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Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Amazing £8 Million Raised Through No Make-Up Selfies!

It is truly amazing what we have all seen over the past few weeks! The 'No Make-Up, Selfies' that were done by ladies taking pictures of themselves with no make-up on went viral around the world and managed to raise millions for cancer research!

What started out as initially a non-official campaign has now become one of the biggest talks and actions around the world at the minute! With girls and celebrities getting involved it has raised the awareness massively and has spread around so fast that everyone everywhere is taking part.

This is a truly wonderful thing to see be happening and such a simple easy way to raise money for cancer research through taking a simple photo and texting BEAT to Cancer Research UK to donate £3.00.

At just £3.00 a time it makes us realise just how many people have done this and how successful it has been!
It has now raised a massive
£8 million in under 1 week! However this isn’t just all down to the girls!

The boys have now started to get on board with this and create a ‘cock in a sock’ campaign to raise awareness for testicular cancer!

Guys have either been putting make up on their faces and taking selfies to raise awareness or putting their ‘cock in a sock’ and taking Selfies to help others see and notice that they need to be made aware of testicular cancer.

All of this activity has helped tremendously and provided great inspiration to cancer research and awareness to everyone else to make sure that they are checking themselves for breast cancer or testicular cancer.

The campaign is related to now and digital technology through being able to do this but also has a human side to it. Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way so it is a great act for everyone to get together and get involved in a fun activity that is raising money through technology and helping to spread the word.

So if you haven’t already boys and girls then get your 'No Make-Up Selfies' created or your ‘Cock in a Sock’ done and donate that 3 pound to cancer research. It makes all the difference and everyone is getting on board with it so you’re not alone.

No one should be alone when it comes to cancer and you’re not alone in this. Everyone should always have someone there to support them and we are all supporting each other through this amazing activity that we hope can raise more in the future!

Keep Up the good work!

For more details on Cancer Reseacrh UK please visit: