Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Star Trek: USS Enterprise seen above London

An alert to all you 'Trekkies' out there... Today the USS Enterprise was captured hovering above central London.

A skignz user, managed to use the 'in app capture' to grab these two images...

Although we are not Trekkies, many people are, so it will be interesting to see how many other people see the ship as we are not sure how long it's there... 

Where will it appear next?

If you see it please do share with us on any of our Social media channels or email your pics at

With all the news and razamataz around 'PokemonGo' and people hunting around the world, we are wondering who has taken this idea into their own hands and used the skignz platform to create their own version of a themed/branded version of a scavenger hunt. 

This prompted many internal conversations on who else could do this across the planet? What brands would like a similar activation using their current 'franchises'

Could we soon see Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spiderman or Transformers? How about Dora the Explorer, Lilo & stitch or taking the lead from Pokemon and rejuvenate old & retro characters? 

How about 'Find a Fraggle', Battle of the Planets, TMNT, Wheres Bod?, whatever the brand, the digital assets can be featured in Geo Location based AR games..

We see this going one step further by making them both educational and even more interesting than just looking and finding a specific character.

If you have a brand, a franchise or are an agency looking for ways to expose your characters to a new and existing audiences in a fresh and invigorating way, please get in touch via and lets see what type of brand experience we can create for your audiences?

Also check out other stories on this blog, our website and our usual social media channels for more on what skignz is? can do? and is already doing?

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