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Friday, 4 September 2015

sC: Join the Conversation

In July we revealed a number of upgrades, enhancements, new functionality etc. to the skignz App.

This month we felt that we would focus not only attracting people to using skignz, but focus on our existing users and try to understand what they want from skignz by way of functionality, design, aesthetics etc.

All of the previous few months upgrades and changes were done with the user in mind.

So with that we have decided to enhance the 'user group' by creating the 'skignz Community', where only people who have downloaded the app and created an account will have access to this information and more importantly can contribute to/help shape the future of skignz.

So what is the skignz Community? What will it do/be?

skignz Community ('sC') will provide registered account users with access to News, Information and Insights before they are available to the general public. 

Not only will you receive and email update from time to time, but sC will evolve within the app to provide you with an instant update of where there is interesting skignz content. Such as brands who are using skignz to give you new experiences, provide you with exclusive offers and so much more.

Like we said earlier we don't only want to 'tell/inform' you of what we are doing, we want you to get involved, so we have created a 'chat' element where you will be able to 'loiter, learn, suggest and share ...'

All of this you can access now, that's if you have not already tried it out. sC chat resides in your menu bar within the App.

When sC Chat is selected you are presented with a chat box with a few options. We have purposely not overloaded the functionality of sC Chat because we would like you, the sC to help us develop it further into something that's useful, helpful and relevant. 

We feel this will come from the content and what you guys want to talk to us about, for us that's where the value will come from, the open dialogue between users and developers, designers, technologists, programmers etc...

If you have not already taken a look please do! Let us know what you think of skignz, the app, What's good? Whats bad? Whats ugly?

We feel too many apps and technologies these days are built for the benefit of the developer (the team who builds it), they look for efficiencies, ease of build, or it can be through a lack of knowledge or skills.

The skignz approach is ALWAYS develop for the users benefit, not our own. The reason why skignz is so quick to download to your mobile device and the file size is so small (other popular apps like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc... are around a file size of 13mB, in some cases even bigger!)

skignz is currently less than 1mB - yes you read that right ONE mB.) 

Your mobile device only has limited storage space and with a recent trend of 'operating system updates' eating into that memory, we want to reduce the impact we have on the photos and videos you want to take.

Unless it's needed to make skignz perform properly in each area of its functionality, then its doesn't go in the code, simple as that! We are constantly revisiting, revising and recoding areas of the skignz technology platform in order to improve its speed, quality, look, feel and ease of use for you - the sC!

We have not solved everything yet and we don't think anyone would expect us to, however with your input and feedback we can promise that we will constantly be evolving and improving. 

Which is the mantra for sC 'Constantly Evolving & Improving'.

Please take a look at our website and social media channels for more information about us, but if you really want to discover skignz and what it can do for you, download the app, have a play, test, try and try again, then let us know what you think? 

That's the real value of the sC... Please join the Chat! ;-)