Friday, 8 April 2016

AR or Not AR, That is the Question?

Part of the role of skignz the company is to keep abreast of movements and innovations within the technology sector.

There are a thousand and one Blog posts, websites and twitter feeds ploughing information into cyber world.  

At the moment, the rise of Virtual Reality (VR) is big news.  Everything from uses of VR, the hardware required to use it, the costs of hardware, which platform to use and who is the newest ‘kid on the block’.

Augmented Reality (AR) is currently second in the cyber newsstands by comparison.  

Even though AR presents the largest percentage of the ‘Reality’ market in terms of uses, an awful lot of companies are seeing the benefits of including AR in their offering to customers or users.

The latest in this trend is Tinder, who has acquired Humin, a company that works on figuring out the context of social connections.

Cumin’s CEO views Tinder as Augmented Reality because it is all about meeting and connecting and it uses your phone to augment the special information around you, and put it into contact.  
They’re calling it Actionable Information, but… is it really Augmented Reality?

Are they placing ‘Augmented’ content into the real world?

Or are they ‘Augmenting’ information to make connections easier?

In fact, it is actually Actionable Information, NOT Augmented Reality…


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