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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Teams Work - Samantha Collins

Hi, my name is Samantha Collins and I am a Marketing Executive at skignz. I got the job just after I graduated which for me was lucky as it can be hard for some people to be able to find a job once they have finished University. 

I have really enjoyed my job so far and what I have learnt from it. It is a whole lot different from learning at University and putting it all into perspective in an actual job; you bring stuff to the organisation and learn a lot along the way – it is a two way street.

My role as a Marketing Executive includes me being in charge of all the social media accounts developing the social aspect of the company. I expand its promotional activities through Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook, Flicr, Blogger, Instagram, Pintrest, Pearltree, YouTube, Stumble Upon and Google+. 

I also attend meetings to participate in the development of the company and provide help with any other activity happening within the business. 

I have been working with Teesside University while at skignz, which has been a good experience and fun, as I have attended meetings with some very important people of the University and had some promotional fun for skignz and Teesside along the way.

Now just a bit about what I like to do myself. I like to go away places, even if it is just for the day, night or even for a while; it is fun going to new places that I haven’t been before and also gives a change of scenery! 

I enjoy going out, spending time with friends, shopping; cinemas lots of stuff really!

So how about you help me out a bit, you see I am very busy working on the Social Media for skignz whilst preparing for a lot of other jobs, so please check out our Social Media sites, I will post the links below and see what you think of skignz!

Have a lovely day.

Sam x