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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

skignzing your own holiday!

Everyone knows that at the top of your wish list each year is to be able to go away on holiday, whether it is with your partner, friends or family you would love that little break away. A week or two in the sunshine or away in the countryside is a nice little break for anyone.

But then when you go to a new place for a few weeks what do you instantly become?

As a tourist you are excited to be in a new place, then there’s that word ‘new’. It’s a new place, you don’t know much about it, you don’t know where the best places are to go and you need to know your way around. It isn’t nice if you get lost on holiday and is much easier and time saving when you know where you want to visit on holiday and how to get there.

You will spend lots of time searching around, looking at maps, tourist guides and by no doubt looking to book maybe on a excursion to the place you want to visit and paying a lot more for the transport as you don’t know where you need to be, whereas if you probably made your own way there in a taxi it could maybe save you a bit of money.

The whole aim to try and make you understand across this blog post is – there is nothing easier and beneficial to do than skignzing up your own holiday, and this blog post will tell you why.

A member of staff from skignz recently went away on holiday to Ibiza. Before she went she wanted to know where to go and to also do something different while she was there. So she decided to skignz up her holiday. Previous to her going she placed skignz above places where she wanted to be, that way she knew where she wanted to go and also to have some fun around the pool while sunbathing.

skignzing up different places allowed her to know where she needed to be and it was also a fun way to do it rather than trying to figure out on a map where to be, it was already there on her phone. The good thing about skignz also is that recently it has been updated that now people can create their own skignz and personalise them. So previous to her going she knew that she was going to be heading to Ocean Beach, Ushuaia, Amnesia and Pacha.  Personally before she went she created her own skignz personally to Ushuaia, Amnesia and Pacha.

When she was there she said that it made her finding her way around Ibiza to all the main night clubs much easier as she could just see on her phone where the skignz was and also had some fun while relaxing around the pool she made her own personal skignz and took some screenshots of them while relaxing.

It shows that skignz isn’t just all about directing someone. It is helpful as well as fun and many other things such as very good for the environment. 

skignzing up  your own holiday is nowhere near as much of a task as it is trying to find your way around when you arrive at your destination. There is no hassle like trying to understand  a map abroad especially when sometimes the English may be very limited or hard to understand, you need your own fun way to find your way around your new destination.

skignz is free to download and extremely useful and fun for you to use abroad. We have showed you how much fun and easy it is to use from our member of staff having lots of fun abroad with it. Plus you can also now create and personalise your own skignz! What more could you possibly get? Well that will be coming very soon…

So you keep your eyes peeled, download skignz for free and start using it. Please do let us know and show us images/screenshots of how you decided to use it on your adventures or holidays this summer we would be very grateful of your pictures. You can contact us through our social media site and website if you have any queries.

Have a great summer!