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Monday, 6 July 2015

Matching facebook with a subtle 'brand refresh'

As some of you will see when either using the skignz App, looking at the website or you have come across us on Social Media - change is afoot.

We are currently refining, refreshing and updating all areas of the skignz brand, from slight refinement to the logo (you may not be able to tell) through to whole new look and feel to the website & App.

Facebook have recently announced in the press a similar type of change to their brand, logo, imagery etc...

On first glimpse there seems to be no change but the subtle changes of font, thickness and weight all add to this evolution of the facebook logo, rather than revolution. 

They have also made similar subtle changes to their 'App/Tile Icon'.

Over the years many brands have changed their logos quite dramatically almost overnight. 

However some of the world's most iconic brands choose evolution of revolution. 

Their subtle changes every few years, alter their brand ever so slightly, so until you see them all against each other you don't quite realise the dramatic change.

So using similar logic as these globally successful brands and bringing all the skignz brand style under one theme, colour pallette and structure; We have evolved the logo, the 'App/Tile Icon' and all the associated imagery.

As you can see the changes are not immediately obvious, but the more you look especially looking at the old and the new side by side you can then see where we have tweaked, changed, tightened and improved all aspects of the brand logo.

The 'App/Tiles Icon' we have actually changed quite drastically, as the original one was not exactly within our brand guidelines and we wanted to bring everything inline.

The 'App/Tile Icon', colour wise is more inline with IOS/Androids style and layout but we felt that we needed the brand name on their and not just an icon at this stage in our development.

We hope you like the changes we have made and the direction skignz is taking, not only as a technology platform but also how we represent this through our brand. 

No doubt we will make further changes in the future as we respond to our users and their needs and wants, however we aim to maintain the same ethics and integrity of our brand through evolution, whilst our product (the skignz technology platform) continues to be revolutionary ;-)

If you haven’t already please take a look at the new skignz website and if you have not either downloaded the app or taken a look for a while please do so. 

We would be very interested to get you feedback if you have 2 mins to email us at

As always you can take a look at aswell as follow us across the usual social media channels.