Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Heads up to the Brownies ;)

Heads up to the Brownies ;)

Now I’m not sure if this is just a girl thing or I am one of a minority but reading confusing road signs is not my strong point. I simply do not understand why I am in the northeast but a road sign says A1 north or A1 south as regardless of the direction I choose I’m still in the northeast hence the north. No south in there what so ever so why would I head south?! I know this sounds a bit crazy but surely I’m not the only one that finds these signs baffling. I’m not by any means saying I cannot read road signs as I can navigate around normal signs (stating destination) with ease but these that have the same road with two compass readings next to them throw me especially if its my first time in that location.

Following a discussion on this topic with my peers all the girls agreed that these signs were confusing and can relate to my story on numerous occasions. However one girl found it crazy that we didn’t get it. This girl had been a brownie as a child but what difference did this make? Answer. All the difference. She’d been taught from a young age how to read maps and basic survival tips. Something I’d only ever talked about with my old gramps! She knew how to co-ordinate and navigate using a standard map. I guess my reliance on Google maps hasn’t quite prepped me for map reading =S.

If you have had this experience then share it with us!

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