Thursday, 15 August 2013


A huge congratulations to all those receiving their A level results today. We hope you’ve got the grades you were anticipating and all that hard work has paid off.

It’s time to get excited about coming to University, especially to those attending Teesside. You will be the first freshers to experience skignz, the new exciting virtual mapping device to make finding your way around campus a whole lot easier.

Skignz doesn’t stop there… You’ll find skignz on nights out, letting you know what’s going on in the Students Union or updating you on the latest drinks promotions.

Not done yet… Skignz can also be used socially with your mates. Picture this: You’ve just met all your new friends in halls or student accommodation, your ready to smash your first big night out together, drinks starts flowing, you roll up to the Students Union for pre drinks, your at the bar, turn around after paying for your drinks and your friends are gone… Panic!!!

Don’t... With skignz you can place virtual signs above your friends heads. This allows you to use your phone to scan the crowd to find your friends there and then, as simple as that.

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