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Friday, 7 March 2014

skignz:// Here's what the students think?

We feel that skignz should be 'user led', so with that in mind we spend a lot of time gaining feedback from our users. 

After launching skignz for Teesside University on their campus, below is feedback from students on various courses, across all parts of the University, from freshers, to post grads, staff to visitors. 

Here is what some of them had to say about skignz:

“Basically, find out anything that you want to find out, whenever and wherever you are”

“It's essentially like a visual google or something of the sort”
“The skignz app could be quite useful for anyone really at Teesside Uni or anywhere at all”
“You could find whatever you’re looking for, you could find whoever you’re looking for”
“First of all, in the usability of this particular app, it’s definitely, definitely working”

“If you think about the fact that a lot of students come here relatively clueless, and you want to know where buildings are, you want to know what exactly is going on”

“To meet and discover, wow, this is being set up right here. It just sort of gave that potential, made it feel real, that certain things can be developed”

“Imagine going to somewhere like London or Tokyo and trying to meet someone or find jobs or anything. 

You could try to find bars, you could try to, well, meet people socially, that kind of thing. 

So, to me, I see the possibilities of this particular app to be, endless. It could be the next big thing, in my opinion”

“I'm not very good at navigating myself around, especially if I don't know the area”

“I find the app a lot more easier, like getting myself around Uni & different places where I actually am at the time”

“Obviously if you're doing team meetings or, like, a social night out! its good for that kind of thing. 

With a group of people as well, especially, just to get the information quickly, instead of, like, a text or, a phone call”

“I think it could be used for a variety of opportunities like just general interaction with friends or maybe on nights out, in and around the pubs/clubs, things like that, where you can't find each other. 

That'd be good and then just general busy areas like shopping centres or, in around the Uni when you can find anyone”

Key points about having skignz on campus:
  • Never get lost on campus again!
  • Find your friends in a crowd!
  • Relevant content to you, when & where you need it!
  • Induction & Orientation in a new place made simple!
  • Linking to your social media opens up a whole new world
  • Helping you help the environment!
  • Real Time Public Information delivered in a focussed & interactive way!
  • Increases the student and visitor experience to a whol enew level!

If you would like skignz to benefit your students, staff and visitors to your University Campus(es) then please contact us as or call +44 (0) 845 058 0519