Friday, 9 August 2013

It’s no good constantly being worried about your kids!

It’s no good constantly being worried about your kids!

Kids in their younger years we all know it is a full time job to constantly watch them to make sure they are okay!
Then comes the time when they start to grow up and want to do their own thing, but you still constantly worry about them and cant always watch them like you used to.

This can be stressful for parents and what you need is to know that you can be stress free from worrying when your kids are not in your sight!

I know how this is as I have been in this situation with my parents. I live at home and one day when I got asked to go do the food shop by my Mum I went into town and in Iceland I never have signal on my phone to get calls or texts through.
When I arrive home from the food shop my Mum told me she was on the verge of calling the police thinking something had happened to me due to me not answering my phone, when I had just been to town to do the food shop for her bearing in mind I live about 10 minutes from the town, and I am 21 years old!

Imagine when your child moves away to University that’s even worse, not being able to see them all the time, or knowing what there up to when out partying! Bet the first thing you think is HELP!

But not to worry because there is a new way that you can make sure your kids are just fine. You don’t have to think about doing what parents do on sun, sea and suspicious parents, being sneaky then getting caught out!

New technology has now been developed, a new way for you to keep track of who you want. skignz lets you place a sign above someone’s head so that you can see where they are when you want. You can also become friends with someone and then wherever they are just follow them around seeing what they are up to.

This is new and exciting for both parents and your children to get involved in. It is trendy for everyone and can be really helpful for when your kids do not answer their mobiles! (If only my mum had this) All you have to do is download skignz to your mobile, tablet or portable device and then away you go.

It is fun, less stressful, free and you have less chance of getting caught out!
Has this helped you? Let us know!

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