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Monday, 23 February 2015

It's all about #RetroMonday

Throwback Thursday #TBT has been such a big hit across all social media with people looking back to their past and throwing back to old memories they have and showing them through posting an old photo to their social media sites. 

So skignz decided to see if a new trend can start #RetroMonday. This gives everyone the chance from older generation to younger generation to have a think way back to their past when everything now would seem to be ‘retro’ and share it with everyone on their social media sites. 

Throwback Thursday is lots of fun to be a part of so why not start a new trend. Last Monday saw #RetroMonday take part in everyone showing pictures of their old computers what they had back in the day. It is lots of fun to look back and retrieve a blast from the past and bring back some of those good memories that make you laugh that you ever owned one of those, or even so who still owns one to this day. 

Here are some of the tweets people posted last week regarding their old computers on #RetroMonday

- Cartor Designs stated: “Our 1st computer was an Acorn Electron! #retromonday #discoverskignz #skignz”

- Wells Solutions stated:#retromonday my 1st PCwas a big heavy IBM Laptop #discoverskignz #skignz”

- Team Services Ltd stated: “@skignz @faris_int our 1st PC was similar to this tower! It wasn't branded but it was massive #retromonday #skignz”.

#RetroMonday would be a great trend to get going, so have a think ready for next Monday and wait for the new retro topic for that day to be released and get yourselves and others involved! 

Make sure you get yourselves on Twitter next Monday and start hash tagging your #RetroMonday old memories! 

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