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Friday, 6 December 2013

The Teams Work - Thomas Edgar

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

Welcome to my blog post.

I’ll keep it short and sweet as I have a huge workload and I prefer to 
communicate in pictures so firstly here is a picture of my desk stuffs.

I work in a creative way! This is my station. The nerve centre of design.

So I have being working on content for promotional material surrounding
 a confidential client, positioned within the top 20 brands internationally we are 
all pleased to be a part of this. So what do I do? …Well I am an integral part of 
the promotional process, I provide images and content that is used within videos
and static images that are on social media and included within most of the 
promotional material.

Above is a big paragraph although there are not many opulent words that impel 
the mind to burst into overdrive I wanted to show you a picture that is 
personally one of my favourites.

Well thanks for reading I kept it short to spare you some of the time you 
would of wasted to download the app and try it, while additionally and to the point, 
I cannot write any more, as my mind is as blank as a sheet of paper I will spare you
 the picture. 

The skignz app is currently available on iTunes & Google Play

Get your copy now:

Signing out