Monday, 7 April 2014

Over a 100 April Fools....

Last Tuesday we send out a 'Press Release' outlining a 'new multi million dollar deal with NASA' as over a hundred of you, have contacted us since to tell us they were well and truly fooled!

Many did not realise the date was Tuesday 1st April 2014!

You know who you are!, You are the ones who phone our skignz team congratulating them only to be politely asked to 'click the link' for the rest of the article because we were 'in meetings', 'driving', 'having a day off with the kids' etc....

You are the skignz team members who shared it with everyone you know, wondering why no one had mentioned something so incredible at work? 

You are the Head designer and a leading global fashion brand, you are the ex-head of a global luxury car maker and also you are the many family and friends of the skignz team who phoned, emailed and texted your congratulations!

You are the bankers, all sat in your beautiful offices sharing it around your colleagues and all wondering how skignz could work in space? 

Yes You know who you are... and so do we! LOL

For those of you wondering why we used a 'deal with NASA' showing an astronaut outside the International Space Station!

Well some of you will know that skignz uses GPRS/GPS, in order to locate the skignz and provide them in relevant places to what they are relevant for! Unfortunately the International Space Station is probably in an orbit further away from Planet Earth than those orbits of the satellites (We are sure someone will contact us to tell us if we are incorrect in our assumptions with this!).

It has been suggested by a 'gentleman who works for a global bank', who actually wondered if the deal skignz had struck involved, sending signals INTO space from the satellites! He's obviously no Space Scientist but to be fair to him, he is an awesome banker and one of the good guys!

Thank you to all those who took it in good spirit!  We at skignz feel companies should show their personalitites more and be a little more human! Humour is our way to show the less serious side of business and that we are enjoying developing skignz.... 

Who knows? One day skignz might work in space!

In the mean time, please download your copy of skignz and enjoy it ANYWHERE on Planet Earth!

Get your copy of skignz now:

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