst using it you will also have a lot of fun along the way.

So, now make sure before you set off on your travels, whether it may be a short or long distance, you plan ahead using skignz and save yourself time, hassle and confusion!

Available to download from Google Play and ITunes.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The importance of doing a placement through your University years!

So you have all read about how skignz provided a Business student with a summer placement but let’s see how important it is to do a placement while at University.

I studied at Teesside University for three years where I studied Business Management. My course was a 4 year sandwich degree in which I could either go on a placement during my third year or continue to stay on to complete my degree instead. As I felt busy at the time with University work and it was hard to search for placements, I decided in the end that it would be easier for me to finish my degree then do some experience. I wish I had thought this through more clearly before making my decision. It was probably drummed into me all year round that when it came to my third year I should do a placement but I did not notice this, if only I had.

When I had finished my degree I decided that before I got all my results it was time to look for a placement. I got many interviews which went really well and did provide me with more experience in that sector. But when it came to the decision and the phone call to let me know if I was successful or not, I had lost all jobs available to another person who had experience. After a while I thought to myself how stupid I was that I didn't do a placement. I was beginning to come to the conclusion that I was never going to get the chance to have that experience. I mean I had all the qualifications and I knew what to do and that I could do it, I just needed the chance to show this. Even though the jobs available said that they wanted to provide someone with a summer placement experience they always still gave it to other people who had that experience already.

Teesside University this year are providing students now with a Get Ahead programme. This will show students and everyone just how important it is to do a placement and get that experience. It will provide you with a three-month paid internship scheme that runs annually for new graduates from January to March with internships provided by both employers and the University. It will also provide you with a mentor to help you, careers advice, find a student job and many more opportunities that will help. Believe me, it is something that you need to do! I am saying that as I have been in that situation and it doesn't feel good.

Luckily I finally got the chance with skignz to have that experience and show that I can do what I knew I could and learn more along the way. Please make sure that you do all you can to get a placement year throughout your time at University. It will benefit you personally as it will give you a deeper insight for when you return to your final year at University and it will also give you that extra step against anyone else when it comes to applying for a job.
You never know you might even get kept on permanently at the placement you go on if they really like you!

‘The question isn't who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me’ No one can stop you but you. Go for what you want and make sure you get it because you know you can!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Skignz in Brazil

Brazil conjures up some inspiring and romantic notions, strolling along the famous Copacabana Beach in your bikini or even 'speedo's, Pele scoring in the Maracana Stadium, or taking a cable car trip up to Sugarloaf Mountain for the magnificent view... not many would think that the exciting new skignz technology could be used there in the coming years to further enhance visitor experience?

One of the skignz directors has just returned from Brazil where skignz was showcased to a number of organisations and companies including FIFA World Cup 2016, 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games organisations.

The 10 day visit took in both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from which a number of other companies also have expressed an interest into how skignz can add value to their own offerings from both Brazil and the UK. 

The trip included VIP access to Beyonce live in Sao Paulo, Bruce Springstein Live at Rock in Rio, dancing with the Samba Schools, as well as receptions at the British Consulate, Maracana Stadium and the Rock in Rio venue through UKTi and British Excellence.

All in all a worthwhile trip, not only for the business side of things, but also involving some wonderful people we met along the way. The skignz team looks forward to working with them to see how we can give them the 'edge' in their sectors as well as exploring future development of our platform.

Copacabana Beach (Rio de Janeiro)

Trip to Favela Boxing Project

Bruce Springstein (The Boss) at Rock in Rio 2013

Rock in Rio World Stage

Crowds gathering for Beyonce in Sao Paulo

Sunset on Copacabana Beach

UKTi reception at Rock in Rio

Dance Stage at Rock in Rio

British Consulate in Sao Paulo
Skignz at Christ the Reedemer!

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Having some fun around campus!

Having some fun around campus! Have you just started university or been there for a year or two now and want some new activities to try? Then let skignz give you some good ideas of what you can do. Just remember that skignz is not just a different take to a campus map. It can be used for many other activities socially that can provide you with a lot of help and fun at the same time. So want some good ideas as to what you can do? Then read on. If you have just moved into student accommodation with everyone and do not really know them, then you could invent a new drinking game or way to get everyone to interact. Say for instance if you wanted to hide something around the halls or flats then that person could place a skign above where that object is. Everyone could then download the app and the first one to find the skign above the hidden object wins, whoever loses has to drink the dirty pint or whatever is created! The hidden object could even be to find the free drink! You could also just have some joking fun with your friends. If youse are all on a night out in the student’s union bar or having a few casual drinks then you could place a skign above your friends or other people’s heads and get everyone else to look at it. Make some joking points or embarrassing facts about that person and they may not even know that everyone can see what it says on a skign above their head. Embarrassing!
Skignz is also useful for you to find out where you want to go on a night out or for you all to plan the best night and everyone can agree to it. You can all pre-prepare where you want to go, place a skign above each place so that everyone knows and even if someone got lost then all they would have to do is load skignz up on their phone and see where everyone is located that night. That way everyone can make the night out and not miss out! Also keep an eye out for any game offers that may be placed around campus. Keep scanning the students union and the local pubs around the campus so that you won’t miss out on any chances for drink offers or to get involved in some skignz themed night outs.
There are many more opportunities and social ways that you can use skignz, download it and have a go and then once you get the hang of it you can think of lots of ideas as to how it can be used for fun! Check out our Facebook and Twitter page for more updates. #discoverskignz