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Friday, 1 July 2016

Good Things come to those who wait...

Well guys, we cannot begin to explain how excited we are to announce that..... Drum Roll..... we are being as dramatic as possible..... Anxious wait to hear the news that...

skignz has been featured in the latest edition of Contagious!!!

It might not mean a lot to many but for those of you who aren't in the Advertising, Digital, Marketing and Brand Industry but this publication is pretty much the global industry commentator on all things current, future and interesting across the whole industry.

Contagious releases four editions annually of its beautiful magazine, but gives you access to a backend platform that no agency or brand should be without. 

They also have a number of events across the globe and their incredibly talented team members can be found on stages at most of the major events, providing keynote speeches, that are worth the entrance and attendance at those events on their own.

They also have some 'pardon the marketing speak' seriously bright, blue sky thinkers who brands bring in to try and 'map out' their futures...

skignz is featured in the SBPF section, which stands for 'Small But Perfectly Formed', where 4 companies (per publication) are introduced to the Contagious Community leading up to their end of year conference in early December Most Contagious, London. 

Here throughout the day, each of the companies not only gets to pitch their business to the audience but is also provided with 'exhibitor space' outside the main auditorium where the audience can experience and interact with the companies and where relevant their tech/offering.

The other really exciting part of skignz being featured in Contagious is that our own CMO has been trying to get featured since the Magazine opened over 10 years ago... 

So it was an extra special treat when Si was presented with the latest edition of Contagious from Co-Founder and Editorial Director Paul Kemp-Robertson. 

Si & Paul have actually been friends for a long time and both share the slightly odd passion that is Middlesbrough Football Club.... 

If you see their social messages signed with #UTB (or if they are really excited #UTFB) This is there way of signing off in support of their home team ;-)

What makes this story and journey to be included in Contagious all the more compelling, is neither of the two friends wanted favours from each other especially in a professional capacity, both Paul and Si wanted any work featured in Contagious to be done so on it's own merits and not becuase they are friends.

A refreshing change we feel in today's society... #UTFB

If you would like to know more about the awesomeness that is Contagious then please visit

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Friday, 31 January 2014

The Teams Work - Si Brown

Hi I'm Si and I'm one of the Co-Founder’s of skignz but as well as helping come up with the wonderful creation that is skignz, my day to day role is Chief Marketing Officer.

Fat Boy Slim
I'm responsible for the brand positioning and marketing strategy for skignz. Once we established the positioning of skignz (where it fits in the world) and established a marketing strategy and delivery plan, I'm now busy delivering that strategy through a well-structured plan.
Rock in Rio 2014, Preparation

Many of the skignz team feel I have the ‘rockstar role’ at skignz as I seem to be out and about all the time! Meeting with potential clients, giving presentations, travelling across the globe and talking to some of the world’s most famous and well-known brands.

So True...
On the surface it sounds like a dream job and in the most part it is my dream job, I get to visit some awesome places, meet some fantastic and very interesting people whilst showcasing skignz to them.

Most Contagious 2013
However below the surface are the parts that people don’t see, which are the long hours spent, in the car, on a train or plane, waiting in departure lounges or on freezing cold train stations.
Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro
Chasing across London on the Tube like my life depended on it to make appointments. Getting to a location after 3-4 hours of travelling to find that 6 out of 8 scheduled appointments have cancelled and you end up spending most of the time, trying to get to see other people and sitting in Costa or Starbucks for the free Wifi.

However the good does far outweigh the bad and because of this, no day is the same! Even in the office I have a multitude of things to do from my client correspondence to briefing in the audio visual and creative teams for the latest promotional video production or working with our marketing team to develop the content for our blog, website and social media channels.

skignz in action
On top of my ‘day-job’ I work closely with skignz’s other co-founder and CTO Gary Baker on setting the business goals, administrating the company and delivering the dream that is skignz.
Outside of skignz I spend most of my time with my family and friends.

Future M'Bro FC stars
Being a taxi to my 5yr and 7yr old daughters, taking them to dancing, swimming, ice skating, gymnastics, football etc... and enjoying nights out (very occasionally) and nights in (gorging on box set series) with my wife.

Along with a number of my friends and family, I’m a huge football fan and a lifelong follower of Middlesbrough FC. I also enjoy mountain biking, golf, reading and architecture. The latter two I always try to indulge myself with, by taking in as much as possible during my work travels.
Even the most famous have hear about skignz...
UKTi - Great Britain Campaign in Rio

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