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Thursday, 13 December 2018

12 skignz Days of Christmas

Welcome to our Online Advent Calendar for Christmas 2018.
This year we will reveal 12 quite different ways, in which you can use skignz during 2019.

If you would like to find out each day what we have instore for you behind each window, then please Press Here!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas & A Prosperous & Healthy New Year.

If you want to find out more about skignz, then please visit our website ( as well as the usual social media channels.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

12 days of Christmas - skignz Online Advent Calendar

This year skignz used an Online Advent Calendar for the 12 Days of Christmas to provide you with information on the top people, places and things in the world. 

These ranged from holiday destinations to restaurants, hotels to events, all of which we believe would be suitably enhanced further if you used skignz. 

Revealing even more information that's both useful and interesting certainly enhances these wonderful places and their environment. 

The content could be historical, simply useful, reveal offers, show videos and also allow you, the visitor, to leave a small digital note, almost like signing a guestbook!

Take alook for yourself here...

The uptake we had was quite staggering, from an email list of just over 1,800 people, we had in excess of 900 people access the Online Advent Calendar, with over 500 accessing the interesting and useful content we provided. I

f you are reading this and you have decided to visit one of the places selected, please do share with us your experience and don't forget to use skignz whilst you are there!

Until next Christmas, may we take the opportunity to wish you all the very best for 2018 and a Happy, prosperous and healthy New Year.

For further information how you can get a Online Advent Calendar please visit
If you want to find out more about skignz, then please visit our new recently launched website as well as the usual social media channels

Saturday, 12 December 2015

12 'skignz' Days of Christmas - An experience your children will NEVER forget!

Tomorrow sees skignz launch their 12 Days of Christmas... leading right up to some 'Special skignz Magic Dust' we have 'sprinkled across the sky', right around the world for Christmas Eve.

This is especially so for those of you will young children who are still 'believers'

We 'believe', so we have developed two very special 'skignz' to help you get those little kiddie winkies to bed (no mean feat when their are 'off the scale' excited).

We at skignz also believe that: 

"If a picture speaks a thousand words... and a video speaks a million... then what does an experience represent, a billion? a trillion? or is it unquantifiable... beyond words..."

What is the 12 'skignz' Days of Christmas?
We have created an 'Online Advent Calendar' that you can visit each day at the following link 

Please don't forget, it's like any other 'Advent Calendar' in as much as there's no peeking on the days that are yet to come! (you can go back and look at previous days though).

What are we trying to achieve?
Every child has a wonderment around Christmas, Santa, his elves, the whole mystery. One of the customs is to put out a drink and mince pie for Santa, but since 1957 NORAD have provided children across the globe with regular updates on Santa's progress.

More recently a website ( was created that many a child keeps regular watch on Christmas Eve... all wanting to know when Santa will be in their Country, region, town and street.

Two things happen at this point... the children are 'off the scale with excitement' and parents try to usher them to bed as he's 'getting close'. remember from when you were a child, that Santa only delivers his presents when you (children) are fast asleep.

Ok then, how do you 'Calm the children down' and get them off to sleep in a reasonable time?

How are we going to do this?
Each day you will open a window and it will provide you with a little bit more information on 'How you are going to BLOW your children's minds on Christmas Eve, yet be such a powerful experience that they will WANT to go to bed IMMEDIATELY and go to sleep....!"

We will lead you on a 'step by step' process of downloading skignz, setting up an account, right through to placing the 'Special Santa skignzand how you will 'reveal' them to your children on Christmas Eve....

Where do the special 'skignz' come in?
If you follow all the steps in the lead up to Christmas Eve, which includes setup, checking and testing you will have created two virtual 'signs in the sky'.

The first is a Picture of Santa's Sleigh flying away into the distance...

The second one is a special 'Note from Santa', that is personalised with your childrens names on... explaining that he's just flown over (where you are and where you have placed the skignz and intend to show the children them).

It also says that he noticed that 'Lexi & Gab's' (insert your own children's names) are still awake and that he can't deliver their presents until they are fast asleep, encouraging them to go straight to bed, love from Santa.

*Please note that the two images above are actual images taken through the skignz app.

Then what?
You let your children follow the Santa through the NORAD website until he's close by where you are, then you go to the door/window to see if they can see him. 

At that point you say "maybe if we use our SmartPhone or Tablet it will help us see him". 

You then 'open the skignz App' and pan around like you are videoing the sky, where you will see the Sleigh riding away with Santa waving (We highly recommend you video or take pics of your childrens faces when they see this)

Then next pan across to where you have placed the second skign... 'Santa's Note' where you can read that Santa has left them a note and either let them read it or read it to them...

The children won't be able to see the skignz without the SmartPhone or Tablet, so you can say that Santa sent you a special camera to see him ;-)

And after that... when they are no doubt speechless... take them to bed!

We hope you enjoy this little magical experience we have created for any child anywhere in the world whose Parents or Guardians have taken the time to set this up for them... 

Afterall Christmas is all about children, especially those that believe... even the slightly older ones may question their beliefs ha ha ha or is that HO HO HO....

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
The Santa skignz team

PS We ask just one thing of those of you who have read this.. 

Please share with others across Social Media, text, phone calls, messneger etc... , so many more children get the chance to experience this as well. 

We want to reach as many children as possible across the globe.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Interactive Christmas Cards!

We all receive a lot of interactive Christmas Cards when it comes to this time of the year! 

We all can admit that we do love to receive them. skignz has received a lot of these recently and we enjoy watching all of them so we thought that we would share with everyone what we have received so that you can enjoy them too!

Although what do you prefer? Do you like to receive the traditional hand in hand Christmas card? Or do you prefer to receive an E-card? To see if you can decide which you prefer have a read of this blog post ... 





Global Infusion Group


Everyone will soon be receiving skignz Christmas interactive card so keep a look out for when it arrives in your inbox!

If you would like to know more about skignz then please visit our website at and don't forget to check us out on a range of the popular Social Media Channels.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Support for Myplace Middlesbrough

Myplace is a state-of-the art £4.3 million venue and activity Centre for young people in Middlesbrough. It has amazing facilities and opportunities for young people including a theatre, TV and recording studio, Internet cafe, alcohol free nightclub, multi-sensory room and amphitheatre.

Myplace is for anyone between the ages of 9-19 years (or up to 25 with special needs).

There are many activities that you can do at myplace. It caters for everyone’s needs with a range of different activities from:

- Popping down for a coffee or game of pool with some friends,

- See what’s going on, or sign up for a future event, activity or group,

- Checking for job vacancies, volunteering, training courses or get confidential advice, information or guidance from a range of services.

and many more!

You can become a member of myplace for just £2.50 a year. You can then use myplace every day for 75p (£1 on the door for non-members). You can even get involved with deciding on activities, events and more!

skignz takes corporate social responsibility seriously and with being a small start up company we believe that we have shown just how serious and how active we are about corporate social responsibility. A big part of this was through the CMO of skignz who supported the local youth centre myplace

skignz wants to create a more sustainable future for everyone, so we decided to support myplace with their marketing activity generating the attraction to their youth centre and website. 

skignz wanted more people to recognise what a good deed myplace does, so we offered to help them increase their recognition. 

If you live in the local area then do take a visit to myplace. It has everything you need and it is there to provide a good time for everyone.

You will find a range of support and something fun to always do. You can never be bored and will never be alone. There are many services available for you to use which you can find out from their website.

For further information on Myplace then please visit their website at 

If you would like to know more about skignz then please visit our website at and don't forget to check us out on a range of the popular Social Media Channels.