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Friday, 19 January 2018


skignz were invited to take part in the #GreatShowcase in Los Angeles at the Consulate Generals personal residence.

The GREAT Showcase was formulated by one of the US directors in the DiT a few years ago, to showcase everything that is great about Great Britain and doing business with the UK, to an invited VIP audience.

The GREAT campaign is spread across the whole world and is the UK’s brand for encouraging the rest of the world to engage and trade with the UK, this year's showcase included skignz and other brands such as Aston Martin, Jo Malone London, Mill Channel and many more.

skignz role in the #GREATshowcase came during the DiT Directors speech (immediately after the opening address by the new British Consular General for Los Angeles) as the director introduced the evenings events and spoke about current affairs.

Dan preceded this by wishing to highlight who in the room were part of his team so if anyone would like to speak to them, they would know who they are … usually this would be done by a request for the said team members to raise their hands wherever they were in the room, however we Brits like to do things a little differently, cue skignz!

The skignz Founder & CEO Si Brown, was present at the event and on cue, he passed the Director Dan Rutstein, his iPhone X, which was immediate mirrored to the large screen behind them both, on which appeared the view Dan had using the iPhone … this presented a range of ‘skignz’ above each member of the DiT team in the room, leading to gasps and awe from the guests. 

Although a very small gesture and moment in the context of the whole evening, it certainly created a stir and quite a number of comments and interest during the rest of the evening and beyond we are delighted to say.

Please take a look below at some of the photos taken during the #GREATshowcase event.

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You can see the #GREATshowcase twitter feed for fun videos and photos here

Friday, 8 December 2017

Sport is Great in Atlanta & Middlesbrough

skignz had the delight of being involved in a ‘Sport is Great’ event with the Department for International Trade in Atlanta.

We had been contacted by them to say that a Football Club from England, was interested in visiting Atlanta, on a fact-finding mission regarding commercial opportunities and increasing their reach in the USA.

Of course, we gratefully accepted and were thrilled to find out that the club in question was Middlesbrough FC. 
With skignz being founded in Middlesbrough, and still with our HQ there, it made sense to work in partnership to make the event, and the visit, as informative as possible.

skignz own Jamie Clarke said, “The opportunity to sit on a panel to discuss the business of sport, which included references to using technology as a fan engagement and commercial tool was too good to miss.

The event was attended by businesses and soccer fans from across Atlanta and allowed us to introduce ‘The Boro’ to some of our partners, further strengthening the relationship”

Relationships are key in the world of business, and skignz are thrilled to have made a business relationship with our hometown football club. We are delighted to be able to have an opportunity to speak with them about how the AR technology can enhance some of the great work they are already doing both at home and abroad.

Jamie Clarke COO of 
skignz speaking at the Sport is GREAT event in Atlanta, alongside Mark Ellis COO of MFC, Sarah Kate Noftsinger of Atlanta United and Bernie Mullins of the Aspire Group.

If you would like to find out more about the UK DiT and the GREAt campaign then please visit their website at

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If you would like to find out more about the Atlanta United, please visit their website at

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Thankyou to Rio

Many of you will have seen across our social media channels this summer, skignz have been extremely active across Rio for the Olympic games.

Based at the beautiful Parque Lage at the foot of the mountain that Christ the Redeemer stands. 

The Parque Lage is a 1920's former house of an industrialist, set in the Jardim Botanico and this is where UK Government PLC had their HQ for the World Cup in 2014 and again for the Olympics.

Between the Prime Minister's office, The Mayor of London and Team GB who hosted a wide and varied schedule for events across sport, business and culture was choreographed for the entire Olympic games.

The dynamic of each of these very different sectors was certainly interesting and engaging and provided skignz with an ideal audience to showcase our technology, as well as being involved day to in the various events.

skignz provided the guests with a range of channels of content all with very different focus. A lot of the House contributors and sponsors came from some of the UK's best examples of manufacturing, technology, sport and the other key sectors. The whole environment was one of celebrations as TEAM GB began their most successful medal haul ever.

As part of the celebrations, our medal-winning athletes were treated to a 'special welcome' by the guests and hosts each evening, with a full presentation to the audience and a quick Q&A by the awesome Andy. 

British House Rio (its official title) was a great meeting place for the athletes nearest & dearest, who mixed with ministers, ambassadors, visiting dignitaries and all the varied event guests who were invited to come along. 

Even the many members of the awesome British Airways Crew who were transporting Team GB back were enjoying meeting the athletes and their families alongside the enigmatic Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP of spoke at one of the conferences.

Wall to wall with famous athletes, legends such as Sir Steve Redgrave and Sir Matthew Pinsent, through to current medal winners Sir Bradley Wiggins, Laura Trott and her now husband Jason Kenny. Also a fresh new wave of British stars, some winning their first medals enjoyed celebrating the on-going success of TEAM GB.

All in all we could write a whole book on skignz exploits and experience in Rio, but we still don't feel we could do it justice. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase what is GREAT about Britain, centred on an incredible location and global event. The memories will live long, but the most important thing is that skignz was again exposed to so many wide and wonderful audiences that we couldn't have dreamed possible even 12 months ago.

We think as much as the athletes and their families and all those attending the Olympics take away their own memories, it's the opportunity just to be among the people in the British House and the opportunity to tell them what we are trying to achieve with skignz that was as much a privilege for us as it was to those athletes competing.

Si Brown said: "I would like to thank each and everyone of the people we met in Rio and for taking the time to hear about skignz and see it in action. 

Many of you have had a profound effect on what skignz can become with your suggestions, ideas, thoughts and advice.  Although we didn't compete in the Olympics, we feel we represented our country with the same pride and passion and a big thanks to the teams from No.10, UKTI, British Embassy & Consulates, Innovision, TEAM GB and any others I've failed to recall. Thank you, it’s been emotional!"

At this time is difficult to assess the impact Rio has had on skignz and it may take weeks/months before we do, although we have already started to see a few successes from the trip which we will hopefully keep you up to date on as and when we can. 

With a number of other global sporting events coming up over the next few years, hopefully skignz can be involved, but we still feel it may be difficult to exceed the experience of Rio 2016, although given the opportunity I'm sure we will try.

Please take a look below at a selection of images from Rio...

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Sunday, 3 July 2016

IFB2016: skignz Review's the 3 week showcase

Last month we let you know that skignz would be placing a whole environment around the International Festival for Business 2016 (IFB) as part of our continued partnership with the GREAT Campaign.

Well, we can now say that having completed our time there, it was a complete success. 

Our Head of Operations, Jamie Clarke, went on to say "IFB in Liverpool was a successful event for skignz, in the people we met, the connections we made and the feedback on the tech that we received" 

Jamie had the pleasure to meet with Lord Price, Head of UKTI, who was really impressed with skignz and how to make AR useful.

Our CMO, Si Brown was also in attendance, and was very well received when speaking on the Blue Skies stage on the opening day.  

The speech was followed up by lots of discussion and interest in skignz, and saw both of our intrepid explorers busy throughout the 3 week festival, fielding enquiries, building relationships for the future and discussing potential projects with partners.

The GREAT Showcase was extremely well received throughout the three weeks, with thousands of visitors able to view, try out and discuss all of the superb elements of the Innovation, design and export is GREAT areas.

IFB was an extremely positive event to be involved with, both in terms of the exposure skignz gained from it, and also the press which it rightly received. 

skignz was also in action at the closing dinner, which recognised all contributors to the event and celebrated GREAT British Innovation and Business.

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See a our Gallery of images below...



Monday, 6 June 2016

IFB - The GREATest Business Show on Earth….

In less than a week's time, the Greatest Show on Earth begins in Central Liverpool, UK on Monday 13th June 2016 running for 3 weeks.

As part of our partnership with the Prime Minister's Office and the GREAT Campaign, skignz will be providing a whole digital environment at the International Festival of Business in Liverpool at the end of June through to beginning of July. 

Attendees will be able to find their way from the trams and trains all the way to the Liverpool Convention Centre, and once there, be able to see various informative skignz to compliment the GREAT Campaign area.  

In addition to placing skignz around the location, skignz Co-Founder Si Brown will be speaking on the Blue Skies stage. 

Si will be sharing the bill with some of the most influential CEO’s and Entrepreneurs from around GREAT Britain and across the rest of the world.
IFB 2016 Business Club
This is a major coup for skignz at the this point in our development and allows us to showcase the technology to business leaders from around the world.  

A delighted Si said: 

“The partnership with the GREAT Campaign has proven to provide us with opportunities to gain exposure at events and locations which we wouldn’t of been able to previously. 

It’s obviously a great honour to speak at such a prestigious event.  

The team are looking forward to showcasing how we have been progressing and meeting some new contacts and networking with some of the brightest business minds from around the world”.

This event is part of a wider delivery of the skignz technology, we look forward to bringing you where on the planet it will be appearing next with our GREAT partners.

If you want to attend IFB 2016 or know more about it then please visit:

If you want to know more  about UKTI and how they can help you either export from the UK or do business in the UK then please visit:

To see more about the GREAT work being carried out abroad in promoting UK Plc. then please visit:

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